I Love The Way U Lie…(Episode 2)


Helloo lovely ppl…Shatakshi here…
So lets start

The board indicated a huge cabin baring twinkle in it…engrossed in her work
Suddenly there was a bang on the door n the person entered without knocking which distracted twinkle from her work
“ twinkle” the person said
“ Kunj?? What r u doing here??? “ twinkle says
“ Twinkle u know history repeated itself” kunj says with immense sadness
As soon as she hear this…she understood the entire scenario n sat down relaxed with an unusual smile on her face
“ She also left” she says leaning her face towards kunj n carried a tone of sympathy
“Yes” he says on the verge of crying
“ U know this time I was damn serious that atlast I found the love of my life…but see she ditched me” n now he was really crying
Twinkle had a small curve on her lips seeing his childishness
“ Kunj this is ur 6th or 7th time…” she says
“ But this time I was serious” he says in a meek tone
“ kunj u always say the same thing after ur so called break up…n this time also the girl might have found a better n rich guy than u so she left” she says
Kunj nodded on her statement
“ I m really feeling so low…come today we will go for a party….” He says having a cute smile on his face
“ Kunj u know what?? U r just impossible….u only want reason to party…but let me tell u one thing I m not gonna join u in ur party” she says
“ U will….n u have to…its not an option but an order” kunj says with a sarcastic firmness in his voice
“ Kunj Please..”she says
“ No requests r accepted…n if u want to request even after this then ur request will directly go in spam folder in my system” he says..there was a complete silence for a second but they both burst out laughing n hugged each other
“ But please don’t wear such boring formals please” he says breaking the hug
“ but I have only such type of dresses” she says making a puppy face
“ So complete ur work fast n we will go for shopping…I will pick u up within 2-3 hours” he says lifting his flip flop bag n making his way towards the door
Be4 she could say anything…he left the place
After some hours twinkle receives a message from kunj n she makes her way towards the exit of the company n found kunj waiting
They both head towards the mall
Twinj reaches the girls section n started selecting dresses
“ What is all this?? This one is so bright….n this one is so short….yeah see this one there r 20 shades of pink in this one top…u know what its better that I wear my old fashioned black n grey formals instead of wearing this dresses which looks like someone has played holi wearing this…this shopping n all is so confusing” she says picking dresses one by one n was hell confused
Kunj who was standing beside her was controlling his laughter
“ Twinkle…I again wonder how u became a girl…I think God did some mistake in while manufacturing u…n btw the one u r saying a holi spoilt dress, its on high demand now a days” he says leaving a soft giggle
“ Kunj…u know this situation is damn serious n u r joking….n may I know how do u have such deep knowledge about girls attires” she says
“ Arreee u know na that I visit these places frequently…don’t look at me like this as I m straight…I mean I m a boy..i don’t come here to shop for myself….but for my girlfriends” he says clearing his point
“ Whatever” she says rolling her eyes
They were still searching
“ Kunj…now this is too much….U know these color shades wont suit me n my personality as they r so loud” she says sounding frustrated
“ Hey Twinkle check this one out…I m sure this will surely suit u” he says giving a pretty off white wavy full neck frock
“ This is white…but I like dark colors” she says in a rejecting tone
“ U mean to say black…right
Please specify ur words…ur one n only love is black…but this time I will make sure u wont buy such boring color…yaar twinkle try some pretty bright colours…n let me tell u that this not just white but its ‘off white’..” he says stressing the word
“ U know this all is so confusing…white..off white..all r one and the same…its better my secretary will do my shopping” she says
“ Ohh that hotty…I mean ur secretary she is so cute..but I never thought that she will be having such a bad taste…but anyways I will change her” he says naughtily n winks at twinkle
“ Don’t u dare to look at her…n btw it is my choice so u better don’t blame her….yeah but u know she is hell concerned about her color shades n all so she was reading a big fat n vast book about colors….I felt like how can someone be so concerned about these all things” she says complaining innocently
“ May I know which book was she reading…u know na then I can understand her more” he says sarcastically
Twinkle gives him a death glare but then again comes back in the topic
“ ummm..wait let me think…Umm..ya…50..oh yes…50 Shades of Grey” she says (funny tune plays in the background)
As soon as kunj hear this he started laughing like an insane
“ Twinkle…yaar u r too much….like seriously??…that was an epic…n u know this is the reason I love u the most” still laughing leaving a confused twinkle behind n then pulls her cheeks
“ Kunj what was there to laugh in this” she says firmly…arms crossed which made kunj to stop his laughter
“ Nothing” he says pursing his lips to control his giggle
Twinkle decided to go with kunj’s choice as it for irritating for her to spend hours in selecting a dress
They both shared some friendly time n then left the place as they have to catch up the party…becoz all this was for the damn party only…lol


Did u liked the episode???
N the new twinkle??
Thank u all for the same love n support u all gave like in my earlier ff….
I know it was really difficult to stay away from tu as it became a habit to open the page n read ur ff’s
N tara yaar what a suspense….but really loved it
N Anushka…see I came to accompany u…n ur first episode was Awesome
Now my turn to answer ur Questions..
Hey Tara I m a 11th grader n waiting for my results to come so that I can join up the college

Hey Vaishali please do continue ur ff


Hey Ritzi…yes my title is a song of Rihanna (I love the way u lie)
Hey Ahira…I read ur comment in tei episode written updates n I came to know about the situation….n yes this time I will surely take care
N now thanks a lot to all the readers as well as silent ones for their support
Keerthana , Ritzi (really love u yaar) , crazy (ur new ff is interesting) , jasmine , Krystal (mai tera peecha nahi chodne wali…lol) , tara , Vaishali , zikra , sam , dolly , sohi (cute name) , panchi , srija , mitali , Sayeeda (see I m back for u all) , harna , ria(right guess) , dreamer (ur os was Awesome) , Aastha , akankhya (after long time huh) , Rashi , Ahira MendeZz , Romaisah (hey ur hindi is too good)….really u all made my day

Love u all….

Credit to: Shatakshi

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  1. Hi,
    Awesome episode… flirt kunj and workaholic twinkle.. interesting story line…

  2. Amazinggggggggggggggggggggggg loved it do cont asap n flirty kunj lol …..loving it

  3. Luv u too Shatakshi….u r too awesome….how Do u manage yo get smile on my face…..50 shades of grey….hahahhaha….???????????

  4. It’s amazing.. it’s going to be interesting to see how these two make it up together.. kunj toh that jagah hi flirt hai but, twinkle workaholic..hmm.. nice pair.. all your story lines are different and unique.. especially the last one.. SO A LION FELL IN LOVE WITH A LAMB.. was amazing..just loved it. I wished you hadn’t ended it soo soon.

  5. nice epi

  6. Shatakshi di as always u nailed it….Thanks a lot 4 appreciating my os….ctd asap
    Luv u di and all the best 4 results

  7. Amaaaaaazzzzing di….u r as I always say….fabulous… Di so sorry 4 not commenting on your previous epi but really today only I saw it bcoz yesterday I didn’t even touched mumma’s mobile…and when I read d first line and d title I had fingers crossed hoping that its u. ….and see…it is u….di…?????…..keep going di……

  8. Uh know what I saw 50 shades of grey n I have watched it too srsly yaar n btw a huge request plsss yaar I mean his gf ditched him right ……. So m in line thik h na plssss re give me a chance plssssss date etc okk n epi was awwssuuuummm

  9. interesting story. its really fab . I think its gonna more interested when they both or may be one of them will start feel for other & may be by my opinion its twinkle .ok let’s see.pls post d next one asap

  10. Lol. I Love this. Shatakshi, you r super talented.& I tried to pronounce your name but bit my tongue twice. Oh my!
    I must say I love this new story line, you’re creative.
    Post next episode soon as I can’t wait to continue reading. This time I’ll copy all your episodes to my laptop just in case.
    Great job.

  11. Wowww wt a epic episode
    This new change was most needs han masst that episode!

  12. Amazingggggggggggg………
    How do u write sooooooo well.
    I loved it.
    Pls continue sooon

  13. year its osm.seriously its different as well as interesting & I really agree with twinkle kindly waiting for d next part.

  14. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    it was awesome…plz post next part asap….

  15. Woooww yrr I’m in love with this new side of twinkle nd kunj….
    It’s a pleasure to imagine kunj as flirting guy…nd Twinkle as a simple nd Sobar one not a Punjabi pathak nd siyaapa queen…. She is so innocent that she didn’t even understand the reason of Kunj’s laugh.. lolllzzzz.
    Love ur ff nd u also( don’t worry I won’t be forgetting my sis…) the moon nd back…..love it to infinity…

  16. wow vry nice..no words dear …. it will be interesting when kunj will fall for twinkle…. And when ur result is going to be declared?

  17. wonderful work
    enjoyed your epi
    it’s awesomeeeeeeeeee

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  20. amazing episode new twinkle is awesome and thanks for compliment on my name

  21. I srsly was hving an off day today but tuh kamaal ho yaar u made me smile rele u did #50ShadesOfGrey
    Thanks alot for making my mood lighter 🙂 cant waitnfor next epi

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