I Love The Way U Lie…(Episode 3)


I rushed towards my room as this kunj want me to join him for his so called fun parties…but honestly speaking I never tried such type of enjoyment or rather say that I never got chance to do so..
But anyways I have kunj…my best buddy…I know he is a big flirt but never crossed his limits…I also know that I m defending him but its not like that becoz he is really pure from his heart
Some of his nasty stunts brings him in troubles but one thing I would say that he is the biggest emotional fool I have ever seen in my life…really trust me
Most of the times he himself gets trapped in supporting his friends n sometimes defending his potential girlfriends …I know he is good but sometimes I feel that ppl can take advantage of his nature…ohh God I m really a fool…kunj told me to get ready by 7 n its 6:30 now…
I rushed to change my dress…yes the dress how can I forget that…it was so difficult for me to change up my taste n wear this bright loud holi colored gown…But I must say it was not a bad attempt as it was really looking cool
I tied my hairs into a high pony tail…honestly I don’t know how girls tie various styles but anyways I m happy with my style…
I applied eye liner, kajal n mascara..as it was my high court’s order to look perfect..arree kunj’s order
I was busy or can say that I was messed up with my make up n didn’t noticed kunj standing his arms folded n smiling …wait a minute is he smiling n making fun of me??
As soon as twinkle saw kunj smiling…she gave a wired look…
But kunj…he didn’t even bothered to look at her expressions made his way towards her
Twinkle didn’t know how to react so she ended up to stay quite…
Here kunj came near twinkle…sat on his knees n leaned his face towards twinkle….n twinkle was completely in shock
They were soo close…hardly any distance left (Sanam re play in the background)
Twinkle Thinks “ Kunj what r u doing??? Please don’t do like this…I really trust u more than my life…please don’t break my trust…n why r u coming so close??? Ohh God n see foolish me….unable to react or can say revolt him from doing so….”
Twinkle was hell nervous but suddenly she found kunj moving beyond her face n clutches her hair band in pulled it softly….
He whispers, “ U look cute with ur open hairs…playing with the wind”
This brings an evergreen smile on twinkles lips
They were still in that position
N now twinkle whispers, “ U r flirting with me??” she asks innocently
Kunj smiles on her words n now he brings his face be4 he n they shared an eyelock
He whispers,” Twinkle tu flirt karne wali cheez nahi hai…tu to pyaar karne wali cheez hai
N as u know mai flirt kiye bina rah nahi sakta aur pyaar mujhse kabhi hoga nahi”
(Twinkle u r not the one to be flirted with…but u r the one to be loved..
N as u know I cant live without flirting n love cannot happen to me)
Saying this he stood up on his heels n started motioning towards the room door but stops
“ Yaar please don’t look so beautiful…or else I will really fall for u” he says naughtily with drama
“ Kunj u r just impossible” she says smiling n nodding her head in disagreement
Soon they both left for the party
They reached the venue
It was a basically a resort n the entire setup was situated near pool side
The party was at the peak
All were engaged in their fun…drinks…dance n what not
Twinkle found the place totally out of her comfort zone….so nervousness was clearly appearing on her face….
Kunj noticed this as they were entering the resort n he hold her right palm with his left n gave a assuring look through his eyes….Twinkle felt a sudden comfort as he was around her
“ I know this all is new for u but trust me I brought u here with a motive n there is a surprise for u” he says still holding her hand
“ Surprise??” she gave a confused look but then ignored the thought becoz her attire n left open hairs were disturbing her ….n her time to time setting of her spectacles is also a task for her….
Somehow she managed to overcome the situation n now they entered the resort ….
Now kunj left her palm n made his way towards his group followed by twinkle….
There were 5 of them but were facing backwards…so kunj gave a pat on their shoulder
Suddenly all 5 of them turned but to a surprise they were holding an heart shaped red balloon infront of their faces…twinkle was standing there confused n kunj was giving an unusual grin….it seems like he knew what is happening
“ Kunj what is all this?? Why they r hiding their faces..” she slowly whispers leaning towards kunjs face
Kunj ignored her question n carried the same smile
“ 1…2…3………………………SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!” all 5 of them yelled removing their balloons from their face
This was like a big shock for twinkle….
“What a pleasant surprise…. Emma , Khushi , Aayan , Diya , Arnav and…..” she says happily but gave a puzzled look to the 6th one…yes there was a 6th guy standing next to they
“ He…he is Ankur…..now twinkle please for God Sake please don’t say that u don’t remember him” Khushi says immediately
But our twinkle she was still blogged or can say she was faking by doing so
“ Arree the same guy on which u used to have crush in our school days….he was in our school…remember” Emma says without realizing her words
Kunj was sipping his drink but as soon as he heard this statement….made his cough
Twinkle gave a death glare to Emma n to manage the situation she says
“ Hey Ankur….twi” she says forwarding her hand but was interrupted by Ankur
“ Twikle…right…..good to see u after long time
I must say u have not at all changed but yes u look more beautiful than earlier” Ankur says casually…shaking their hands
Twinkle was faking her smile but then moved towards 5 of them
“ But may I know how come u all reached here….n Emma yesterday only we had a talk n u didn’t say anything about this meet….n u all came together from US , Mumbai , London , Australia n Paris,….i mean how is this possible” twinkle says hell confused
“ Madam…this kunj is behind all this….he only planned this entire surprise for u” Aayan says
Twinkle smiled at kunj…to which he reciprocated the same (Sajna ve plays in the background)


Next update : Friends Nightout….emotion, love , jealously , fun…n lot to go


Hello lovely ppl….
I know todays episode was not that interesting but trust me now the real game had begun…
N note that Ankur is now n important character in this storyline….
N the friends group will be there in this ff till last…as I don’t want any family drama n all

Hey Ahira I know its difficult to pronounce my name…a kind of tough twister…but keep trying….hehe
Hey Krystal in future I will surely fulfill ur wish
Hey Aastha my results r going to be declare either on 6th or 8th


N thanks a lot for ur consistent support…
Love u all

Credit to: Shatakshi


  1. I was so disappointed when I came to the end of this episode as I was enjoying it so much. Please write longer episodes. & when kunj said “you are not the one to be flirted with…but you are the one to be loved” my heart melted like chocolate. He’s so smooth. Lol, you’re so smooth. I literally fell in love with a fake character after hearing those words. Once again, you’ve got talent.
    Great epi❤ ?????

  2. dreamer

    Shatakshi di u know what I was waiting so badly to read this ff…luved the epi…ctd soon.luv u di….best of luck 4 results

  3. Krystal

    epi was awwwsssuuummm n jst wanna ask ki hw many ffs have uh written till nw plsss give the names plsssssss i really luved todays episode

    • Aastha

      i was going to ask d sam Q.. how many ffs u hav written till now…plz tell me their name

  4. Shreya

    I loved it di…u r really nailing it daily… Best of luck 4 ur results di…..I hope u r not miffed with me….aur agar ho…toh man jaao naaa….

  5. Shreya

    U know according to d title… I feel that twinkle is hiding her feelings for kunj….its just a guess..

  6. Aastha

    And the epi was fab … i luved the dialogue which kunj said..i luv the way u write …

  7. tara

    hey shatakshi… sorry i didnt cmmnt on ur last epi… i had network problem.. i read it today nd i came to knw ur details as well.. nd even m in 11
    coming to ur ff it was more than awesome..loving it really..

  8. Rashi

    Shatakshi…..wow dear ….and yes it was really good….really proud of u …..waiting for the next episode…..

  9. Sayeeda

    Finally to see jealous side of kunj …..wooww yrr awesome twist …
    U know ur lines where kunj said to twinkle that u r not a girl to whom I can flirt but u r one to be loved…. reminded me of movie yeh jawani hai deewani where Ranbir kapoor said somewhat the similar line to Deepika as I really loved that scene nd line too…… but over here I’m was imaging our Twinj which is one the best imagination…
    I hope this ff never ends …but at end I have to accept the truth that one day it will be finished…

  10. Romaisah

    Awesomeeee!!!! I loved it !!!!!!!!! ?????n lemme guess tht line u arent one for flirting but one for loving is from yeh jeewani hai deewani?? ? idk i recognised it :p plzz post ur next 1 ASAP

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..