I Love The Way U Lie…(Episode 12)



That was really amazing…
The taste of ur mouth…the passion u put forth towards me…ur everything is just amazing for me twinkle..
Today u made me complete…. u have changed this aimless flirty Kunj to a Kunj who has the only aim in his life…n that is to love u…forever
We shared a long n passionate liplock…trust me I did that willingly… Becoz the feeling was just perfect…
Twinkle realized what we did a minute ago…
She keeled her head towards the floor…oh she even looks cute when she shies
“I m sorry” was the word she uttered in a whisper
What is she trying to say???…
“I m sorry kunj….it was by mistake” she continued…her glassy eyes were visible..
But her words gave me a shock…does she thinks that was a MISTAKE…
“What do u mean??” I said controlling my anger
“I mean to say that it was all a mistake…my mistake…I just got carried away with the situation” she says still her head down….preventing herself from making any eye contact ”ARE U KIDDING ME TWINKLE??” I gave a shout in a hurt voice
She immediately looked u straight into my eyes with amazement…I was bowling in anger
“No I m not” she said in a whisper still looking into my eyes
This was too much for me now….today she insulted my love…our love…n I can’t bear such insult for it…
I suddenly grabbed her by shoulder n gave up my full strength…which made her stand on her toe..
“So do u think that it was a mistake MISS TWINKLE TANEJA” I yelled leaving or rather say that pushing her hard which made her fall on the floor
I know it was wrong…but she is hurting me everyday with her every single word…so she is worthy of it…
I continued, “ Wow twinkle wow…that was too good…today u proved that u r the MISS PRACTICAL Twinkle Taneja… N u r not worthy to be loved…loved by anyone…I thought some or the other day I will make u confess ur love for me…but now u know what I don’t even give a damn…I hate u..I hate u to the core…n from now our ways r parted”
I know that it was too much…my words were harsh but it was literally needed becoz she have to understand my feelings…
I stormed out from the place…left her crying
My heart was feeling to run towards her…hug her…console her.. express my love for her…but no…she don’t respect my love then why should I…I know its childish…

° ° ° ° ° °


The whole group gathered at the hotel canteen to have the breakfast
“Wow these pancakes r just yumm…n these strawberries r soo fresh…smells great” says Emma seeing the breakfast
“Yup…” says Aayan busy in plate
Suddenly Ankur noticed something
“Hey Twinkle…what…what happened to ur eyes…its swollen completely” Ankur says with concern
Kunj immediately saw her…which he was preventing earlier to do so…
Twinkle was seeing him….with her blood red eyes
“Seems that u have cried the entire night” Says Diya holding her shoulder
“Hey guys don’t stare me like this…n there is nothing like that okay..so chill… Its just that something went in my eyes n due to rubbing it became like this” Twinkle lied faking her smile
“R u sure” Ankur says in a whisper..to which twinkle signed through her eyes
Kunj new that it was all becoz of him…but didn’t utter a word becoz he too faced the same situation the entire night…
He walked off the canteen n motioned towards his room…
Twinkle saw him going…n followed him..
He banged the door of his room…in anger…guilt n what not
“How can i..how can I hurt twinkle..my Twinkle” kunj says breaking down in the floor in tears
“Kunj…u r not at fault…its all my mistake” twinkle says leaning down towards kunj
But kunj got up all of a sudden I was about to leave the room but twinkle made a hold on his wrist…
“Leave my hand twinkle” kunj says without looking at twinkle
“Twinkle I said just leave” kunj says irritated but suddenly had a look towards twinkle
His heart missed a beat…
Twinkle was still sitting on the floor n was nodding in NO…with tears in her swollen red eyes…
Kunj was all shocked to see her state…he suddenly cupped her face
They didn’t say anything for long time…but their eyes…conveyed each n every feelings…( Khamoshiyan awaz h
Tum sunne to aao…plays)
Kunj can feel the pain in her eyes… N that was becoz of him


I m sorry Twinkle…how can I do this to my love..the love of my life..
I hate u KUNJ SARNA…just hate myself…
But Twinkle is the best girl I have ever seen…she deserves the best…atleast better than this spoilt Playboy…
I have to stop twinkle from spoiling her life…
Suddenly I left twinkles face n went towards the dior
“I HATE U TWINKLE” was the word I said …my words cracked…that was the most painful moment in my entire life..
“U can’t do this to me…u can’t…did u here that” at first she whispered but then yelled…she was hurt by my words but I have to do this twinkle..
“U r right… That I can’t love anyone..” I said preventing my eyes to meet her…I can sense a pair of glassy eyes starring me with distrust, disbelief, pain…
I rushed from the room…it was suffocating… I felt like that I m a criminal…yes I m!!


Whenever my life seems to be stable something happens which makes it all up side down…

Ankur arrives at twinkles room…
All of a sudden he said
“Twinkle…kunj loves u a lot” gazing towards her..waiting for a reply
But twinkle didn’t utter a single word
He continued, “ Listen twinkle…I know that its ur personal matter n I m no one to interfere in it but please understand kunjs love…u know yesterday night I heard some sobbing noises from his room…so I went inside n I saw him crying..like a baby
I also know that u love him a lot…but u r afraid that he will ditch u…but its nothing like that…please try to understand once” Ankurs convincing words made her melt…n the thought that kunj cries every night gave her a great shock


Kunj I know that u love me…then why r u doing this to me…to us…our relationship
I know something is bothering u…n now I will find it out
I can live with the burden that my harsh words made u cry…but kunj how did u managed to be so…
Several thoughts were popping in my mind…but the answers were with kunj…
I know that he won’t tell me..
But I will find it at any cost to save my love…our love

• ° • ° • ° • ° • ° •

Hellooo lovely ppl
How r u all??
Sorry Ritzi n Supriya…that I didnt replied as I saw my comments late night…sorry again
N thanks a lot Kruti n Anushka for helping them…it really means a lot
Syeda Farhana and Sayeeda that was really a nice try…
I know that today’s episode is a sad one…sorry for that??
But can u all give me a suggestion… that tomorrow can I give 2 episodes…I just asked as u all will be bored reading 2 on single day…really need ur views
N thanks a lot all the readers
Love u all????

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    Loved it shatakshi

  2. Ria

    Shatakshi, the episode was fabulous. Ofcourse you can give 2 episodes. I would be more than pleased.

  3. Muaaah muaaah…loved it di….and guys there is a message for u all coz I know that most of us read shatakshi Di’s work…I am taking a long leave.. Coz of health issues and studies but I will visit TU once a day..so forgive me if I don’t comment but I will read all of the ffs…except a few…so sorry…miss me , love me and shatakshi di…u r just awesome di. .love u??????

  4. Rashiverma2199

    By Shatakshi…..u can give 2 episodes…..we will not get bored reading ur ff….infact we always eagerly wait for ur episode
    …pls post 2 episodes tomorrow,,,,,

  5. Mahi

    U r amazing yar
    Its so emotional yar I just love it

  6. Syeda Farhana

    After reading the reason behind Kunj’s Tashan I was literally laughing at myself, that how can I think so wrong. And ur FF as always is the best. I loved the way u described Kunj’s intensity, helplessness and passion towards Twinj love. I could even feel Kunj’s helplessness.??

  7. Awesomeeeeeee episode

  8. Hey shatkshi it was just amazing loved it so much and now kunjs tashan woow poat asap

  9. Fan

    Hey shatakshi the epi was awesome..plz post 2 epi tomorrow..im sure no one will get bored of ur ff as it is the best…

  10. Awesome epi I loved it♡♥

  11. Hayee meri shatakshiiiiiii di ur jus osmmmmmmmm yaar loved it n ya ap 2 epis de sakte ho hum bore nahi super duper gud feel karengeji o ji tussi na gr8 ho bade kamal k ho ji lol ok btw do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz………… Vadiya vadiya

  12. Wooowww yr…..ur each nd every dialouge stealed my heart….every line was full of pain nd the way u expressed the hidden emotions is fab….I just love to read ur ff….
    I’m happy that my guess is wrong coz ur twist is always breathtaking ..love u..

  13. Mitali

    Awesomeness Ki height. How do u write so well. Really IT was commendable. It was worth. I’m speechless

  14. Crazy

    Suprb she bhi upar

  15. Offcourse u can giv 2 parts plzz do giv……… emotional part bt nyc

  16. superb yaar…..jst awesome …… u can give 2 epi tomorrow….. it z nt at all boring …… instead we will love it …..

  17. Dreamer...arundhati

    Di awesomeawesomeness ki hieght…. Di pls post 2 epi…. I m dieing 2 read

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    No ways that it was boring …..just luved it….and ya u can give two epi tmrw one probably in d morning and one by evening….. We won’t b bored to read it

  19. Soo emotional n sad ? i love sad n emotional scenes idk y so I’ll now tell u hw fantastic n amazing this episode was u r a gr8 writer by heart yaar plzz post ur next one soon im waiting

  20. awesome post soon

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