I Love The Way U Lie…(Episode 10)


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We all were still in the room lazying…
“Hey I got to know that the hotel has organized a party this evening” says Arnav entering the room
“Wow that is really a good…no no great news…but..there is a problem” says khushi
“What happened… N what problem r u talking about” says twinkle puzzled
This twinkle na…she always wants to know everything…but kya karu still I love her…
I was smiling seeing her…but she…she didn’t even bothered to have a look at me…well she Did many time but that to secretly…yaar her looks are making me more n more crazy
Khushi continued, “But I don’t have any party gown to wear”
“No worries baby…we will get them…yeah we will go for shopping… What say??” says Arnav pulling her towards him

This guy is really luck…sometimes… No no from yesterday I started getting jealous from him becoz atleast he has his love with him…but just look at me…I m still alone…n the girl I love is paying no heeds to me…n hiding her feelings…
But it won’t last long…becoz I know within few days she will accept the truth…the truth of her life …the truth of my life….the truth of our life…n that is we love each other
Suddenly Emma broke my chain of thoughts with her words
“That is a great idea…I really didn’t noticed that I don’t have any party wear”Emma says
I noticed Arnav’s face…it went pale…I m really feeling sorry for him…poor guy…can’t spend some quality time with his gf….but what to do mera bhi yahi haal hai….yaar kunj just shut up ur devdas wala mode…
“Better luck next time bro” I said to Arnav throwing a pillow…n passed a wink towards him…to which he gave me a death glare
Twinkle saw this but didn’t understood my actions…n so she narrowed her eyes…ohh God she looks damn cute when she is confused ??

“So its final …we r going now for shopping” says Ankur to everyone
“ Hey where r we going….let girls go…becoz I don’t want to waste my time…instead we boys can do something interesting” says Aayan immediately
“Interesting…u mean to say flirting with those foreigners… “ says Diya teasingly
“ Yeah baby…u understand me so well” says Aayan naughtly
“U know what…u r a big moron” Diya replies
“ I m s*xy n I know that” Aayan says in full attitude which made us all laugh…except Diya who rolled her eyes uninterested …this guy is really crazy
“But please u all come with us..” Twinkle says innocently looking at everyone…still holding Ankur’s hand…n she smirked looking kunj

Time passed…n we all had our lunch so that we can proceed towards the mall
But this Twinkle was still sticking with that jerk….I was really boiling… But no..I won’t do anything which would hurt her….but for time being she is hurting me a lot…
We all reached the mall



All entered the ladies section
“Hey what the hell r we doing here” says Aayan uninterested
“Come let’s go to boys section…” he continued
Twinkle suddenly caught Ankurs hand and says “Please don’t go”
At first Ankur gave her a weird look…but then he smiled at her
Kunj was just fuming…as he didn’t had any other option except this..
Twinkle started choosing her dresses…but she is literally bad in it
Again she was messed up….kunj knew that she will be in that condition.
She he secretly placed a pair of dress near her…she didn’t noticed it
But when she saw them..it was liked by her…

An unknown smile played around her face
But again a dilemma…there were two of them…
She picked the first attire which was a balloon netty top n a lavender knee length skirt…it
Was looking pretty…but the second one was a gown…a blackish blue
Piece… Bedecked with embroidery work…a perfect dress of twinkles choice
But still something was bothering her
Suddenly she saw kunj smiling towards her

She ignored n started choosing the dress…first she wore that black gown..
Seeing this kunj gave a smile…smile of agteement
But Twinkle immediately changed it n wore that top n skirt…
Again kunj had a look towards her dress..but this time he singed her to reject it…
As soon as twinkle saw his action…she smirked
All the shopping was done…n they returned back to the hotel


At Twinkles Room

Here twinkle was wearing the same top n skirt which kunj rejected
Twinkle thinks,”What did u thought kunj that I will wear dresses from ur choice….then u r really a big fool” she says applying her lipstick…
Suddenly there was a knock on her door
“COME IN” she yelled loudly so that the person could hear…
She heard the noise of opening of the door …but still the person didn’t confronted her
She was busy in her makeup as she wanted to change herself…her entire getup…becoz now she is not the old twinkle
She felt someone staring her

“You” she says looking towards the person
“What the hell r u doing here” she was sounding irritated
“Baby Doll…just came to have a look…n I must say u really look beautiful in dressed of my choice says kunj leaning against the wall with arms crossed n a naughty smile surrounding his face
Hearing this twinkle leaves a faint laugh
“Kunj…please get itself out of the trauma…becoz its not the dress u choose for me…n now I m changed… I m not that old twinkle…better know me soo” she says in full attitude

But kunjs expressions were still the same…he started moving towards twinkle…but to his surprise she didn’t moved backward…she was standing there all confident…

“Nice…very nice…I m loving this new twinkle…but baby doll I think u don’t know me…I purposely rejected this dress so that u will prefer this one…becoz I loved this dress…but not more than u” he says leaning towards her face… (Tashan e ishq title track plays in the BG)
Kunj smirked

Twinkle was shocked…
(Yeh to aasa ho gaya ki…twinkle shocked?…kunj rocked?)


Hellooo lovely ppl
See my treat for u all…another part today itself…
So did u liked the episode???
I hope u r not bored with my writing
N yeah if anyone of u need any changes…so they can freely give ur views ?
Thanks a lot for ur lovely comments

Love u all…??????

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  1. Shatakshi di I luv ur writing. This is one of my favourite ff.lovely one.tysm for this treat.
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    At first I was confused as to why twinkle slapped kunj but reading on I understood.
    I’m loving this so much. Maybe if kunj wasn’t a flirt twinkii would’ve believed him.Lol. god I would’ve loved to see the way he actually flirts on video. Shatakshi, do u know u have the power to send up ones imagination sky high? U know now. Sometimes after reading your fanfiction I literally sit & close my eyes and imagine exactly what I read.
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    Oh and today when I came on and saw the surprised epi I thought “wow its my lucky day”? thanks for that

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