Love is the way!(episode-11)

The episode starts with Suhani going to the hall and sitting there angrily
Suhani(thinking): I didn’t like that girl at all! She is just irritating…I will ask Yuvi about this….No no I won’t ask him if I ask then he will think that I feel for him and that can’t happen! I will go to the coffee shop and find it out myself
Ishu,Menka,Raman,Anuj and Yuvi enters the hall..they look at Suhani’s expressions and smile
Raman: Suhani why are u angry?
Suhani is lost in thoughts and does not hear Raman
Yuvi: Excuse me fighter cock…
Suhani: Fighter cock? How dare u call me that way! I’m Suhani Shivastav
Yuvi(thinking): And u will become Mrs.Suhani Yuvraj Birla and he smiles
Suhani:Why r u smiling now? U r sadu mahraj
Yuvi ois about to say something when

Anuj: Enough enough! Guys don’t u have any other work than fighting?
Raman:Good question but u had to ask this to Ishita
Ishu hits Raman
Yuvi and Suhani stops fighting and she is about to go into her room when
Yuvi(in a very loud voice):Actually guys I won’t be there here today evening as I am going to the coffee shop to meet my friend who returned from the U.S yesterday
Suhani hears this and stops
Yuvi winks at Raman
Raman: OK Yuvi u go have fun
Suhani gets even more angry and is about to enter her too,
Yuvi(in a very loud voice):I’m going at 5pm
Suhani hears this
Menka: Great! Now Suhani will come there and confess
Ishu: No Menka no confessions today only confusions
They all have laugh
It’s evening
Suhani sees the time and it’s 4:40pm
Suhani: Menka! Ishu! Come here na
Menka&Ishu come there
Menka:Why did u call Suhani?
Suhani: Actually I wanted to buy some necessary things I’m going to buy them now
Ishu: What things?
Suhani: What things…Yeah! My toothpaste is over so I just..
Menka:Use mine then…
Ishu kicks Menka
Ishu: OK u go and return soon..

Suhani gets glad and leaves
Ishu: Idiot Menka our plan is to make Suhani go there and not to make her remain here
Menka fumes
Suhani reaches the coffee shop and sees Yuvi and Rita seated
She hides and keeps an eye on them
Yuvi receives a message from Ishu that Suhani has left the house
Yuvi searches for her and finds her hiding he gets laughter but stops it
Yuvi: Rita do u know that I could not even stop thinking about u when u were gone..but now it’s like my world is complete
Rita smiles
Suhani: What the hell?
Yuvi(audible to Rita):Thank u Rita for helping me out in this
Rita: Don’t thank me anyways we are childhood friends right
Yuvi: If she comes to know that we r acting then I’m dead
Rita:Relax! She won’t know this
Suhani is not able to hear what they are talking
Yuvi holds Rita’s hands and says

Yuvi: I’m sorry Rita I’m just doing this as she is watching
Suhani: What is he saying to her? I hope he is not proposing to her
Yuvi: OK I think this is enough.. Bye I’m going
Rita: And do tell her my birthday wishes
Yuvi: Sure!
Suhani hides seeing Yuvi coming out

Precap: Yuvani Confession

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