I Love The Way U Lie…(Episode 15)


Hellooo lovely ppl
I know today I m talking at the start of the episode
But just spend ur few minutes
See its my 15th episode… I mean my first 15th episode
I ended my 2ffs within 5 n 12 episodes…
N now I m changing the entire story line…n segregating them in various chapters…phases which we went through this ff so far
• MY LIFE MY RULE : Kunj who was a happy go lucky type of person…lived his life to the fullest..a chocolate boy
• FRIENDSHIP : An eternal bond of love, trust, respect between kunj n twinkle
• JEALOUSY : With the entry of Ankur…the heat between kunj n twinkle reached its peak
• LOVE : New emerging feelings..
• POSSESSIVENESS : Love made a blow to a feeling of possessiveness for each other..fear of loosing rose up
• HEARTBREAK : The love, care n compassion for each other came to a still…breakdown of relationship
• LOVE LOST N FOUND : As in every love story…it has to end with a completion of a story…happy love story…same happened with twinj…no no now its not kunj n twinkle… Its just twinj…
N now…when everything seems perfect…there comes a point to face the reality
Same happened with our twinj…time to face the reality
So today’s chapter is :



At last I m complete…we r complete
I have everything… Becoz my Kunj is with me…forever
I quickly got into my formals…it feels great after being back the way u were after a long time…but seriously it was a great experience
This love made me do many unnatural things….right from nasty ideas up till planning n plotting…n the makeover…the most toughest part of my journey..
But at the end of the day what matters is that I was successful in my mission…
We made our way towards the group… With a bright smile on our face
Ankur widen his eyes n I gave him a look of agreement…
We declared our relationship officially…the best feeling I ever had
We all were enjoying our moment when suddenly Aayan said
“Jey..look up there…I think media got to know that the super single CEO of RELIANCE has a boyfriend”
Why the hell they r here???
I grabbed kunjs hand n made our way towards the hotel
Kunj was giving me confused looks but ignored all of them…
“What happened twinkle…what r we running??” kunj questioned me but I was not in the state of answering
He asked me many times …at last he got irritated becoz of my silence
“Twinkle…for Gods sake…just say something dammit” he yelled frustrated stopping us from running
But this media…Ohh God…they r so irritating…really they don’t have any important work instead of interfering in someone’s personal life…no space at all ??

“Mam…mam..listen to us…is this news true that Kunj Sarna, the son of business tycoon Manohar Sarna is ur boyfriend “
“We have also heard that he is ur childhood friend…so how this friendship turned into love”
“ But he is still studying…n not even employed… so what did u thought before accepting this relationship “
“There is no match between u both…he is still.in Engineering 4th year…”
Various such irrelevant questions were popping from various crooked reporters
All the time I was observing kunj…he was just glued up at his place…
A feeling of shock appeared on his face…but it is the reality of our relationship
Now this was too much…so I pulled kunj n we moved in the hotel leaving the crowd behind
Kunj was walking unwillingly…lost in his thoughts
I closed the room…but kunj sat on the couch still thinking something
I know he is thinking about those reporters words…
“Ohh God kunj…these ppl r so irritating” I said…to change the topic
He just faked a smile
I sat down n cupped his face
“Hey Kunj…just listen to me…don’t pay heed to there words…” I said in a low tone
“But their every single word was true…” he said meekly without meeting his eyes
“Kunj please don’t be heartbroken please…I know u will surely…” I said consoling him but he interrupted me
“I can’t twinkle…n u know that..”
“Dont even dare to shrink like that..okay” I said softly to which he nodded in agreement
“ cheer up kunj don’t be a cry baby… I always loved that dude n not this type of rondhu kunj…” I said smiling…. was happy listening those words
I leaned forward… to which he gave a sarcastic look
I kissed his right cheek…he forwarded his left one…
I again gave a peck on it…now he indicated towards his lips…
I narrowed my eyes n said no
“Thats not fair…Baby Doll” he said making a puppy face…God…he looks soooo cute
“It is…darling” I said getting up but he pulled me back
I left a soft giggle

• • • •

Her smile is so cute…she sat on my lap…okay okay I made her sit
She wrapped her hand around my neck n I make the grip tight on her waist…
She sucked her lower lips in shyness
“Please don’t do that twinkle…its driving me crazy…I can’t control my emotions “ I said naughtily
“Then who said u to control” she said sarcastically… my eyes popped out due to her bold answer
Within no time we both burst out laughing… Still in the same position
She moved towards my face…wow again…

N started opening my buttons…
I widen my eyes in amazement
“Twinkle r u sure” I asked genuinely
But she was just smiling n opening them
“Twinkle…” I again said
But suddenly she smashed her lips with mine… (Haa has I baan gaye…Haa nami ban gaye…tum mere aasman…mere zameen ban gayeee… ??Plays)
It was a short one but had the same passion in it
“Don’t think this much kunj…always nasty things revolves in ur head na…arreee by mistakenly my lipstick stains got on ur shirt…that it” she says justifying her act…but didn’t met her eyes in shyness
I smiled at her words
I got up n went in the washroom…
I know twinkle that u handled the situation so well…the media…the crowd everything
U r a successful business woman…honestly i m not worthy to have u…but now I will make myself as per ur standards…
In future I don’t want ppl to insult u just becoz of having a failure…unemployed husband n that’s a promise

• ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° •

Hellooo all
So did u liked the episode??
I have to take this topic…becoz there is no villain in my ff sooo…
Do share ur views through ur comment
N yeah if u r not liking the track…so please tell freely
Suggestions r most welcome…
Hey Ahira…I m sorry for the small update in previous episode… but it was needed becoz this one is totally different from the previous episode… Hope u understand
N yeah I will try my best to compile the track n romance together…
I wanted to tell u all that…from now I will be posting it alternate days as I m messed up with my admissions n all…
Please do support
N Krystal… Not so early…thode din aur jhel le yaar…
Thanks a lot for ur lovely comments…
Love u all??????

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