I Love The Way U Lie…(Episode 1)

Helloo lovely ppl…I know it’s a surprise or can say a shock for u all…but yes I m back with a new story but this will also be a short one but again I will get chance to connect u all
So let’s start

“ I LOVE YOU “ he yells his lungs out which made her glued at her position.
She turns…narrows her gaze n says, “Kunj…u will never change.”
“ Twinkle I m really serious…u r my life, my love n I can’t live without u” he says with full on drama
“ I think this is ur Standard Dialogue n the one which u said to Mia yesterday” she says with her arms crossed

“ Its Nia..n btw it was not a serious proposal” an instant reply coming from his side
“ Mia…Nia whatever but don’t wrap ur Flirting nature in an envelope of so called ‘non serious proposals’…n when will u grow up hah…life is beyond these girls…relationships..party…friends n all” she says motioning towards him
“ Firstly I m a Flirt n I know that n secondly life is beyond money….clients…balance sheets…meetings n work” he says carrying the same attitude like her
Listening this she rolls her eyes n her moves near her giving a side hug n says
“ U know I wonder sometimes that how come we r friends…I mean best friends n that too since childhood. Just look at me, I m handsome, dashing n girls can even die for me…n just look at urself…the same boring formals, spectacles n ofcourse how can I forget ur work…like seriously twinkle??? How can u manage to get boring n that to day by day” he says sarcastically resting his hand on her shoulder
“ Ewwee keep away ur stinking body from me n yes u r absolutely right…for the first time. I think it was my bad fate to meet such spoilt, flirt, aimless n how can I forget Shameless guy like u as my best friend. But anyways may I know since how long u haven’t taken ur shower” she still having her arms crossed n a faking anger on her face

This made kunj short of words but finally managed to spill out something
“ I..I take my shower regularly but u know na the water scarcity problem…so now I have taken the initiative to save it…..n u also know my health is not supporting me soo…”
“5 days” she says firmly which made him gaze towards the floor
“Its been 5 days since u haven’t taken ur shower….u know sometimes I feel pity on the girls who have a crush on u becoz just look at ur condition….u told uncle n aunty that u have to study so they permitted u to shift Delhi with me…but u r least bothered….kunj sometimes I feel like what will u do without me…if I will go then it will be really difficult for u…so u better concentrate in ur studies n start earning” she says with concern
“I know u wont leave me ever…so just relax n yaar please give some money as today I have to go for a date with Elle..no no Kresten..no no Meghna…oh yes with Kyle” he says still confused with the situation

“ May I know who r these new witches…becoz I haven’t heard about them from u …n btw how many girlfriends u have may I know??“ she says sounding totally irritated
“ Hey don’t call them witches okay… know they so cute…but anyways yeah I don’t actually remember the number of gf’s but see I had Krystal, Anjali, Sabreena, Elle, Meghna, Kresten, Ovya and…and ..i know I m forgetting many of them “ he says trying hard to remember
“ Please don’t stress ur small brain….ur brain is not habitual to it…n btw I warn u again becoz if next time u get stuck in some matters I wont be there to save u….n yes did u forgot ur previous stunt which made u land in police station” she says

“ Yes yes I remember n that time u saved me lying the police officer that u r my wife…yaar that was so much fun..but one thing u must agree that I was not at fault…it was just that I was saving my friend as he didn’t have anyone to help but I have u n I knew that u will save me” he says maintaining a smile on his face
“ Okay now stop buttering n yes take this money n please think about my words” she says handling u some notes to kunj
“ U know what that’s why I love u the most…n yes I will surely think about it” he says happily
“ I know I know” she says rolling her eyes n nodding her head in disagreement
We motions towards the door but turns n says
“ Kunj..I LOVE..” she takes a big pause making kunjs eyes pop out in surprise
“ I LOVE TO HATE U” she giggles after saying this n leaves
Here kunj falls on the ground acting to be heartbroken

So how was the first look of our characters??
I hope u all will support in my new mission like earlier
I really missed u all

As now I m not visiting the page frequently n many ff’s r left to be read….
N now these results r stucked…n the dates r not declared so I got some time to write n entertain u all
Love u all..

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  1. nice start….. interesting dr

  2. oh my god! shatakshi u r srsly….. oh my god… i m speechless… srsly donno wht to speak… but yr accent always brings smile on my face yaar… the title is name of a song ri8….. u know i was reading ur cmnt in anushka’s fs…. nd u told abt a surprise then i read the title ‘I LOVE THE WAY U LIE’ the first word which came out of my mouth was its shatakshi….. yeyeee its shatakshi then be4 reading ur epi i first scrolled down to see the name… nd guess wht…. i was ri8…. but m sad tht u will stop writing it as soon as u get the results…. but my 1 suggestion is pls dont sfop it so soon…. i understand ur dilemma… so i hv 0% problem even if u post it once in a month…. look there should be even fun with studies…. even i m suffering frm the same problem as u…. my parents too have manyyyy expectations frm them… but one day my father told me 1 thing…. it srsly made me cry… i still remeber his wirds he told me’baccha(he calls me baccha always.. hehe) look even fun is as much important as studies…. never forget to live ur life….. do study….. but dont forget to hv fun’ nd aftr tht moment i started my ff…. which ur very well aware of

    1. OMG dis much big lecture i wrote…. sorry yaar… but do read it

      1. Hey Ritzi see I read ur comment…. N guess what I was jumping on my bed…but anyways if I post the episodes late n it will do for u all then I don’t have any problem to continue…. I thought that u all will loose the interest so I made it a short ff….
        But really love u

  3. Hahaha how funny episode was that its awsom

  4. Yay my di is back…
    great storyline…
    loved it..
    do cont asap..
    love uh…

  5. uh again made me his gf i love uh n yeah plan a date with me plsssssss anyaways the epi was vry nice

  6. awww u r back.. u knw when i read the first few lines i knew it is u…
    loved the new ff.. love u too..now dont leave us again..
    btw may i knw which class do u study?? or college??

  7. Hey Shatakshi…howzz u..?? ??
    I guess you don’t k ow me…well so first let me introduce myself…i am Vaishali…a silent reader…actually i started a fanfiction, “Because it’s you” but had to pause it for some reason….

    Ok now coming to ur story…i really love ur writting style…its just so beautiful…ur last ff was one of my favourite….and this one seems to be vry intresting..and i knw u will u will make it the best..
    Looking forward to it…plz update asap ?

    1. plese continue it i am waiting yaar

  8. Hey m glad dat ur back dat to wid a bang or can say sumthng really interesting n ya do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz

  9. Such a lovely episode

  10. good work shatakshi you made me laugh

  11. Amazing one ……. i m glad that u r back ……..

  12. great concept ???
    and welcome back dear ???
    update soon

  13. awesomee….u r back with a bang. that’s good. interesting ff. plzzzzzzzz cont soon. plzzzzz
    it was funninf im still laughing.

  14. Woooowwwwwwwwwwwww. ……..
    I’m feeling so happy that I can’t express my happiness…… ur back OMG I cant believe our so adorable ff writer is back ……..this was the best surprise I got in my whole life ……u know I was missing u like a hell but see Allah ne meri prayer sun li nd u came back ……
    Right now I’m so happy …..I don’t get time read ff during this time as I used to busy in office but see destiny wants me to give happiness that’s why due to some electricity problem we all have ceased our work for time being nd thus I came across ur ff…..ab a gayi ho toh Jane ki baat mat Karna plzzz ….I’m feeling overwhelmed that I can’t control my smile right now nd my colleagues r taunting me that in such weird situation ur laughing Like a stupid… ab main kya bataun unhe …..lovvveeeee. uuuuuuuu…..

  15. Vaishali dear plzzzzz post the next part of ur ff I’m waiting for a long time to read it…..next episode u were going to reveal the reason of Mahi’s death ..I’m eagerly waiting for it…plzzz post.

  16. amazing

  17. I thought it’s YOU.. And, see I guessed it right.. the start was epic.. I’m loving it.. hope you come back with the next episode soon.

  18. U know what shatakshi di…I m dancing…really means I can’t believe u r back….literally I remebered u everyday…this ff also 2 gud dear….plzz do ctd soon…thanks di 4 cuming back….luv u di

  19. wow u r back…now i will get another nice ff…

  20. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    shatakshi its amazing….really love u…

  21. wow yr really very nice …. when i read first starting lines i scrolled down to check the name and it was u….the first comment i did when i read ur name and i did this comment when i read ur whole epi….really vry nice….i never read in any ff as far as i could remember twinkel with spectacles .nice plot

  22. Omg I just love d episode???????

  23. Shatakshi dear….welcome back…..missed ur writing so much on TU page…..waise again u got a totally different concept and story….keep it up…..I don’t have words for ur ff….hats off ….3 cheers for Shatakshi……?????????

  24. Omg. Thank god you’re back. Ahria here.
    Was missing your writing.
    I kept all the episodes of your previous fanfictions to reread them but I lost my tablet and all your Fanfictions. So now I’m having trouble finding them back and someone is using my name to abuse others senselessly. Please be careful with this ff ok. I would hate for this one to be cut short too. Lovely starting.

  25. Shatakshi dii !!! Tu vapas agaya finallyyyy!!!!!!! Your 1st episode was amazing fabulous irresistible gr8 superb funny ?? ahhhhhh if u no hw much i missed u now i’ll come back to TU waiting for this amazing writer to post her most awaiting ff!!! Dii plzz post ASAP!!! Haaa meh demanding tu :p (??my Hindi is terrible sry yaar)

  26. yaaaar it was awesomeeeeeeeeeee 🙂 🙂
    sorry for late commenting

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