I Love The Way U Lie…(Episode 9)

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Kunj was all shocked to see twinkle’s such reaction
“Hey Twinkle….please listen to me once” kunj proceeded to speak up but was interrupted by twinkle
“Oh please Mr. Kunj Sarna mind ur words before uttering it….n what were u saying…that u love me… Oh really…kunj please live in reality….its not a joke all the time” she says yelling her lungs out
kunj was really shocked to listen her words….this time his feelings we real…
“Twinkle please listen to me…I m seriously not joking this time…its true that earlier I was not at all serious with anyone…but please trust me…trust ur kunj…I m not joking” saying this he broke down into tears
Twinkle suddenly got up n said “ So u r trying to say me that all of a sudden something happened n THE FLIRT KUNJ SARNA fell in love with this chashmes, ugly, boating Twinkle Taneja….like seriously kunj??? Just grow up”
“ Twinkle u r really not understanding me…please once try to understand… I know I m not eligible for u ….” he says or can say was really begging but suddenly he got interrupted by Twinkle
“Okay…for time being I agreed that u love me….but may I know how this miracle happened… N that too with me” she says still crying but there was a taunt in her words
“Twinkle I told u…I really don’t know how…but it just happened” says kunj
“ Kunj u know what…its not ur love but a jealously which is making u speak all this rubbish….I m just another girl with whom u speak such cheezy words n trap her….but mind u Mr Sarna that I m not among them so stay away…n go get rest becoz u r very much in need if it…n tomorrow morning u will be again back in ur senses…so just leave” she said in a hurt tone
This was now too much for kunj…it was really high time for him now
N twinkle was saying too much…he was not concerned with his insult but was angry becoz twinkle was considering herself among those girls..
Kunj made a tight hold on her shoulder…his eyes were red in anger n pinned her against the wall “SHUP UP….JUST SHUP THE F*CK UP…its too much….what u think that u will say anything about my feelings…about my love…n most importantly about u n I will listen to it….so u r highly mistaken Miss Twinkle Taneja….or can say to be Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna”
Twinkle was completely shocked on his words n specially his last sentence
She was all standing there numb
Kunj continued, “ Yes don’t stare me like this Twinkle…I know that u love me…u don’t speak anything but ur eyes…they convey each n every feelings of urs…I know that I took time to understand this but when now I have done….so I won’t let u go…away from me” he says kunj with a grin but was accompanied with his tears
Twinkle was not in the condition to speak up anything but then she managed to utter some
“Kunj u r really not in ur senses “ she says with a cracked voice becoz kunj was really hurting her shoulder….
They were very close to each other sharing their gaze…the pain…the love…the sadness everything was just crystal clear in their eyes. (Sajna ve sad version plays in the BG)

All of a sudden twinkle pushed him hard
“If u think that I love u…no kunj no becoz its ur jealously becoz since childhood I never used to get attention from any guy…n u …u were a chocolate boy n surrounded by girls all over….but when for the first time I got attention from Ankur then this is very difficult for u to digest….n even if in ur widest dream u think that u love me…then u r highly mistaken Mr Kunj Sarna….becoz I live someone but that’s not u..” she says
“So who is he???” he says meekly or rather say in just a whisper
“He..he is…Ankur..yes I love him…a lot” she says stammering
Kunj can easily catch her lie…he understood
“Ohh..is that so” he says again motioning towards twinkle n she started moving backward
“Ye..a yes ….n just say away” she says but he continued his steps
N last again she was stopped by the pillar
“So u mean that u love Ankur…n not me” he says clutching up her wrist
“ How much time I have to say u that…yes…yes I love Ankur n not u” she says iriked
They were really close…they can feel each other
“So my closeness doesn’t matters to u at all” kunj says carrying a naughty smile on his face
Twinkle was trying hard to control her feelings but it was very difficult for her to do so
She just ran for the room crying..
“I know twinkle that I was wrong all these years but not mai aapne twinkle ko mana he lunga….becoz I really love u twinkle” kunj thinks
° ° ° °

What does he think of himself…whenever he want he will love…or else just throw me like a puppet
I know I love him very much but I know.he can’t love me ever…not only me but any one else too….becoz he don’t really know what is love….he can never remain committed with a single girl ever….
Its just his childishness… His jealousy that is making his to say all this ….
But again I won’t let him break my heart…
° ° ° ° °

2years ago
Twinkle was very happy
Yes she was happy becoz finally he gathered all her guts to express her love towards kunj…
She messaged him to reach a café
She was waiting for him eagerly n suddenly saw kunj coming towards her…she was hell happy
But it was just for time being
“Hey twinki…wow u r really looking pretty…btw meet Krystal…my girlfriend” kunj says happily
Twinkle was completely shattered….
But somehow managed to control her feelings… all the time she kept faking her smile
When they were about to leave
“I really love u kunj” she says in a weak tone
But kunj heard it n said, “Of course Twinkle…I love u too my Baby doll” he says casually
N they left

• ° • ° • ° • ° •

I was broken completely…I wanted to say that kunj I really love u a lot…but not as a friend…I want to live with u forever…but not as a friend
This feeling… Urgh….the feeling of loosing u….I can’t bear u
So its better that I keep distance from u….atleast I can see u in front of eyes everyday…that’s enough for me
The entire night I was crying….but I was really hurt this time



All were lazying around in Ankur n Aayan’s room
“Hey what’s the plan for today..” Khushi says in a bored tone
“Yaar…let’s plan something…n btw where did u go yesterday night…u know twinkle was worrying a lot” says Emma
This instantly brought a bright smile on his face
“Actually I went to convince my lady that I love her a lot” says kunj eyeing twinkle
Twinkle who was sitting next to Ankur suddenly grabbed his hand….maybe to show her false feeling for Ankur to Kunj
But to her surprise kunj didn’t reacted…instead he smiled even more brightly seeing her childishness

• • • •


Now the real game begins my darling….it will be really fun to make u confess ur love for me
I know its challenging…but Kunj Sarna likes…no no he loves challenges….. As he loves u my Baby Doll

• ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° •

NEXT UPDATE : New shades of twinkle

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Hellooo…lovely ppl
So did u liked the episode???
N now I think this episode might have cleared all ur doubts about twinkles behavior
N I know u all might be thinking that love happened so soon…but it had
As we all know that the serial is titled as Tashan e Ishq so I thought to show Tashan in my ff…as its really important…
I hope u r liking the current track
N yes thanks a lit for ur lovely comments n wishes
N so sorry that I didn’t comment on any ff yesterday…but trust me I really didn’t got time to read it…but today I will surely read becoz I have missed many tracks of various ff…
But anyways thanks a lot to each n every one??
Love u all ??


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