I Love The Way U Lie…(Episode 16)




All packed up their stuffs becoz its time to leave Goa..n arrived at the lobby of the hotel
“Yaar the trip was too good…seriously enjoyed it sooo much” said an excited Khushi
“Yaa…I will misse those hot hot girls…but see na I didn’t even got to date either of them…can we wait here for few days please…” aayan says requesting…by making a puppy face
“U blo*dy moron…nasty head” says Diya rolling her eyes…arms crossed
“Someone is burning”Aayan says singing
“Oh really…u know what…Kunj has better following than u” Diya continued
“But now he is committed… N I m now” Aayan says
“So why don’t u love?? R u afraid” says Ankur teasingly
“Love is easy but I m busy bro” immediate reply from Aayan…dramatically… This made Diya give a whatever wala look
“Hey…but where is Kunj…yaar not again…this kunj is Mr India…disappears all of a sudden…twinkle did he informed u??” Arnav said in one breath
“ Hold on Arnav…let me check” says twinkle checking out her cell
But suddenly she received a message…yeah its of kunj
° ° ° °

Message :-
Hey Baby Doll
Don’t be tensed…I left Goa yesterday night itself…
I know I know thousands of questions r popping up in ur mind….but it was necessary becoz I can’t delay more
U will get to know once u r back…
But listen na…I m missing u soooooo much
Love u??

• • • •
This immediately brought a smile on her face
All reached Delhi n went to their respective places
Here twinkle reached home…it was all dark


I lit the light in motioned towards kunjs room
I was going to call out his name…but then stopped as his room door was slightly open…
I peeped in n…
What is going on here???…was my first reaction
The messy room…but thats not at all shocking
Kunj was sitting on his study table….yes he was
I could hear sobbing noises…
I moved forward n kept my hand on his shoulder…
“Kunj” I said softly
He lifted his head with a sudden jerk…
Blood red eyes, tears all over, red nose…really a terrible condition
“Kunj..what is this all??…n this chillies??” I questioned him pointing towards the chilly plate placed next to his books
As soon as I asked him…he got a smile on his face
OMG!!! He is looking damn scary…with such condition n that too with a smile….
But I ignored that thought…
“Nothing…I was just studying” kunj says looking back to his books
Twinkle made a hold on his face to gain his attention
“Kunj r u okay??.. Becoz I have never seen u like this…n what r u doing with this chillies” twinkle said
“Baby Doll don’t worry…u know before visiting Goa I got to know that the exam dates r out…but that time I didn’t bothered to it…but now it really matters…becoz now I m not alone…I have u…the gem of my life…so to fulfill ur all wishes I have to do it” said kunj cupping her face
Twinkle had glassy eyes…but then she signed towards the chilly plate
“Ohh that…nothing…just a formula to keep me awake” kunj says casually
Twinkle never ever thought I m widest dream that kunj will do so much for her….bear so much pain for her..
She without having a single thought in her mind…jumped on kunj to give him a hug
Due to the sudden jerk… The chair fell along with twinj
We shared an eyelock…wow his eyes
Dil chahta h ki inn aakho me doob jaau (sorry I don’t know its English translations)

Suddenly kunj yelled
“Moti…jaldi utth na…ouch its paining…” ( Fatso…just get up…ouch its paining)
I immediately got up…but wait a minute…did he called me fatso??..how dare he
Kunj too got up…n understood that I m miffed with him
“Oye twinkle…listen na…u know u look like deepika padukone” he said with a cheesy smile
This sentence brought a smile on my face
He continued, “ Yeah…ur nose is like Katrina…boldness like kangana…n n figure…no no just leave it”
“Say know…my figure…” I asked him..eagerly waiting for his answer
“No twinkle leave na..” he says dramatically…
Why the hell is he creating so much of suspense
I gave him a disguised look
“Okay..so ….ur….figure…is….like………..Vidya Balan” he said bursting out his laughter (funny tone plays in the BG)
My eyes popped out in amazement

“So u r trying to say that I have a fat figure” I asked
But he…still busy in laughing
“Chill.na…just a joke” he said to which I stick my tongue
After some fight we sat down fully exhausted
Suddenly kunj said, “Ohh God twinkle…u r really distracting me…” he got up to leave but I hold his hand
“Kunj listen to me…before being a lover we r friends ….best friend… n u know best friends r like mirrors n shadows…mirror never lie n shadows never leave…so this is our struggle….we will do it together “ I said
Kunj within no time hugged me…. (Sajna ve plays)
“Thank u twinkle…for standing beside me …always” he says clearing his face
“Now go n wash ur face…its looking like laal tamatar( red tomato)…” I said giving a pat on his back
But kunj was in no mood to leave me…
“U know kunj…I still have better options…so go fast or else….” I said teasing him
Before I could complete my words he ran towards the washroom… Ohh God he is really so cute
After all he is Twinkle Tanejas choice….cute to hona he tha??

• • • • • • •

Hellooo lovely ppl…
So r u enjoying the episode???
Thanks a lot for ur beautiful comments…
N guys did u hear that…Arjun Bijlani is going be our new kunj…
What the hell…he is going to participate in jdlj along with tei…if he can do then why not sid…
This zee TV norms r literally out of my mind…
But anyways…
Thanks a lot for ur lovely comments… N ur support to this track
Hope its not a boring one…becoz I m trying my best to not make it emotional or something like that
Love u all??

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  1. Risa

    Its not boring at all shats! Its just beautiful! Love ur ff! 🙂

  2. Shatakshi dii…wow yaar Fantabulous episode…lovee it

  3. Amazing……….each nd every line was fab….kunj is so cute ; he doing so much struggle for Twinkle… I really loved the idea of chillies …hhhaahaa…when I will be appearing for my finals of Chartered Accountancy exam I will surely use this trick…
    Best part was ur Vidya Balan dialouge…

  4. Krystal_Krysiee

    Nope baby arjun is nt the new kunj new kunj is naman shaw srsly huh we the writers me crazy ridhima etc etc were planning of his murder hehe yaar epi was awwwwwssssuuummm as always n i loved that scary kunj

  5. shatakshi in SBS they told naman shaw is new kunj will get to know when episodes r on air BTW nice episode kunj eating chillies funny

  6. Awwww kunj yaar he’s so cute na btw epi ws gr8 dea loved it so much
    N n do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz
    Luv u n ur ff
    Keep smiling……?????

  7. Mahi

    Awesome episode shatakshi
    Keep it up

  8. Rashiverma2199

    Shatakshi dear…it was amazing… As usual.. Wowow….????

  9. Awesome shatakshi ….nxt one asap

  10. Kruti

    Fantastic epi

  11. Sameera

    Awesome epi ???

  12. Dreamer...arundhati

    Shatakshi di loved it….very …no words….lol
    di ctd soon

  13. Oh god oh god di just amazing …. ..?

  14. Shats di….first tym m commenting. Di u rock!!! How beautifully u expressed the relation of two best frnds….loved it di!

  15. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome…nice trick to keep awake while reading. …hahaha. …I was imagining it when he was preparing salad n crying due to onion. ..awww…so cute…missing sid in TEI….no one can replace him….btw now it has been changed n role of kunj is played by naman shaw as per tellychakkar article. ….we can remind our kunj by reading ur ffs….I want to tell thank you to all the writer s who write ffs and help us imagine our twinj. …thankyou. ….so so much…love u all…

  16. Awesome epi di btw arjun is not going to play the role of new kunj according to the spoiler naman shaw is going to play the role but for me its always sid as kunj

  17. Fan

    Super epi…

  18. Nyc track… amazing episode…

  19. Ria

    Hey Shatakshi! The episode was fabulous. By the way I did hear that Arjun Bijlani is going to play new Kunj. And, yes it wasn’t the Zee TV norms. Sidhant Gupta in one interview himself said that I tried har but, I’m not able to manage so, I would have to quite this show.

  20. Apoorwa


  21. Aastha

    so i think above comments pad kar k ..tu smile kar rhi hogi… ab jab humare frndz ne teri itni tariff kar hi di h tu mere pass kehane k liy khuch becha hi nhi h ..only 2 words are left LUV U

  22. Amazing ,superb yaar ……loved it……

  23. nice episode dear love you.

  24. hey shatakshi osm yr amazing gr8 jst luvd it i just luv u sidmin n yah i HV A QUESTION IS TWINKLE FAT IN DIS FF BT PRETTY N DS SHE WEAR SPEX AS WELL PLS ANSWER 2 DIS QUESTION BECOZ I M REALLY CONFUSD????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????PLS PLS TELL thanku n yah 1nce again u wr amazing if she is fat or say nt pretty so pls sun make hr also thin n beautiful hhhaaha

  25. i thnk tamana u shuld say we enjoy SIDMIN nt TWINJ yah mayb twinj 2 bt always kunj will be sidhant gupta n twinkle will b jasmin bhasin made fr eo

  26. shatakshi yaar !!! so sorry i no im hell late in commenting but i had reasons exams skl fone not working ughh but seriously im not lying i was reading all yal ffs from my brothers fone stayed up till midnight too since i had missed a lot n my eyes are always scanning for ur ff i wanted to comment really i did but the circumstances were such …. i srsly enjoyed all ur episodes n i still am yaar
    idk wat i wud do if TEI FFs hadn’t existed i met such talented people here
    yeah i no im buttering u up with my sweet yet enticing words but wat to do don’t know if i’ll get to comment again after the 1st July since thts the day i’ll b free from exams -_-
    Don’t worry im still reading don’t think im not after all i am a huge fan of ur ffs n in love with all ur episodes n yes this one was amazing
    Feeling sorry for the “studious” kunj haha anyway sorry in advance for not commenting will try to plzz post ur next epi asap !!! Love u to the moon and further :p ….
    oh n btw im enjoying ur current track like srsly n yes i am kinda relieved tht there wont b Uv not tht i didn’t mind but yes the story is going fantastic already …

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