I Love The Way U Lie…(Episode 13)




Kunj…u just wait n watch. I can’t loose my love…our love.
Now the real game begin..
I slept peacefully… Yeah its true I did that…but my cunning mind was planning various ideas to irritate kunj…look I m innocent but what to…my lover is so mean..this is making me do this…God I never knew that my nasty head can cook up something like this..but yeah it will be fun
I gave a smirk thinking about my plan…Arreee that same smirk which UV gives in tei…he is so hot na
Don’t narrow ur gaze…I know I was boring earlier…but I used to watch tei at night 11:30…seriously…hehe

Next Morning I didn’t went in the canteen…but these calls…for the love of almighty can someone on his earth let me sleep peacefully…I was hell irritated by those beeps…
I unknowingly picked up the cell without checking the name…i just yelled, “OMG I M SO SAD FOR THIS UNTIMELY DEMISE…BUT FOR GOD SAKE LET ME SLEEP”…I know that was stupid…damn stupid but that person was really crazy to call like an insane… this is not a call center..
By the time my beauty sleep was disturbed…so I preferred to listen the reply…I know that was funny..he he..I can sense the shocked wibes coming from the other side…that person might be thinking that the number is of mental asylum… Hehe
“Twinkle” I just heard a whisper n my heart skipped a beat…really
I was kunj…but before I could spill out something more..I heard another voice
“Twinkle r u okay…we were calling u from last half n hour…n what was that??” Said a blogged Emma
Shit!!…the cell was on the speaker…what they all might be thinking
But yeah it was great becoz this will help me in executing my master plan…Hey all…I m not a terrorist… Its just a plan to read out kunjs thoughts…

I wonder if Doreamon would ever exist…then life would have been so simple…twinkle now u r really out of ur mind…
N slidded down the blanket n went to freshen up…
I got myself into a skinny one piece…God Who the hell made this??? …but twinkle u have to do this..for the same of ur love
With much difficulty I got ready…those irritating accessories…long ear rings..ouch!! it’s really heavy…n those heels..how can I forget that…Ahh!! N the attire…please don’t remind me about it..
My hairs r troubling me a lot…that God I hired an hair stylist…smart huh!!!…hey I know that…hehe
Anyhow I made my way towards the group with an elastic smile on my face…n made my seat next to Kunj…who was shocked..hell shocked
Actually not only he but the whole table were in a great shock…eyes popped out…that sight was really epic
“H..hi twinkle” khushi somehow managed to grap some words from her long lost dictionary
I immediately greeted her

The entire table was filled with blogged faces except one…no no not kunj becoz he is the one who is most shocked… I m talking about Ankur…I winked towards him n he passed a genuine smile…yeah its my plan…okay okay its our plan…we made it
I sensually moved my fingers through the lining of kunjs face n said
“Hey kunj…good morning…really missed ur glance” n gave a naughty wink…really I did that…don’t question on my daring
Now his shock had no limits…the entire table coughed on my doings…I know it was embarrassing…
Kunj suddenly moved his chair a bit away from me…I felt as if I m gonna rape him…hahaha that sounds crazy but yeah his expressions were weird
“What happens baby…I there something wrong…come let’s go for a date..of will refresh ur mood” I continued naughtily…I was trying hard to control my giggle after seeing his expressions..
We had our breakfast but kunj was rolling his spoon in the soup…atleast our love made him think deeply which earlier he never gave heed to…I m sorry girls…but he is mine now…only my??
I got up from the table as I was done but suddenly my heels didn’t supported me which imbalanced my steps…urgh!!! I hate u heels…
I closed my eyes in fear but I found my body carried in a masculine structure…I slowly opened my left eye to peep…yeah it was my kunj…staring at me…lovingly…yes kunj u r going great
“R u okay” said Aayan…Ohh God this person don’t have any work or what…always interfering in our romance..
I nodded my head…n stood up on my heels again..but failed
All of a sudden kunj made a hold on my waist n carried me in his arms…
I wrapped my hand around his neck n gave a wink
“Hey Baby u r sooo cute….n I love u for that” I said dramatically pulling his cheeks
But his eyes were popped out as he never expected such straight forward twinkle
I gave a peck on his cheeks to which he was surprised…damn surprised
But this made him loosen his grip unknowingly… What the hell is he doing…I will fall
So to prevent this….I buried my head on his neck n made my hold tight…hey this time it WS not a drama…I was genuinely afraid
My this act brought him back to his senses…n he again started moving
All the time I was looking at him…but he urgh!!!…was preventing himself to meet our gaze
“U don’t have to do all this twinkle” was the word he said
“What r u talking about….baby” I said dramatically
“U know that” he said coldly
“Ohh Haa..I got it…baby u know na that I can do anything for u…becoz I LOVE U” I said in same tone
He was amazed at first but then composed himself…smart guy huh!!
“But I HATE U” he said
“I LOVE U” I repeated irritating him
“I HATE U…did u get that” he sounded frustrated
“ U know what kunj…I love ur everything…n yeah I LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE” I said genuinely
This made him took towards me…his eyes I so intense… ( Sajna be plays in BG)

• • • •

Helloo lovely ppl
How r u all???
N did u liked the episode???
I won’t take ur much time as I will return with another episode this evening
I know that this episode was entirely twinkles POV…so my next episode will be kunjs POV
Do share ur views…
Love u all????

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  1. OMG! What a amazing POV …..I can never thought twinkle being so serious one can think of nasty idea’s….fabulous…..
    Today the best part was where u used ur ff name ….finally now it’s crystal clear why u kept this catchy title…
    Yaar seriously u r making me more nd more crazy for ur ff….it’s just out of universe…. love u…

    1. And yah very nice dp …full covered with Sidmim Durban trip….literally it was a bliss to watch them together… their dance ; hug ; excitement…..

      1. Shatakshi

        Hey sayeeda
        Yes it was really amazing… Their trip was just Awesome
        N that sidhants dance was breathtaking????
        N yeah please do post ur next episode… I m waiting??

  2. Shatakshi di love u 4 giving such excellent epi
    And btw di the chat option is removed what bcoz I can’t find it?
    But any way osu,

    1. Shatakshi

      Hey Dreamer
      Thanks for reading
      N yeah the chat option is under maintainance ….becoz whenever I go in Activity option it shows that it is under maintainance…
      I hope I m able to clear ur confusion

  3. Aastha

    ok i got it ..
    why you named it i luv the way u lie.
    very nice

  4. Ria

    Shatakshi, it was awesome, amazing and and and fabulous and fantastic. God! My dictionary is over. Im sorry for that but, it was really splendid.

  5. Muaaah ….lovely.. Amazing,fab, awesome and what not ..u r a star di..loved it ..love u do post asap…plz…

  6. Dreamer...arundhati

    Di its osum
    Loved it

  7. Awesome epi. I saw twinkles acting through your writing, I like the blunt twinkle. & also, I love the way you threw the fanfiction title into the epi. It made it all the more unique. You’re such a fab writer..honestly.

  8. Osmmmmmmmm amaizinggggggg fab superbbbbbbb yaar loving d new colours of twinki eagerly waiting for d nxt epi

  9. Crazy

    Awsm ! Z wt cms from my mouth

  10. Fan

    Awsome epi yaar i loved it..iam eager to know kunjs pov..

  11. well writen

  12. Meeta

    OmG OmG.
    I was laughing unknowingly AF.
    I enjoyed it very much.

  13. Awesome,amazing ……… lovex it yaar……wtng fr d nxt one…..

  14. nice episode shatakshi and if you get time then do read my first ff a prank played by destiny beyond our thinking.

  15. Nyc

  16. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome. ..loved this new shade of twinkle. …I loved hw u brought up ur title…it was really a cute episode. ..

  17. Kruti

    Awesome shatakshi

  18. awesome loved the makeover of twinkle

  19. Rashiverma2199

    Shatakshi…..wow…..u r an amazing girl….my mouth is still open…. Even I am shocked to see this rejuvenated twinkle…..thanks for such a lovely episode ……it was awesome as usual… .

  20. Anushka

    Loved it di…. Mind blowing

  21. Hey shatakshi!! I just want to tell u something hope u won’t take it serious…….plzz stop dis kunj’s pov and Twinkle’s pov actually it is a bit annoying…..if u dont want to stop it then it’s ok I won’t have any problem…I am just sharing my opinion….hope u won’t take it serious

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