Love is the way!(episode-12)

The episode starts with Suhani lying down in her bed and thinking about Rita & Yuvi
Suhani: Does he really love her? Oh why should I bother about this but….
She recollects Yuvi hugging Rita and she sleeps
It’s morning

Suhani wakes up and remembers that it is her birthday today she opens the cupboard and finds a beautiful salwar of white and blue combo and it was written that ‘Happy Birthday my dear Suhani’ she wonders whether who has gifted this to her and she wears it and loves the dress
She looked very pretty. She came to the hall but there was no one .
Suhani: Where have all of them gone?
She enters the kitchen..And the party popper bursts all were hiding there they come in front of Suhani and wishes her a happy birthday..All hug Suhani
Ishu: Wow Suhani! U look like an angel
Menka: Exactly Ishu!

Raman: And this dress really suits u
Suhani: Thanks guys and also I have to thank u for this salwar..I just loved it
Anuj: But Suhani we did not gift this to u
Suhani: Come on guys don’t joke now I know u guys gave this to me..And by the way where is Yuvi?
Ishu: He is in his room Suhani
Menka: He doesn’t like to give surprises so he is there
Suhani: What do u mean by he doesn’t like? He has to wish me..
Raman: Maybe he is not interested to wish u…
Suhani: Oh! Not interested let me go and see what this sadu mahraj is doing…
Suhani goes towards Yuvi’s room
Raman: Plan successful come let’s see what will happen now
Suhani goes to his room and she just opens the door forcefully… All others hide behind the door
Yuvi sees Suhani and admires her and then he suddenly realises an acts like texting in the phone
Yuvi: Don’t u know that before coming u had to knock the door first?
Suhani: Come on yaar it’s my birthday.. And u did not wish me at all!
Yuvi still texting and he doesn’t even look at Suhani’s face and just says
Yuvi:Happy birthday

Suhani: Only so much…With whom r u chatting now give me your phone..
Suhani grabs Yuvi’s phone from him and finds that he was chatting with Rita
Yuvi: Just give my phone u don’t have any rights to touch it!
Suhani: Accha? Then who has the rights?
Yuvi: Only four people has it they are Saurab bhaya,Anuj, Raman and the most important person is…
Suhani: Who is it?
Yuvi: It’s Rita
Suhani: Idiot! I just hate u
Suhani leaves the room and is going to the garden
All the others see this.Yuvi runs behind Suhani
Suhani is moving near the fountain in their garden when Yuvi holds her hands and says
Yuvi: Wait Suhani I have not completed what I was saying
Suhani: I don’t wanna hear anything just leave me
Yuvi: Suhani….They all may have rights to see my phone but u have the rights on my heart
Suhani gets shocked
Suhani: What do u mean?

Ishu: Wow he is gonna confess I’m excited
Raman: Now just shut your mouth and stand
Yuvi: Suhani when I saw u for the first time in the college i don’t know what happened to me it was like….I was floating on the sky….Then each time I saw u my heart would say that “She is your breath”
At first I did not understand and then I came to know that without breathing a person cannot survive..So I wanna tell u that I can’t live without you Suhani!
Suhani gets nervous
Yuvi goes on his knees and forwards a rose and says
Yuvi: I love you Suhani!
Suhani gets happy tears and takes the rose.Yuvi gets up.
Yuvi: What about u Suhani?
Suhani hugs Yuvi really tight and says
Suhani: I love u Sadu!
He smiles
Suhani: Sorry! I love u Yuvraj!

All their friends get tears and Ishu jumps in joy and hugs Raman
Suhani suddenly remembers something and breaks the hug
Yuvi: What happened Suhani?
All the others look on..
Suhani: Yuvraj actually I had loved a boy once but he…..
Yuvi closes Suhani’s mouth and tells
Yuvi: I know everything about Karthik
Suhani gets shocked
Suhani: Who told u about it?
Yuvi points towards Ishu..Suhani sees Ishu and she nods’Yes’
Yuvi makes Suhani wear a Diamond ring
Suhani: This was not necessary Yuvraj
Yuvi: It’s your birthday gift Happy birthday Suhani
They hug again
Raman: Superb! Congratulations Yuvi& Suhani
Suhani blushes
Menka: Suhani how did u like your b’day gift?

Suhani says pointing towards Yuvi
Suhani: I can’t get a better gift than this
All hug each other
Anuj: And one more thing Suhani this dress is also a gift from Yuvi
Suhani looks at Yuvi and smiles

Precap: Suhani and Yuvi gets blessing from Pratima and Bhavna’s entry

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