Love is the way!(episode-10)

The episode starts with Ishu and Menka coming to Suhani’s room
Ishu:Suhani we were searching for u…Why did u come here without informing us?
Suhani does not answer
Menka: Do u have any problem? Please share it with us..
Suhani: No no…I was feeling drowsy so I came here without informing…
Ishu:It’s OK u just take rest…
Yuvi hopes that their plan works out..
It’s morning

Raman:Hey Ishu she is coming at 10pm
Ishu:Oh my god it’s 9:45 now! Why don’t u tell it to me earlier?
Raman:I’ve been searching for u only since morning idiot
Raman: That’s what u are!
Ishu: I’ll show u!
She chases Raman.Raman slips and fall down and also Ishu falls on him
Raman:Hey! Just get up now
Ishu: U donkey do u think I’m having fun falling on u…I’m not able to get up..Ouch my back it hurts!
Raman: Wait I’ll help..
Raman pulls Ishu towards him.They have an eye lock
Raman gets closer and Ishu feels shy when suddenly…
Yuvi:Raman and Ishu it’s 9:50 guys! Here I’m fighting for my love and u two..
Anuj: And u two have started your own love story
Raman: Arre just help me out!
Yuvi and Anuj makes both of them get up
Ishu: It’s all becoz of this Ravan Kumar!
Raman just smiles at her
Anuj(audible to Yuvi): Why didn’t Raman get angry?
Yuvi:Who cares now? Just bring Suhani here please
Ishu:I’ll bring her
Ishu goes to Suhani
Ishu: Suhani if u don’t mind can u feed Snoopy?(Yuvi’s dog)
Suhani: OK I will go…but u could have told to Ramesh bhayya right?
Ishu:Snoopy told me that he wants to be fed by you..
Suhani: What?
Ishu:Just go na!
Suhani (thinking): What happened to Ishu now!
Suhani goes with the dog food and sees Yuvi talking with somebody..she goes forward and sees him talking with a girl
Suhani(thinking): Who is she? She is talking to him like a friend
Yuvi: Rita when did u come back from the U.S?
Rita: Just yesterday..u know I’ve been waiting anxiously to see u
Yuvi:Yeah I know.. U know what I missed u a lot
Rita: That’s so sweet of u darling!
Rita holds Yuvi’s cheeks

Yuvi notices Suhani standing there and smiles
Suhani : What’s going on here? And this girl is calling him Darling
Rita: I’ve to go now bye
Yuvi:We will meet at the coffee shop today evening OK?
Rita: Yeah sure
Rita hugs Yuvi tight
Yuvi feels suffocated
Suhani gets irritated and leaves
Yuvi coughs..all others come out from their hiding places
Anuj:Plan success!
Menka: Suhani was getting really jealous!
Ishu: Now I’m damn sure she will go to the coffee shop
All give a hi-fi

Precap: Suhani goes to the coffee shop and finds Rita and Yuvi there

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