I Love The Way U Lie…(25 Episode)

Hellooo lovely ppl
There is a note at the end of the episode …
Do read it.. N give ur views
So let’s start…


• • •

twinkle noticed something
“Kunj…listen na…where r other people…I mean the passengers…where r they” a blogged twinkle asked
This made KUNJ tense…her was looking here n there avoiding any eye contact
Twinkle narrowed her eyes becoz she sensed something fishy.
“Don’t tell me kunj….” She says in a frustrated voice??
“What!!…what happened Twinkle” says kunj innocently
“I really won’t spare u for this…like seriously kunj???…u booked the entire compartment…” Twinkle says in an angry tone
All the time…kunj was staring his shoes
“U know what kunj…u don’t really love me…I thought that I will enjoy such common feelings which I have missed throughout my life….life is not about luxuries…its above that…far more than that…” twinkle says standing up from her seat

Kunj left the place without uttering a word…
N here twinkle was hell miffed with him…n she didn’t even noticed kunj haven’t returned past two hours or so


Twinkle…u r just impossible!!!
What was the need to bash him so harshly…he was just concerned about ur safety… N u…u r a big dumb head..??
Its been so long…but kunj haven’t returned..

• • •

Twinkle heard someone’s footsteps but before she could react…the person held her from her waist lifting her n started moving somewhere…
Twinkle didn’t resist much becoz she knew the touch…
Kunj brought her to a well decorated place…in the train…ya ya…the seats n rods were decorated with Glittering ropes, heart shaped cushion’s, small lamps n greeting cards hanging on the celling…the dim light of the lamps were all around spreading their brightness n creating a perfect atmosphere , twinj childhood pictures….
Kunj loosens his grip n let twinkle feel this moment n capture each n every part of it…
Twinkle was amazed looking at the decorations…she kept her hand on her mouth
“This is incredible “ was the word she gave out
“Smile please” said Kunj which made twinkle turn…kunj clicked her picture…

“Kunj!!..what r u doing”
“Nothing much…just taking a click…as I want our children to know…how beautiful their mumma used to look when she was young” said kunj
This made twinkle blush…

A thousand years:- plays…
Heart beat fast colours n promises
How to be brave…how can i love when I afraid to fall…but watching u stand alone
All of my doubts suddenly goes away somehow
On step closer


“Hey dont do like that…please…becoz it drives me crazy n dont blame me If I won’t be able to control my emotions” kunj says naughtily… Lifting twinkle a bit from her waist n brought her more closer to himself

Twinkle immediately hugged kunj wrapping her arms around his neck…
“Thank u so much kunj for making me feel so special…for loving me endlessly n coming into my life”
“A girl like u should be loved n cherished” kunj says rubbing her back

He holds her hand, kisses it n entwined his fingers with her…




He removes hairs from her shoulder n plants a kiss on her neck which makes her heart pump faster than ever…
From neck to forehead and cheeks…he gives her kisses making her feel special
They both come more close until his arms envelope twinkle like the cloud gasping the sun
It was a heavenly pleasure for her. .both breathing heavily
N within no time their lips meet in a burst of passion…
She could read his eyes…the love he holds for her
Her body sets fire as every inch of her tingles n spread warmth through her…
With every kiss she falls deeper into him…he was all lost in her embrace
And finally at the end…her arms wrapped around his neck n he lower her down…
He leaned towards her ears n whispers
“Twinkle I love u…love u the most”
An instant smile appeared on her lips
She left him n started admiring the setup
Her eyes spotted various cards hanging…
She read those:- (tune continues to play in the background)


Twinkle left on a soft giggle reading it…n kunj was standing behind her…smiling…his hands in his pocket

• If u were Facebook, I would check ur updates 24/7…If u were twitter, I would tweet I Love You constantly…If u were Instagram, I would keep uploading selfies all day long…
But if u were Pinterest, I would pin my heart on u. ???

“Kunj…that was too much” she says turning towards him with a smile constantly playing on her lips
“But that’s true” kunj says moving near her…

Kunj back hugs her n rubs his cheeks against her hairs…
“U smell really great” he says playing with her hairs
This was making twinkle even more shy n he digged his head on her neck…n started kissing it
Both were on the top of the world…enjoying this moment to the fullest
Kunjs hand found her kurtis zip n he slidded it down…
Her bare back was visible…n he kissed her back with his cold lips…which brought shivers throughout her body
He slidded down the cloth piece from her shoulder n was continuously planting his love on it…

Unintentionally he bit her neck…
“Ahh..” Twinkle moaned
This brought them into the present world…
Twinkle quickly composed herself…zipped up her attire n looked towards kunj who was feeling awkward

She smiled on his expressions…n immediately cupped his face
“Hey kunj….u dont have to feel awkward… Its just the matter of few day…then I will be all yours… N this was the best surprise I have ever received” she says smiling genuinely

Her comforting words took over all his awkwardness

“So now…I m very hungry..have u arranged something”she says rubbing her palm
“Yeah my princess…wait let me bring” says kunj

Kunj arrived with a many plates on a tray….
“So here it is” forwarding the plate
“OMG kunj….I love u so much…my favourite paneer..but how did u arranged this here??”
Kunj arched his eye brow n lifted up his collar…
“Anything for u mam” he said

Twinj feed each other n enjoyed the moment…their moment
N slept thinking out each other with a curve on their face…



Twinj reached Amritsar…n r heading towards the house in their car
“Twinkle…Maa messaged me that we both should come together in Sarna Mansion” said Kunj driving his car
Twinkle nodded her head in agreement
They reached the mansion where all were waiting for them eagerly…
“Maa” she tan n hugged leela
They shared some cute talks
“Btw Maa…where is Mahi??”
Suddenly someone covered her eyes…
“MAHI!!!” twinkle exclaimed with joy
They hugged each other…
Here kunj met his Maa, papa , bebe n UV his brother…
The families went inside…had their lunch

On dining table

Twinkle sat on a chair…
Kunj located her n was going to sit next to her but mahi sat on his place…
Twinkle saw this n left out a giggle… To which kunj pout his lips making a puppy face…

Twinkle indicated him to sit on some other seat….
But kunj said no…
“Ummm…Mahi….can u sit somewhere else” kunj says
“Why jiju…I mean bhai…why can’t I sit here??” mahi asks dramatically controlling her laughter…
“Becoz I want to sit next to twinkle” kunj said stubbornly
This made everyone burst out laughing… N twinkle gave him a death glare

• • • • •

Hellooo lovely ppl
See I m back before time…

So did u liked the episode???

N the romance… Was it described well???

N so sorry if I was unable to reach up to ur mark…I m suffering from cold n fever…Ohh God…just hate this clumsy climate…

N sorry to all the ff writers for the short n late comment yesterday… Hope u understand

Guys finally my 25th episode…
I know it is common…but for me its really bug thing becoz I m a very lazy kind of person…n kisi bhi cheez ka bukhar jaldi utar jaata hai…ya really!!! ??

I thought this writing fever would end up very soon but now I m really I m addicted to it…n of course u all…

N guys surprise is not yet over… next episode will also be something special…

Hey Ria n Anushka… No need to wait for Monday… N ria I know this Sunday night is hell depressing
N Rashi yaar…maan gaye tujhe…what a guess…
Thanks a lot all the readers for ur support..
NOTE :- (do read it)
Guys as my main motive to show up all the feelings like friendship, possiveness, jealousy, hatred n love …it is accomplished now…
N I dont want to drag it n take away all the charm of it…
So I thought of ending this ff within few episodes…

N now the sessions r also started so its difficult to give best everyday…

But if u all want then I can bring :-


This decision is completely dependent on u all…
N it won’t be the continuation of the first one…it will be a new start

I really want to write…but I will be able to post it twice or thrice a week…n if time permits…even more
Just need ur support on this…

N please do comment…n silent readers if u liked the episode do share ur views…

Love u all….????

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  1. Shatakshiiiiiii diiiiiiiii yaar mangaye ap ko tho….
    Matlab whtsp an superbbbbbbb se uper wala epi….????
    N ya get well soon…….?????
    N ya congo for ur completion of 25 epis…….????
    Loved it so much……
    Do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz,……?????
    Luv u…..
    N ya come back wid ur seasson 2 yaar….????
    Missing ur old ff badly ……?????????????
    Luv u n ya get well soon… ……

  2. Ria

    Hey Shatakshi, the episode was awesome and, I’m really angry on you. Did you tell us that you can’t describe romance well. Man you you described it so well.. I’m gonna take classes from you. By the way, ik Sundays nights are so depressing.. same age group right so, same mindset. Also, I would love to read the new season for so a lion fell in love with a lamb.
    And, and, congratulations.. even I’m gonna complete it so soon. Yay excited and too happy for you.

  3. Mitali

    Di the episode was tremendous. Superb outstanding fabulous fantastic awesome amazing. Unlimited fun while reading. Di if want to end this ff its your wish I cant say. But yes if u end then I will obviously miss it but please come back with so the lion fell in love with the lamb (season 2). I will be really excited to read it. I know it would be awesome just like these two ffs. Please next post soon. Till then love u di. N best of luck for your future.

  4. guys..i m not able to post lately coz i m out of india..i m off to london ..ee.. so the tym i will rturn i will b bck on the pg..i hope evry1 undrstnds tht..

  5. Awesomeeeee episode…plz don’t end this ff

    1. n yeah get well dear ????

  6. Rashiverma2199

    Hey Shatakshi…..the episode was fab….the romance was up to the mark….great job…..

    Ya even I feel there’s no point dragging the story…. Yes u can end it after a few episodes…..it was great time reading and imagining it…..all the themes were well depicted…..

    Yes u can start with the season 2 of SO A LION FELL IN LoVE WITH THE LAMB….
    Its OK if u give twice or thrice in a week….
    I can understand how busy u r…..

  7. Fan

    Hey shatakshi the epi was fantastic…..plz write season 2 of so a lion fell in love with a lamb..iam missing that ff..it was my favourite…btw congratulations on completing 25 epi???….n i dont mind if u end this ff but plz write season 2 of this ff also as this ff is one of fav…

  8. Ruchi

    Hey Shatakshi
    The epi was superb… 🙂
    Loved it to the core…
    Till now i read all the epi’s of ur ff i love the way u lie… I was not a regular commntator… Srry for that…
    Congrats for ur 25th epi…
    nd yes we all will love to read another ff after this one by you…
    Lots of Love… 🙂


    hey satakshi this is not well u should continue pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

  10. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    congrats….silver jublee….will miss ur this ff yaar…bt plz do cme up with season 2 of So a lion fell in love with lamp…

  11. Saby

    shatakshi… dear the episode was marvelous…
    uh owned my heart yaar….. itna pyaar ki pura compartment book kar diya….
    really so cute of him…. loved the epi so much….
    and ya i wanna confess, i was also a silent reader of ur ff
    and i loved it to the core….
    i want uh should comeup with new season only as uh think watever uh wanted is just completed in this ff then… its all upto uh…. but i think giving a fresh start is more good then dragging the story and lossening its charm….

  12. When m I getting my treat di? Silver jubilee!!!! Gr8….and how do u know all my fav songs? I mean each and every song u use has been my fav! Congrats di! Hope to see ur golden jubilee soon! Plzz dnt end it di…but still I support u. Whatever u do will be for good!

  13. Kruti

    Congratulations for the amazing 25 epi
    U described the romance very well
    Nice epi
    And I would luv to read season 2 of so a lion fell in love with a lamb

  14. Sameera

    Hey shatakshi epi was top goo yaar
    I can’t have words to express ???
    N Congo fir ur silver jubilee
    Byee take care n get well soon
    Come back with season 2
    Lots of love ????

  15. hey shattu epi was awesome but wat is dis yaar u r ending it……………….
    n yaa plz cm with a lion fell in lv with lamb season2 i will lv it..
    dat was my one of d favourite ff
    so pllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz write season 2 of dat

  16. congo sattu for ur silver jubilee and get well soon .
    the epi was awsm yaar . one of the best epi . i loved each and every scene.
    pls come up with season 2 of SO A LION FELL IN LOVE WITH THE LAMB .i loved it very much . i will always support you .

  17. Dreamer...arundhati

    Shatakshi di
    again I m late I knom…so a big sorry
    as soon as I saw ur update…I read it first…its always been like thw icing on the cake…really si how do you manage it to make it sooo engaging.
    Ur a born writer.
    I too don’t like dragging any stories bcoz it lessens its worth.
    This ff will always b one of my favourite.
    And do cum back soon di
    I qas missing that ff a lot.
    Eager to read season two.
    no probs if u post it twice.v will always waiting bcoz its worth it.
    and I should say di that ur exactly wrong in saying u can’t describe romance….u r too good at it 2…the epi was fab as always.
    Ctd soon
    luv u di.
    and pali di cum back soon

  18. Sayeeda

    Congrats for completing 25 episode …
    If u want to end this nd come up with next I support ur decision …
    I’m dying for second season to come….Whooaa….second season jaldi se aye ….

    Coming to episode it was as tremendous as everytime it is ….the way u expressed romance toh pucho na kitna accha tha …….
    Love u nd sorry for commenting late ….love u nd get well soon

  19. U defined it vry well n awsme part

  20. Loveleen

    yaar shatakshi…m sry m late bt still m so amazed….u r jus out of d mark …i wud giv u mr thn 100 out of 10…u jus nailed the romnc….n it is always a treat to read ur writing…..so i wud love to hav dis treat by d seasn 2 of so d lion fell…..

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    but I mostly like so a lion fell in a love with a lamb I don’t know why but this title of yours ff has something that make me to be get addicted and secondly about this one too is really great I love this title and ff too.
    I will be in cloud infinity if you come with so a lion fell in a love with a lamb season but dear I feel that you are master in giving title to any of your ff as I think you have wrote many ff and left it half due to some reason I don’t know but I want to say that I like all your ff and get addicted as a child get to their mother like a student to their books .so I think if story is new than title also will be new.sorry if I hurt you but these are my p.o.v as you are an awesome fabulous outstanding writer that why I am saying but if you write season 2 of it than too I will love it as I said I love this title so much I think there is something which I don’t know but I hope you will not take my words wrong .love you and your ff from core of my heart till the time when i am here .I know I am not regular commentor but what to do I don’t get word to explain the thing that you are one of my favorite.

  22. Bhavika

    hello shattu dii u know abhi 11:15 ho gaye & maine abhi abhi apke sare ffs read kiye hai CAN U IMAGINE NOW!! aur dii aap pichale anam me shakesphere ki sister types something the kya ..kya likhte ho yaar aur SO A LION FELL IN LOVE WITH THE LAMB mai bhi padhti thi but u know mai nearly 45 days ke liye miss india(from movie)ban gayi thi to poora nahi padh payi thi and i would love to see its season 2 so plzz write it & dii aap awesome,fabulous,amazing,great oh god kya karoon words kam hai bas ek hi cheez hai

    oh god this hindi thing itna toh hindi ke exam me bhi nahi likha..

  23. Bhavika

    arrey baap re itna to kisi bhi exam me nahi likha..lolz

  24. Shatakshi i really don’t no y u say ure bad at describing romantic scenes yaar u r on point like srsly !! My imagination goes to it’s peak wen there’s romance in the air ?? n i don’t really care u post whatever u want to bcz as long as i see an ff which ik it will be of urs its gonna be epic … Besides ur previous ff was one of my fav bringing out season two shall be a treat ?????

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