I Love The Way U Lie…(Episode 14)


I m back again..



This girl is driving me crazy!!!..its becoming very difficult to ignore her
I never ever thought that see such bold twinkle…but yeah she is doing great
Good going BABY DOLL…kunj control ur feelings
I placed her on the furry mattress
“Thank u Baby…love u” she said holing my hand
Urgh!!! This girl…I was dying to here those magical words…but my fate is not that good…
“Twinkle please…give me a break…give us a break…no no not break…but a full stop” I said trying my best to sound uninterested
Suddenly she pulled me…n due to the sudden jerk I fell on her
She was blinking her eyes innocently…I went with the flow
I tucked her playful hairs behind her ears.

I could feel the shivers through her spine
“Baby…it seems that ur intensions r not pure” she says naughtily bringing me back to my senses
Got up suddenly
“Twinkle…what r u thinking that u r doing huh!!!…okay so let me guess…u r trying to convince that I love u…then let me remind u Miss Twinkle Taneja that I m the same kunj who used to dump the girls within couple of days…n u r just one of them” I gave a frustrated look while saying
The words were really heavy to speak…but I have to
I thought that she might be crying..but to my surprise she was smiling
Her smile is irritating me
“Why the hell r u smiling?? Respond to words…for Gods sake…please do that…” I said her but this time in low tone
She made her smile even more brighter… Now this was too much
I grabbed her shoulder n smashed it harder without realizing that it will hurt her…Ohh God not again
But this girl holds great power…she even didnt expressed her pain
“Twinkle please don’t make the situation difficult for me” I literally sounded as if I was begging
“What happened kunj??…u only told that I m just another girl ..so why does it even matters to u” she says casually
“IT MATTERS” I yelled making my grip stronger
“It matters twinkle…u dont know how it feels when my harsh words make u breakdown… U dont know..anything…but how will u know…u r busy in playing these games to disturbed me” I said in a painful voice
“I know kunj…I know” she said…not in a dramatic tone…instead in a genuine tone…like my twinkle
She continued, “ I know kunj how it feels…becoz I have done the same with u
What I thought that u won’t say me then I will not get to know that every night u cry n I m responsible for it…u always cover up ur face with that cheesy smile but u can’t hide ur feelings from me” she said cupping my face…wow my twinkle is back
She was having tears in her eyes
But before I could reply her…I felt a soft lips on mine…the same lips which I felt earlier
Yes it was twinkle…she wrapped her hand around my neck n was massaging my hairs…it really feels great…again
I gave in n we shared a passionate liplock…but suddenly I backed out…leaving twinkle blogged
But soon she understood the reason n said
“ Kunj…its not a mistake..its our love”
This sentence was enough for me n my doubts
I lifted her up n we shared another kiss…I deepen as it was a most awaited moment
• ° • ° • ° •

Twinj were still kissing
Unknowingly kunjs hand went on her bare back…this made twinkles heart to beat faster..
He started slidding his hand in
“Kunj” she whispers breaking the kiss.
Kunj realized it..
“Ohh I m sorry” he says cutely
Twinkle hugged him tightly
“Thank u Kunj…thanks for everything” she says still hugging
Suddenly a smile appeared on his face…a contended smile
Twinkle gave a peck on this cheeks n they touch their forehead
“Come let’s go..”says kunj holding her hand
“Wait” twinkle replied…to which kunj gave a puzzled look.
“I have u change this dress..its so irritating” twinkle says innocently
Twinj shared an eyelock…silence surrounded the entire room
N suddenly they both burst out laughing…
“Yeah u have to…go ahead” kunj says teasing her
While twinkle was motioning towards the cupboard… Kunj pulled her towards himself
“But u look so hot in this dress…BABY DOLL” kunj says naughtily
Twinkle was happy as he finally everything is sorted out… ( Soch na sake plays in the BG)

• • • • • • • • • •

Hellooo lovely ppl
So did u liked the episodes???
See I uploaded my first episode on 11am but it got uploaded on evening..
N I uploaded this episode yesterday…but don’t know what happened…so I m posting it again
Anyways…I dont like any villains in my ff… So now I will focus on practicality required in a relationship..
So do share ur views…n suggestions r most welcomed
Love u all????

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  1. Joonakanksha

    Yr it was mindblowing….. Really excited to see ahead. ….. U r amzing

  2. Omggggggggggggggggg most awaited epi ws it diii loved it finally everything became normal do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz loved d epi so much????????……

  3. Meeta

    Aww. Such a sweet one.

  4. Kruti

    Amazing marvelous fantastic……nice one shatakshi
    And I lk ur no villain concept

  5. Mahi

    Lovly episode it’s just amazing yar

  6. What to say yrr……no words left with me….how do u manage to outdid yourself every time….. amazing…. love u..,

  7. Hey Shatakshi…
    The epi was Awsum as always… 🙂
    Luved it to the core dear…

  8. One word-
    Two words-
    U nailed
    Three words-
    I loved it

  9. Krystal_Krysiee

    After a long tym m cmmnting isnt it well yes bt the epi was aawwssuum n dont know y bt m feeling ki uh rgoing to end this soon anyways loved it to the core

  10. Loveleen

    ohh shatakshi again a heart touchng episd…loved it….update nxt asap…

  11. I am not going to say anything…. How can it b possible…… Kisi ke brain main itni creativity kaise ho sakti hai….amazing… Loved it di…muaaah muaaah…valaah valaah…???
    Well did u got my emails..?..

    1. Shatakshi

      Hey shreya
      Thanks for reading
      But I didn’t received any e mail
      I checked it just now..

  12. Shatakshi! I too loved this episode. It was a bit short. Before I knew it, it ended & i was disappointed as I wished to continue reading. Twinj’s kiss was just so breathtaking. Fab writer.

  13. nice episode dear

  14. Dreamer...arundhati

    Shatakshi di most awaiting epi was thi

  15. hi satakshi now i hv finally read ech update so now i ll b able 2 cmnt n yah its my 1st time i thnk on ur ff dat i m cmnting n yah i jst wantd 2 say dat i jst luv d way u lie hahahaahahahaahaha sry fr dis foolishness bt i jst lv ur ff

  16. Rashiverma2199

    Omg shatakshi ……kaisa brain u have…..full of innovative ideas….the episode was fab…..enjoyed it….??????

  17. woooooowwwww awesome one dear…….. mindblowing yaar …… loved it…….

  18. Fan

    Amazing epi..

  19. Aastha


  20. Amazing shatakshi… lovely episode…. ??

  21. Ria

    It was amazing Shatakshi! Loved it to the core.

  22. awesome loved it post soon

  23. silent reader

    luvd it

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