I Love The Way U Lie…(Episode 4)

[ Before starting the episode I would like to give clarity to ur imaginations regarding the new character
Khushi – Sanaya Irani
Emma – Emma Watson (actually I imagine her becoz she I damn cute n I like her)
Diya – Erica Fernandez (lead of KRPKAB)
Aayan – Karan Wahi
Arnav – Barun Sobhit
Ankur – Saheer Sheik (lead of KRPKAB)]



Why Ankur??? Why?? Did u return after so long….but really it doesn’t matter to me at all
I agree that I used to have crush on him…but that was just a teenage crush….that was my mistake
But I must say that now he looks even more handsome than earlier…
But now these all things really don’t have anything place in my life becoz now I have kunj with me
But really I have to stay away from him……
Suddenly my thoughts were disturbed due to the song…the host announced couple dance
But see my luck….i don’t have any boy friend but atleast I have a best friend …but he is dancing with Emma….
So I preferred to stand at a corner n sip my soft drinks….
But I felt a hand on my shoulder…I turned to take a look an guess what…Ankur was standing there with an usual smile on his face
I too smiled…arreee u know na manners…don’t think too much
“ U r not dancing???” he questioned me as we both were looking towards the dancing crowd n sipping our drinks
“ No…I don’t have any partner so its better to remain here” I said casually becoz this is the reality n I m not at all ashamed of it
He gave a smile on my statement….I must say that he really look cute
“ Seriously?? U know what…u haven’t changed a bit till now
The same cute smile…the same innocence…the same attitude…but really ur color choices have completely changed” he says
“ Firstly this color is not my choice n Secondly may I know when did u observed me so deeply” I said teasingly
“ When u were busy in starring me” he says carrying the same tone
What the Hell was that?? This means he used to notice me starring….
I gave his a surprised look as I was not expecting such reply from him
Within no time we both burst out laughing
Suddenly my eyes fell on kunj who was dancing with Emma but his full attention was on us…he was looking us narrowing his eyes
Possessive huh…I know him very well


What is this Ankur trying to do??? N why the hell Twinkle is entertaining him instead of ignoring…
N what was that crush n all huh…like really twinkle used to have crush on him n she didn’t told me…
That’s not fair…I wont talk with her now…
I stopped dancing n made my way towards twinkle who was looking me blogged…
Without uttering a single word I grabbed her hand n walked towards the dance floor
I know she was confused with my wired behavior…but at that time my only motive was to keep Twinkle away from that Ankur ‘he so called crush’
I grabbed her from her waist which made her hand wrap around my neck


Music starts n kunj tightens his grip around twinkles waist
Tumhe apna banana ka junoon
Sar pe hai, kab se hai
( kunj was really hurt….he was hurt becoz twinkle didn’t shared such an important topic with him)
Mujhe aadat bana lo ik buri
Kehna ye tumse hai
(twinkle can feel his anger…hurt n so she tried to convince him)

“ Are u really hurt??? I m really sorry…I didn’t say u about him….aree don’t ignore me please…I really hurts” she says dancing
“ Ohh really u r hurt??? U know what u r hurting me….I shared each n every thing with u…Priya se le kar Ria….Amaya se le kar Shanaya….Aarohi se le kar Ruhi…..I told u my every damn relationship
But u…didn’t even try to share about ur first crush to me” he says twirling her
Jism ke samandar mein
Ik lehar jo thehri hai
Usme thodi harqat hone do
Shayari sunaati inn do nasheeli aankho ko
Mujhko paas aake padhne do
“ Kunj u r really going on a wrong track…its nothing like that…n u know that time we were young n it was just a crush….so please stop over reacting” she says frustrated n left his hand n turned to leave…but he pulls her with a sudden jerk
Tumhe paakar na khone ka junoon
Sar pe hai , kab se hai

He lifts her in her arms making a tight hold on her waist n twirls bringing her down
But suddenly he left her blogged
“ Now what happened??” she asked confused
“ I thought u will be miffed with me so..” he says innocently which brings a smile on her face
She again made a hold with his hand n started dancing
“ so kunj…possessive huh” she says teasing him
Kunj narrows his eyes n then they both started laughing
When suddenly they heard Khushi saying
“ Ooo hello song has finished…now shall we move”
Twinj immediately composed themselves n follows the group
“ Hey I think we should leave now…as its too late” says Arnav
“ Are u guys crazy…we met after so long n u ppl wants to leave” says twinkle
“ So where should we go…” says emma
“ Ofcourse at my place…I mean my house….arree I mean my n kunjs house” she says n this brings smile on kunjs face
“ it means u n kunj stay together” Asked surprised Ankur
“ Yeah…as I came Delhi for my studies….so any problem” an immediate reply from kunjs side to which Ankur faked a smile
“ So guys lets go…” says excited twinkle
They all followed kunj as he went near his car except Ankur
Twinkle was about to go but she saw him standing there n says
“ Why r u not coming???”
“ I thought u will not like it” he says
“ Hey listen its nothing like that…n I thought that we were friends” she says carrying a smile
“ Yes we are” he says n both of them moved towards the car
Kunj was seeing all this n was not liking this so he went towards them….grabbed her hand again n headed towards the car
Twinkle was understanding kunjs behavior so she didn’t say anything
All of them reached near a big banglow
“ Wow yaar twinkle…ur house is so pretty” says Diya
“yeah I must say…at a very young age u have achieved a lot” says Aayan
Ankur was smiling at their words n was constantly looking at twinkle….kunj noticed this
All of them entered the mansion n sat in the living room
“ Wait I will get something to eat” says twinkle standing up from the sofa
“ Hey twinkle we r really full…n if u r insisting so much then u can bring coffee as its our friends nightout…n for that we have to stay awake” Says Khushi innocently
Twinkle gave a smile n then motioned towards the kitchen
“ What we should do now…to make this meet interesting???” Asked kunj
“ Duffer our same truth n dare game” Says Aayan throwing pillow on kunj
“ Yeah that sounds interesting” says Ankur
By the time twinkle reaches with a coffee tray in her hand
“ Wow after long time we r gonna play it” twinkle says excited
“ But now our Questions n Dares will be totally different from earlier ones” says Ankur with a grin
“ Seems that somebody is going to be trapped today” says Emma


NEXT UPDATE : Night is not yet over n nor the fun….the game…truths to be revealed n many dares to be performed….cold war……lot more to go


Hellooo lovely ppl
Did u liked the episode???
N Ankur…Did u liked his character???
The jealous kunj…how was he???

N one more thing…Ankur is not bad by his character

Hey Ahira w I think we both share same feelings….i was also feeling the same thinking of that situation…n yes sorry for the short update…
Thanks a lot dreamer n shreya for ur wishes
Hey Krystal n Aastha I have written 3 ffs
1. Opposite Attracts…Perfect two (but stopped that ff withi 5 episodes as I was short of ideas)
2. So a lion fell in love with the lamb
3. I love the way u lie
That’s all becoz I came in contact with the page only 3-4 months back n started writing from April end
Hey cutei pie see I added the game…in next episode u will get it…n thanks for the idea
N yes guys do suggest ur scenes which u would like to see in next episode
N thanks to all the readers for ur support
Love u all….

Credit to: Shatakshi

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