I Love The Way U Lie…(24 Episode)


“Kunj…come let’s go” says Twinkle
Kunj nodded in yes but suddenly he hold her wrist
“Wait twinkle…r u going in this dress” says Kunj waving his hand from top to bottom
Twinkle wore a scarlet sleeve less waist length top with a collar along with a three forth denims…her hairs were tied in a high pony tail having a cool creamy flip flop bag on her back..

“Yaa…what’s wrong in it” twinkle questioned casually
“No ..I mean nothing is wrong…but twinkle please try to understand…its a public place n we r going to Amritsar…so it won’t look descent…” kunj says hesitatingly placing his palm on her shoulder

Twinkle narrowed her eyes but then smiled
“U know what kunj…u r sooo sweet” she says pulling his cheeks
“N possessive huh??…well kyu na ho…itni hot aur s*xy girlfriend mili hai…then u have to take care na” twinkle passes a wink along with her evergreen smile
Kunj lifts his eye brows up listening her words…
She immediately gets inside with a pair of cloth…
By the time kunj was busy in admiring her pretty room bedecked with white n blue net curtains throughout…
Kunjs eyes stuck on a picture peeping from a dairy…
He lifted the picture n a sudden curve appeared on his lips…
It was twinjs high school photo…where kunj had his hairs lifted up in a spike which his never ending cheezy smile…along with a full sleeve t shirt…n next to him is a cute girl…ya ya she is twinkle…open hairs…a specs lying on her nose n yeah how can she forget her books…
• • •
Twinj were in high school
One day twinkle arrived to kunj…
“Hey kunj”
“Ohh Hii Baby Doll “
“Will u answer my question honestly” says Twinkle meekly
“Ya sure…go for it”
“If I say that I like u…then will u take it as a joke??” says twinkle in one breath closing her eyes
“No” was the reply he gave
Twinkle was heart broken…her face turned pale n she was going to turn but kunj made a hold on twinkles wrist n pulled her towards his chest
“Becoz I know u love me” kunj says… Still very close to her. (Sajna be plays in the BG)
This brought a smile on her face…
“Oye don’t blush…u know na As a friend” kunj added
Twinkle started beating him with her book

• • •

Kunj left out a giggle remembering those memories…but he noticed something written behind the photograph…


Kunj felt so special to get immense love…his heart was pouncing in happiness
Kunj heard the sound of opening the lock…so he quickly composed himself n kept the photograph in his pocket…
He was so busy in doing this that he didn’t noticed twinkle
But no sooner did he looked up he was mesmerized in her beauty…her heart throbbing get up…
His heart skipped a beat…
Twinkle was wearing a multi coloured kurti n a yellow leggings which was perfectly highlighting her figure
Twinkle went near the dressing table in wore her jhumka….that’s it…no more accessories
Kunj came behind her n hugged her…his hand resting on her belly n his chin on her shoulder
He kissed her ears which brought shivers throughout her spines…
Twinkle turned n said
“ Kunj leave n Lets go” twinkle says lifting her bag hiding her shyness
Kunj came into his senses n nodded…moving his hand through his hairs


Twinkle n kunj sat on their respective seats
There were 4 seats two horizontally n two vertically as it was 2nd AC coach
T : kunj u know…I m very excited about this journey… N this train experience is really gonna be fun (jumping on her seat)
K : What’s so interesting in this…we have to sit ideally for one whole day as we r going to reach tomorrow morning. (Sounding uninterested)
T : Kunj…cheer up na…ummm…let’s do.something interesting…
Kunj raised his eye brows
K : Twinkle if u want we can return back…after all its a public place right (says naughtily)
Twinkel gave a pat on his shoulder
T : tum bhi na kunj…leave it…u know I have seen in many films that there r many tasty food stuffs served… So I m gonna try all of them n u won’t resist me from doing so…did u get that (she says showing finger)
Kunj raised his hand…surrendering
N they both burst out laughing

Suddenly twinkle noticed something
“Kunj…listen na…where r other people…I mean the passengers…where r they” a blogged twinkle asked

This made KUNJ tense…her was looking here n there avoiding any eye contact

• • • •

Hellooo lovely ppl
I know in precap I gave their train journey….but as next episode will be my 25th…so thought of surprising u all..
N yeah…did u liked the episode???
N the quote??
I hope u r enjoying the track
N thanks a lot to a the readers for supporting
N yes…I might not be posting tomorrow… But if not…then Monday I will give a longer n interesting episode…so stay tuned
Love u all??????

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  1. Awesome like always shattu (hope u dont mind)

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    Shatakshi…awesome dear….loved the diary and photograph part…..
    I guess kunj has booked the whole compartment ….may be….

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    Lovely epi….and I liked the quote
    Eagerly waiting for d next one

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    Amazing…..ur ideas r always superb nd unique ….loved it…
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  8. Amazing episode…Congratualtions in advance for ur next episode as it will be ur 25th episode which means Silver Jubilee…Party to banti h ??????

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    Okay gonna wait for this Sunday to end fast so that we all can read ur ff. Really excited for this train journey.

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