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Here Tanejas, Sarnas n some family friends landed from airplane on Andaman Island
The runway was near to the beach…
All were arranging their stuffs into their respective rooms allotted in the hotel but twinkle made her way towards the shore
The soothing breeze were kissing her soft skin enhancing her beauty…the crystal clear water added a glaze to it…

She was rubbing her palms against to get the warmth..
She felt a jacket on her shoulders n yes it was Kunj to accompany her
There was complete silence as the beauty of was making them amazed on each n every step they move ahead..twinkle rested her head on kunjs shoulder n they were moving slowly
T : Kunj
K : hmm
T : u know…I m the luckiest girl in his entire world…just becoz I have u
This brought a curve on his lips
K : twinkle…today everything is going to change…our lives , our relation…
T : u know I dont have any feelings right now…n even all my thoughts have come to a full stop
K : now just imagine my condition… I have to bear a siyappa queen throughout my life. (He said teasingly)
‘Hawwww’ said twinkle giving a pat on his hand playfully
K : now let’s go…as today I want u to look the most beautiful bride becoz u r my queen
They both went to their respective rooms for their makeover…

• • •
All the arrangements were done…
There was hustle n bustle all around…
The wedding venue was near the shore..
. Here twinkle was all set to adapt this newness in her life…
Her bridal lehenga enhanced her beauty…

It was a complete combination of red, cream n golden thread work…the creamish blouse with read polka dots went very well with her fair complexion…

The twinkling eyes carrying innocence, hope, glow, excitement for a new start n yes of course the nervousness… It was a mixture of feelings
Suddenly some girls came to take twinkle to the mandap…
This brought a bright smile on her face
No sooner did she see the whole set up n her prince charming…her heart did a fill flop….she was amazed…it was like heaven on earth…

It was a complete royal setup…the lights made the spot look gold…the magnificent charm it carried…it was royal but with a ting of simplicity in it….it matched twinkles personality..

She was lost…no no not in the décor rather in her prince charming….
He was standing at the centre…with a glow on his face
Everything was blur around twinkle except kunj…

Kunj started moving towards her…n forwarded his hand to which she readily gave it to him
He kissed her hands n they proceeded for the marriage… Their marriage
“Ruk joa…yeh shadi nahi ho sakti!!! (Wait…this marriage will not happen!!)” someone yelled from the crowd
The entire crowd was staring the person…no no actually it was a whole gang….
Within no time twinj ran towards them n hugged….they shared a group hug
“Emma, diya, khushi, aayan, Arnav n Ankur…” says kunj breaking the hug
“What to do…u forgot us but see twinkle…thank God she us….or else we would have killed u” says Aayan hitting kunjs head
Kunj looks at twinkle n she was just smiling
“See our group us the best….all got their partners here only…right Khushi??” says Arnav giving a slight push to Khushi….
“Dont tell me Emma…u n Aayan” says kunj pointing Aayan from top to bottom…Emma just nodded her head in agreement
“Oohhhoo….one more shock…see this couple …” says Aayan looking towards Ankur n Diya
Kunj looked n twinkle n all of them burst out laughing
“Ok…OK…now if u gays say…shall we start the wedding” says Ankur changing the point
Twinj made their way towards the mandap…n the rituals start
Every passing second brought up a new feeling in them….
Twinkle was really nervous so she closed her eyes…
It seemed like she is dreaming but she never want this dream to break becoz this relationship has beared many hardships….the fear to loose him was clearly reflected on her face
Kunj noticed this…n held her palm n gave an assuring smile to comfort her….this immediately brought a relived smile on her lips
Now its the time to take vows…
each n every passing rounds made their bond even more stronger…their love, affection, passion n most importantly the respect they hold for each other was reaching its destination…
Finally kunj filled her head lining with vermilion…n made her wear mangalsutra….the sign of their togetherness…
Twinj take blessings from elders
Leela had teary eyes
“Maa…please chill na…I m not going now….n u know na Leela I hate tears “ twinkle says dramatically
“Chall badmash” says leela giving a pat on her hand…
All the guests went to their respective rooms….

Here twinkle is sitting with her face covered…eagerly waiting for kunj
“What this kunj think of himself???… Huh…he is testing my patience… but I m also Twinkle Taneja….ya ya whatever…Twinkle KUNJ Sarna…today I won’t leave this kunj” twinkle keeps murmuring in anger…

Suddenly she heard a knock on the door…kunj entered the room…
She slightly peeped from her lehenga n saw his standing with a smile on his face…
She lifted her lehenga n started yelling
“Where were u huh???…koi aapne biwi ko aase wait karvata hai kya???” she says hitting his shoulder
Kunj tried to stop her but all went in vain….
At last kunj held her wrist n pulled her towards his body n smashed his lips with her…
It was a sudden action but twinkle reciprocated it with full passion…
It was going in a sink….where either if them didn’t want this moment to pass…
“Kitna bolti h…(how much do u speak)” says kunj sarcastically breaking the kiss
Twinkle narrowed her eyes but then shied
K : wait a minute… I will be back
Kunj returned with a bag…he gave it to twinkle
He leaned near her ears n said
K : wear this n come near the shore
Twinkle took it….n kunj left the room smiling
Twinkle got herself into a baby pink knee length attire with a strap on her shoulder…she was looking so pretty…her rolled up hairs at the bottom made her look perfect..
She immediately went towards the shore…
T : Kunj…where r u???
She felt a pair of hand on her eyes…
Without uttering a word she started moving with her eyes blind folded. It was her trust which made her go…
T : kunj…please na remove ur hand
K : Shh…we r near only…just going to reach
Kunj removed his hand from her eyes
K : here u go…Baby Doll
Twinkle opened her eyes…n she was awestruck…the scenario in front o f her was just like a dream…
The silent shore…the cool breeze…the playful waves n most importantly the set up…she was in shock
There was a bed placed near the shore bedecked with white curtains….the wind playing with them…
It was all surrounded with lamps…enhancing its beauty

K : Mrs Sarna… be habitual to such surprises…
Twinkle within no time hugged kunj….it was a bone crushing hug
Before she could say anything
K : Shall we…
Twinj entwined their hands n proceeded…
K : this will be ur best day…correction…i mean best night twinkle (he says naughtily)
This made twinkle blush
Kunj started moving towards her….twinkle was smiling at him …nervously…her heart was pumping faster….as if it is going to come out anytime
Twinkle thinks, “ Stop it….u stupid heart…twinkle calm down..” Consoling herself…trying her best to remain confident
“Calm down twinkle” whispered kunj planting a kiss on her neck
She smiled at his words…
Twinkle felt butterflies in her stomach becoz of kunjs closeness..
He moved towards her ears n kissed it…along with her eyes…n finally kunj moved towards her lips
Twinkle was staring him…their eyes meet n they share an intense eyelock…
Twinkle parted her lips of another buy a passionate one…
It was short but…it was a burst of love in it…
Twinkle wrapped her arms around kunjs neck n he held her waist…
Kunj n slidded down her shoulder strap n started placing his love….
He lifted her up n started moving towards the bed…at the shore
He gently placed her…kissing her forehead
Twinkle pulled him on herself…unbuttoning his shirt…
Kunj smiled at her act….
At last kunj wrapped himself with her…
“Are u sure??” asked kunj
Twinkle smiled at him blushing….
N then they took their relationship a step ahead…
The wind…the shore…the earth…the entire nature were the witness of their togetherness❤❤❤

• (Keep reading guys…hope u like it)

“Shut up kunj…its so boring….everyday u say the same story” twinkle says pouting
“Awww…u look so cute while throwing these tantrums…but I want our baby to know how much dadda loves mumma…right champ??” says twinkle placing his hand on her tummy
“Wrong….our champ is saying that he is bored of listening the same story” twinkle says interrupting
“Liar…u r bored n blaming on my baby” says kunj pulling her cheeks
Twinkle pouts which melts kunj
“Kunj kunj…listen na…can u please bring kulfi (ice cream) for me….please” requests twinkle
“Not again twinkle….u n ur mood swings…see I brought pani puri for u but..”
“Pleaseeeee” this time even more cutely
“OK fine…” replies kunj raising his hand as if he is surrendering
“Kunj…I love u” twinkle says buttering him
Kunj narrows his gaze
“I dont love u” faking his anger.
“Ohh really sadu Sarna…u know what I still love u” says twinkle
“I don’t” says again with same anger
“But…I love ur lies too…I LOVE THE WAY U LIE….KUNJ” says twinkle holding his wrist
There was complete silence in the room…both staring at each other
N within no time they burst out laughing…..cherishing their moments..

• • • • •


• • • • •

Hellooo lovely ppl….
So did u liked the episode???
N the ending, was it good??
N how is the dp…I have designed it…
Its time to end this story
But…but thanks a lot all the readers to give love n support in this journey
Thanks a lot:-
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Love u all….????


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    • Shatakshi


      Hey shreya
      I m going to post the prologue tomorrow
      N my first chapter on Sunday…maybe at morning 5-6…I always post at that time only…
      Eagerly waiting for ur new ff…
      N thanks for reading it

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      It would be automatically posted…
      N thanks for reading

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