I Love The Way U Lie…(Episode 8)


Hellooo lovely ppl…I know I m late…really late
But what to do….results ke khushi ka hangover utra he nahi
I know I m boring u all but do read my words at the end
N yes…from this episode the Point of View’s of our protagonists with start becoz now I feel we know enough about their behavior…but now we will focus on feelings

So lets start
Its morning

GOOD MORNING GOA…was my first word when I woke up this morning…it really feels great in such environment. I stretched my arms.
N now I think such break was very much needed in my boring life….uff…the same balance sheets…the same meeting…clients…n what not….but wait a minute…why am I talking like kunj???…like seriously Twinkle…. I gave a pat on my head for thinking this nonsense but honestly speaking that was true
I slowly slide down my blanket cautiously as I don’t want Khushi to wake up from her beauty sleep…I know she might be dreaming about Arnav…but seriously they look cute together
I don’t know why but today I m really feeling to share my thoughts…my dilemma which is still unknown to me…to someone
I never had this feeling ever but today there is something special….first this special morning n now this special feeling
But now I really don’t want to repeat the same mistake again….I m afraid to loose him…again
I quickly got my showers done n dressed myself in a light summer wear knee length frock accompanied with shell bracelet…kunj gifted this to me….n I must say they r damn pretty
Suddenly my cell gave a beep n yeah the message is from kunj
I picked up my cell to have a look
“ Good Morning Twinkle…get ready fast…see u at the beach” this was the message he gave
But I really felt it strange becoz he hardly used to call ne Twinkle…as he always says Baby Doll or something like that…really strange
Is he still miffed with me?? But for what??
But its really high time now…n I have to maintain distance form him…becoz its really needed
Khushi too got n got ready n we both proceed towards the beach

As soon as twinkle n khushi reached the beach…they saw all of them already present
“ Seems that we r late” says khushi making an innocent face
“ No..not at all baby” says Arnav giving her a side hug
“ Ohh really” kunj says lifting his right eyebrow
“ Really sorry guys” says twinkle carrying her pretty smile
“ Hey it completely alright” Ankur says smiling back
They all started walking on the sandy floor
Twinkle was talking with Ankur….they were really enjoying the company but it just seemed becoz the main aim of twinkle was to ignore kunj….this was bothering Kunj so much n seeing them together was hard to digest for him…
This process went the whole day
Ankur n Twinkle were enjoying surfing…boating…food stuffs n what not…this was really irritating kunj


“ Hey today’s day was really fun” says Emma happily
“ Yes n the boating was really Awesome” Diya says jumping
“ Btw where is kunj???” questioned Aayan
This created a tensed situation all of a sudden
All were busy in searching Kunj in hotel room, canteen, café, hotel pool side…..everywhere but to no avail
Twinkle was continuously dialing his number….but no response
This was really heartbreaking for Twinkle….she was cursing herself every single second in his absence


KUNJ WHERE ARE YOU??….I know that I m the reason for ur absence
This absence is killing me
But kunj I was ignoring u the whole day…becoz I hold some reason n I know u wont understand
Pick up the phone Dammit…pick up the phone
The thought of loosing u is really scaring me…please kunj come back…please
Thousand of thoughts are revolving around my mind n kunj u r only the one to stop them
What if something would have happened to him???…no twinkle don’t bring such thoughts in ur mind…
Kunj I never thought a single day without u…even in my widest dream
But u cant leave me so easily…I will not let u do this
See now I m ready to confront my biggest mistake…the mistake to Love u
Yes Kunj I really Love u
But I know I will never get ur love n nor I m expecting so…but I cant afford to loose ur friendship at any cost
I was searching whole evening like a maniac….
Its night….but no clue of his returning
The group didn’t took the situation seriously becoz they thought that he might be somewhere with some other girl….but heart is really not believing this thought
All went to their rooms…I convinced khushi to stay with Arnav so that I can think of something alone…
I opened my room door…it was dark all over
N the lights…urrgh…I cant locate them…but anyhow I managed to find them
As soon as the room bright up…I saw a smiling Kunj sitting on my bed
All the thoughts came to a hold n my heart missed a beat
Without having a second thought in my mind I ran towards him n gave him a hug…a really tight one
It really felt so good…I can sense him smiling..all the time he was consoling me by rubbing my back
But silly me…I was not in this world…
I realized our situation…but seriously it took me long to do so
Suddenly I pushed him hard applying my whole strength leaving him confused
I was really not getting words to express my thoughts but I managed to get them back
“ What the hell do u think of urself huh??
Superman…no no Batman
But u know what…u r a blo*dy jerk…
Didn’t u thought about me for a single second….how I lived all the time…
U know several thoughts were roaming in my mind…
But no….u will be enjoying with that b*t*hes” I yelled my lungs out
I eyes were blurry so it was difficult to see his face
I suddenly wiped it n saw his smiling…..yeah really he was smiling
Is he making fun of my emotions?? Or It really doesn’t matters to him???
Now this is really too much
But suddenly what he spoke gave me a biggest shock of my life
“ I LOVE YOU TWINKLE” was the word he said…really its true



As soon as I confessed her my feelings…I saw her standing numb before me
She was shocked like hell n I can sense this
I moved towards her n held her hand in mine
She was still standing there like a statue
I placed her hand on my heart n continued my words
“ Twinkle I know that u r really very shocked n so am I…but trust me I m really in love with u….
I don’t know when..where n how it happened but yeah its true
Today…the whole time I was seeing u with that Ankur….n u wont believe but I was feeling to kill him then n there….
Yesterday the whole night I didn’t slept…n u know whay…becoz u thoughts…ur face…ur smile…ur twinkling eyes were present in my mind
I felt it strange…but then ignored
But the entire day was really difficult for me to see u with him…I was not understanding my behavior earlier….so in search of my answers I went to Church….all ur moments…our moments were revolving in my mind
Twinkle this is a sign that we both are meant to be together…” I said my heart out
N now I can see her teary eyes…these eyes are showing several emotions….love…pain…hatred…n what not
It was really difficult to understand her feelings
All of a sudden she again pushed me n gave a tight slap
I was really shocked with her action


NEXT UPDATE : Now the Tashan in our story begins

So did u liked this sudden twist??
N why did twinkle slapped kunj??
I know that was really difficult to digest….but trust me it was really needed as we have already faced twinj’s friendship…but now its time to mix some tashan with it
Hope u all r liking my current track
N yes on ur demand n suggestions I will not involve Uv in my ff….becoz majority of them wanted this so…
N yes guys now I m hell happy becoz I passed my boards with 92.2%
I know that its not a top rank…but seriously guys the happiness I saw in my parents eyes….cant be defined
I m sorry to discuss my personal matters….n thank u so much all for ur lovely comments
N Sayeeda just wait n watch how I will use ur suggestion in my further episode….really thank u so much for it….I know zyada filmy ho gaya….hehe
Keep loving the same way
Love u all….

Credit to: Shatakshi

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    and as 4 episode ….it was dhamaka….
    luved it.
    precap is very interesting. ..
    ctd asap
    and again congratulations 4u r achievement to u and u r parents
    Luv u [email protected] writer, good student, very good human being, lovely di
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