Love is the way!(episode-13)

The episode starts with Yuvi telling Suhani that they had to inform her parents about their relationship
Suhani: I think my Mummy and Papa won’t have any issues with this but Yuvi what about Ma?
Yuvi: Don’t worry Suhani that’s already cleared
Suhani: What do u mean?
Ishu: He means that we have already informed Ma about Yuvi’s love
Suhani: So u all knew about this earlier right?
Menka: This was all a plan!
Anuj: A master plan!
All laugh
Suhani: And what about Shravan? The boy who proposed to me at the park?
Raman: Yes we hired him to do that
Suhani looks angrily at Yuvi
Yuvi: Now u don’t stare at me…I did all this only for u and that Shravan…..he took 2000 rupees from me
Suhani laughs
Suhani: U deserve it! U could have told it directly to me instead of making such plan
Ishu: Suhani dear if he would have told it directly then u would never accept him
Pratima: Can I interrupt your conversation if u don’t mind?
Suhani hugs Pratima

Pratima: Many more happy returns of the day beta!
Suhani: Thank u Ma!
Yuvi: Before our marriage itself u started forgetting your son! That’s not fair
Suhani: Everything’s fair in love& war
All laugh

Pratima hugs Yuvraj
Bhavna: Excuse me I think my sister is here
All turn towards the door and see Bhavna
Suhani gets excited
Suhani: Bhavna di!
Bhavna: Happy b’day my little angel
Bhavna hugs Suhani. Ishu and Menka also hugs her.
Menka: Di we have to tell u about a love story
Suhani stares at Menka
Ishu: Oh yeah I totally forgot about that!
Bhavna: A love story?
Anuj: Yes di..A love story about my bhayya and bhabhi
Raman: It’s a story which is full of action romance,drama,comedy,hate etc.,etc.,
Bhavna: Whose love story are u guys talking about?
Menka: I’ll tell
Ishu: No me!

Raman: U guys are idiots I’ll explain this properly
Anuj: It’s my bro so I’ll say
Bhavna: Koi tho batao!
Yuvi: A love story about me and Suhani
Bhavna gets shocked
Bhavna: Suhani? U? But why? I mean when? How?
Menka:Cool down ,cool down.. We’ll explain
They tell the whole thing to Bhavna
Bhavna: Suhani u cheat! U never told me a word about this!
Suhani: Di how can I tell I didn’t know that I loved him Yuvi: Now u came to know right?
Suhani blushes

Bhavna: Wow! I just can’t wait to tell this to Mummy& Papa
Raman: Then what are we waiting for ? Let’s go right away!
They all are about to leave when a car stops in front of Birla house and somebody gets down
Ishu: Who is coming here now?
Anuj: Oh My God!
Menka: What is it Anuj?
Yuvi: It’s Dadi
Suhani gets tensed
Bhavna: Yuvraj So what if she comes here?
Menka: Is she dangerous or something?
Yuvi: At times she is…And I don’t know how she will react to this..
Suhani holds Yuvi’s hands

Precap: Dadi gets glad seeing Suhani and says I agree for this marriage but don’t take any serious steps like Saurab did

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