I Love The Way U Lie…(Episode 6)



Its morning
The sunrays falling on the soft skin makes its glow…but disturbs her beauty sleep which wakes her up
She rubs her eyes n is shocked to see her state
She was in the hall….all were in the hall
It was completely a mess
Few ppl lying here….n some there
She got up on her heels n made her way towards Kunj who was lying under the sofa…seriously
“ Kunj…kunj wake up..” Twinkle says in her sleepy tone
But this made Emma wake up n her first reaction look all the mess was
“ Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” Emma yelled her lungs out
This was a sudden shock for all…n all of a sudden everyone jumped on their heels
“ What the hell Emma….” Says a sleepy Arnav sleeping on the center table
Everyone complained but as soon as they saw their condition…all burst out laughing
The entire room was echoing with their giggles
“ Hey where Aayan “ says Ankur realizing his absence
“ Ya where is he??” All looked on blogged n started searching him
This created a tensed situation all around

“ Hey he was the one who drank a lot yesterday” says Diya sounding concern
Suddenly kunj noticed the something n went at that site which was a room
“ Hey Guys…come here” yelled kunj sarcastically
Everyone entered the room n were shocked to see Aayan lying on the floor of the room
“ Buddy…get up” Ankur leaned forward to wake him up
“ What am I doing here??” questioned Aayan half conscious
“ Wait yesterday night I was searching washroom..so what am I doing here??” Aayan says holding his head
As soon as they heard…all were laughing like insane holding their somach
“ So did u pee in ur pants” asks Kunj sarcastically
“Shut up u moron” Aayan says standing up
All went to freshen up n took their showers
Everyone arrived in the hall
“ Hey I think we should leave now…but anyways I was a great time will u all” says Khushi giving a side hug to Twinkle
“ No…u wont go” an immediate reply from kunj
“ What?? U want us to stay here forever” says Aranv sarcastically
“ please guys…I know u all r here for ur vacations..so lets enjoy” says kunj excitedly
“ But my office??” twinkle says making a puppy face
“ Twinkle yaar…cant u leave ur love for just couple of days…n u know n after Arnav n khushi’s marriage we wont be able to spend such time…so please “ Kunj says trying hard to convince twinkle with his cute expressions
“Right na twinkle…please” all says showing their puppy faces
Twinkle smiles seeing their childishness n agrees
“ Wow …now I think as we have much time…so shall we go for a trip” Emma says suggesting
“ Umm..let me think…umm…Goa..what say?” says diya
“ That’s not a bad idea…actually it’s a great idea” Khushi says jumping
“ So done….tomorrow morning we r going to catch our flight for Goa” says kunj to which all agrees

By the time all the plans were made Ankur was standing at the corner….twinkle noticed this n went near him
“ Hey Ankur…aren’t u happy with the plan” Twinkle says holding his shoulder
“ I wont go” this was the sudden reply given by Ankur
“ Why?? Is there any problem?? N if u r not going becoz of me then there is nothing like that….we r friends right??” says twinkle
“ We r…but kunj wont like if I will join u all” Ankur replies in a low voice
“ U r coming n that’s final…n kunj wont mind so please remove this mind from ur thought…n go n pack ur bag n that’s an order” Twinkle says dramatically which brings a smile on his face
Kunj was seeing all this from distance n was fuming…he suddenly moved towards his room like a storm…followed by twinkle who saw his going in anger
He banged the door hard n sat on the bed with anger on his peak
Twinkle slightly opened the door n moved towards him who was looking own n didn’t noticed her
“ Kunj” she whispered leaning on his bed n placing her hand on his shoulder
“ What happened??” shecontinued
Suddenly kunj shooked away her hand
“ R u miffed with me?? But first tell me the reason…I cant see u like this” says twinkle innocently
Kunj got up with a sudden jerk n said
“ Ohh really…u cant see me like this. U know what u r the reason for my such behavior…
N why the hell r u wasting ur time with me…go n give this time to ur new boyfriend…
U know I thought that I m the only boy in ur life…I thought that u don’t make bf’s becoz u have me…ur best friend…but no I was wrong
U have already given my place to that jerk” Kunj says in anger

Twinkle was shocked to listen all this…but was hurt deep inside as she never thought that her best friend…only best friend will think like this about her…judge her
This was a great hurt on her self respect…suddenly she slapped kunj leaving his surprised
“ U know what..he is not a jerk..u r a blo*dy jerk” she says hitting him hard on his chest which made him move backward
“ U r my only best friend becoz u r special to me….but see what judgement u gave…alike other girls…today u treated me the same….I consider u my whole life…but u…chi” she yells n falls on the ground crying
Kunj really felt guilty
“ Hey Twinki…I really didn’t mean to hurt u” he says cupping her face with teary eyes
Twinkle didn’t respond anything n motioned towards her room like a lifeless body
Kunj was shouting her name but she didn’t responded to it
The whole day she was in her room locked…many a times kunj knocked the door but…no response

Next Day
Kunj received the call from Aayan…he got up hurriedly…got ready in his maroon v neck t shirt n blue jeans n motioned towards twinkle’s room
He knocked but this time she opened the door carrying a flip flop bad on her shoulder n wearing a pretty summer frock along with a travel bag in her hand
She was completely ready for the trip…seeing this kunj was happy
He tried to talk to her but all the time she ignored…becoz she was hurt…really hurt
They reached the Airpot
Twinkle made her way towards the Airport leaving kunj to deal with her heavy bags
“ yeah aacha hai…madam gusse me bhi aapna bag lekar nahi gai…chall beta kunj get ready to become a coolie” kunj says carrying he bags n following twinkle
They checked in n saw the gang waiting for them
Ankur passed a smile to twinkle n twinkle responded to it…but this time Kunj didn’t react to it becoz he was damn guilt
Girls were sitting together n boys together chit chatting…but our kunj was lost in his thoughts to apologize twinkle
Suddenly something tricked in his mind n he gave a smirk….he shared this with his boys gang
N kunj stood up from his place n went infront of twinkle n started singing

Iklauta mera dil tha
Bhila bhala simple tha
Tujhse main takarya
Sirphira ho gaya
Mujhe pyaar laga jo
Tujhe laga bhai chara
Armaan to jaage
Main magar so gays
Twinkle was ignoring…but kunj started his dance accompanied with the group
Banke museebat
Peeche padi hai (twinkle narrowed her eyes)
Yeh comedy hai
Yaa tragedy hai
Naa hona tha kyun ho gaya
Locha-e-ulfat ho gaya

Twinkle was smiling from inside but didn’t showed it (guys think Kunj doing drama like Arjun Kapoor in 2 states n that too in airport)

Tere aane se pehle theek tha
Ab murjhaya sa jaise koi phool hu (kunj making a puppy face)
Pehle tha banda kitna kaam ka
Khaali refill jaisa ab fizool hu….

While kunj was doing the entire drama n jumping here n there like a maniac
Twinkle suddenly stood up….which made kunj stand still like a statue….he was expecting another slap so in fear he closed his eyes
But suddenly he felt a warm skin wrapped around him…ye it is twinkle hugging him….he opened his eyes n immediately he got a smile on his face …he too hugged her
Everyone was happy
but there was an announcement of their flight arrival s all of them moved….but kunj caught twinkles hand….n thay both walked slowly behind the group
“ Thank you” he whispered with a smile
“For what??” twinkle asked completely blogged
“ For forgiving me” he says
She left a soft giggle on his words
“ But anyways please next time slap n hit me little slowly…I must say u r quite strong n it really pains” he says dramatically…to which twinkle gave a hit on his hand playfully


NEXT UPDATE : Kunj’s plan….Goa trip….lots of fun


So did u like the episode???
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N hey pali welcome back dear…good to see u…really missed u n ur ff a lot
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N guys in this trip many things r going to chance n so does some relations…so stay tuned
Love u all….

Credit to: Shatakshi

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