I Love The Way U Lie…(Episode 7)



All made their way towards their seat
Twinkle sat on her place plugging up her ear phone n was reading a novel
But some were still messed up with their seats n so was Ankur
Kunj saw this n thought of something….he went near an air hostess n said her which is muted
He smirked
The air hostess went near Ankur n showed him his seat away from twinkle’s seat


Kunj came to know that Ankur n twinkle had their seat together…he didn’t want this to happen
So he told Air hostess to swap his n Ankur’s seat
N so the air hostess did the same


All 8 were sitting in same column with pairs…in which twinj were at the front
Kunj happily sat next to Twinkle but Twinkle didn’t noticed him as she was busy in reading
“ Hey baby doll” kunj says removing her ear phones
“ KUNJ…but what r u doing here” twinkle says casually
“ This is my seat n that too next to my lady love” kunj says teasing her
“ Kunj…not again…again u r flirting with me” twinkle says rolling her eyes
“ Kya karu tu hai he itni khoobsurat” kunj says playing with her hairs (What to do…u r so beautiful)
“ yeh sab tareque purane ho chuke h…try something new” twinkle says in full attitude
“ Ohh so u what something new….now wait n watch babydoll” kunj says carrying a naughty smile on his face
Twinkle didn’t understand his words n was left blogged
Suddenly kunj stood up n turned back from his place n now he was able to see his group n twinkle
“ suno suno…ek shayari pesh karna chata hu” kunj says dramatically
All of them looked at him with surprise
“ Aarz kiya hai

Ladka marta ladki pe”
“waah waah “ all says together
“ Ladka marta ladki pe
Bhookha Marta roti pe

Rt uncle ki do betiya
Aur mai marta choti pe” kunj says pointing towards twinkle n winks her (guys in my ff twinkle is the younger daughter)
“ Waah waah…kunj kya bola hai” says Aayan enjoying the situation
Kunj passes his million dollar smile n again sat on his seat
“ Kaisa laga baby doll” Kunj says pulling his collar up
“ U know fb pe isse bhi aache post aate hai” twinkle says teasingly (U know we have many good posts than this one)
(Funny tone plays in the bg)
“ Wha..t r u saying..fb…ohh yaa” kunj says stammering
“ Kunj tum to rehne he do” twinkle says (kunj u just leave it)
“SO what if I copied but feelings to aapna he hai na” kunj says
All the time kunj was troubling twinkle n in no time the flight landed Goa


All were standing near the reception
“ Hey I think 4 rooms are ok for 8 of us” says Diya
“ If this is the case then I will go with twinkle..hope u wont mind to share ur room with me” Khushi says innocently
Twinkle smiles n nods in no
“ Hey twinkle I m warning u…don’t go with this jungle billi….she will trouble u a lot” says Arnav sarcastically to which Khushi stickes her to tease him
“ Bro…then how will u share ur room with this jungle billi…aase baat hai to aabhi bhi time hai…bhag jaa” says kunj teasing him
Arnav rolls his eyes n everyone started giggling
They all went to their respective rooms
Arnav – Kunj
Aayan – Ankur
Twinkle – Khushi
Emma – Diya (they were sharing their rooms)


Twinkle n khushi were in the room
Khushi was watching movie n twinkle was reading her novel
Light was not that bright…so some area of the huge room were hardly visible
Twinkle heard some noises but then ignored
Suddenly she saw a shadow n got scared
“ Khushi…khushi listen na…I saw someone’s shadow” twinkle was continuously calling Khushi but she was busy in her film
So twinkle decided to go near the shadow…she went n not she saw a masculine figure…
“ Aaaaaa” but before she could shout…someone holds her mouth n now she saw the person
“ Chup kar mere maa…arree mai hu kunj…kunj tera bhola bhala dost” kunj says releasing his hand from her mouth
“ Today u really scared me…but anyways what r u doing here” says twinkle
“ U r so weird…I was knocking the door for past 10 minutes n no one was opening it….i really got afraid so I came climbing from the window” kunj says
“ n yes where is Khushi…Arnav is calling her…he asked me to stay here n send khushi in our room” kunj continued
They both went near Khushi…told her everything
Khushi left
Now twinj were alone in the room
Both sat on the bed
T : Kunj
K : hmmm
T : can I ask u something
K : hmmm
T : KUNJ…are u listening (she says shaking him)
K : Arree bol na…sun raha hu
T : Why did u changed urs n Ankur’s seat today in flight
As soon as Kunj heard this…he was shocked
T : Hey don’t look at me like this…I was knowing it that Ankur had his seat next to me but then when u came then I understood all ur plan (she says smiling)
K : So u wanted to sit with him (he says sadly)
T : its nothing like that….but u know I like ur possessiveness (she says leaning herself on his shoulder)
Kunj smiles at her words
“ U know this is the reason I love u the most” he says
“ N u know what…I still Love to hate u” she says giggling
“ That’s not fair” he says making a puppy face
“ Everything is fair in love n war” she says eyeing kunj
“ So what is this….love ya war” Kunj says sarcastically
Twinkle literally blushed at his words
“ Hey its been 2 days n u haven’t said anything about ur gf’s to me” she says changing the topic
“ Kuch hoga tabhi to bolunga” kunj says casually
Twinkle was shocked
“ What was that…am I day dreaming
The handsome , dashing KUNJ SARNA is single….OMG I cant believe this” Twinkle says dramatically
“ Single kaha hu…tu hai na mere saath” kunj says touching his forehead with her
They both were shared an eyelock n were lost in each other……….(Sajna ve plays in the bg)
Its was really long but they were interrupted by khushi who entered the room
twinj composed themselves n kunj went towards his room…but suddenly stopped n looked back to twinkle n passed a smile to which twinkle responded the same way (Sanam re plays)


Hellooo lovely ppl
So did u liked the episode??
Thank u so much for ur lovely comment

Guys I need ur suggestion
Do u all want Uv in my ff…like in my earlier one I didn’t involved Uv so I leave this decision on u…
N yes please do give ur ideas so that I can implement it
Keep commenting
Love u all….

Credit to: Shatakshi

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  1. Ufff shatakshiiiiiii dibdi loved it so much cutness overloaded with such a cute scenes of TWINJ yaar jus luv u for writing amazing epis luv u n ur ff alot do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz

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  3. Awsum epi dear…
    keep writing…

  4. Super epi dear..

  5. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome one shatakshi. …..really I m liking thier bond…

  6. Plzz don’t add UV plz because ankur is already their if so then make him +ve plzz but the episode was great

  7. Superb episode dear…loved twinj conversation…I am okay with you keeping uv or without uv story both…

  8. I loved it.. it was amazing.. the shayari.. it was brilliant..you must’ve not copied it form fb..lol!! Anyways, I don’t uv..please

  9. awesome

  10. Awesome epi ….. loved it…..

  11. I seriously love you and your fanfiction.
    I don’t really mind u adding yuvi to your fanfiction but it depends on what role you’ll put him to play. If I may add, don’t let him be negative. I’ve seen too much negativity on his behalf in Tei.
    Loved the episode today 😉

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    loved it
    and about uv it totally depend on u

  14. Shatakshi di u r great.lovely epi.
    Ctd asao
    Ya about uv , it depends on u.
    Love u di

  15. Shatakshi…. d chemistry btwn twinj u described naa… i loved it seriously…

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  17. Just to ” PRINCESS OF PERFECTION” ….even perfection needs to learn nd yarn more perfection from u……
    Nd if u r asking for ideas…then u can show Ankur getting attracted towards twinkle nd try to impress her ..which will make more possessive for her as he fears to loose her..( to give ideas to u is just beyond my way as u r a superb one but still I tried …I know it’s pretty bad one ….but …)

  18. please dear no UV naa please.

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    nyway awsm wala epi… too much of awsmness..aur kya bolu??

  21. Heyy so sry for late comment i read it earlier bt cudmt comment bcz of no internet
    U don’t rele need to put UV in unless he’s +ve character or do whatever u want i don’t mind bcz every day im falling in luv with ur ff more n more 🙂 !

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