I Love The Way U Lie…(23 Episode)


Episode starts with twinj hugging each other with an endless smile on their face
T : Kunj listen to me na…u have announced about our marriage… Have u thought about ur words once…or aase he media ke saamne fek diya…gussa to control me rehta nahi hai tumahara…bus all the time I…me…myself bane rahte ho (like this only in front of media u said…u don’t have control on ur anger…u r really self centred person). (N a dramatic tone)

K : ( lifting his right eye brows) so u r still thinking that I m not serious. (Leaning towards her)

T: Yaa of course…ohh God don’t tell me that in anger u were really going to marry…bachpane ke bhi haad hoti hai kunj (childishness have some limits kunj)…u r really acting like an insane lover. (She says sarcastically)

Hearing this kunj made a hold on her waist n pulled her up with a sudden jerk…which made her hand rest on his chest…but then she wrapped them around his neck..n kunj tighten his grip on her waist

K : So what’s wrong in that?? (Whispering)
Twinkle was least bothered about his words n was lost in his deep brown eyes. (Aakho me tere aajab se aajab se aadaye hai….plays)
K : Don’t stare me like this twinkle…mujhe sharam as rahi h ( I m becoming shy). ( he says acting)

T : Shhh…let me feel this moment to the fullest…I was waiting for this…ur togetherness since last 4 years…
Kunj smiled listening her…n continued his talks
K : I m an insane lover who can never forget u…becoz he loves u a two swans love each other (do hanso ka joda)
His words immediately brought a smile on her face

T : Kunj why swan??…u can take Romeo n Juliet. ( she says innocently)

K : Becoz I m more dashing than romeo…so thought why to compare may self with him??…rather a bird sounds more romantic
T: Kunj…u know what u r too much…always praising urself… (She pouts in anger)
He kissed her nose tip
K : I hope u got ur answer….I not then I can do more….(he said naughtily moving towards her lips)
She pushed him but his grip was tight
K : not so easy…girl
T : Kunj…
K : hmmm
T : listen na
K : hmm. ( kunj was busy in playing with her fingers)
T : r u listening…I m talking to u. ( she says a bit louder)
K : Haa twinkle bol na… ( yes. Twinkle say it)
T : u really love me na…not fooling me…right?? (Her eyes were hoping answer)
Kunj didn’t reacted n said yes
T : then prove it. (She says innocently)
K : what I have to do?? (Immediately questioned)
T : nothing much…just go out n yell that u love me…I just want the world to know it
Kunj leaned towards her ears
K : (whispers) I Love You Twinkle
Twinkle pouts her face
T : that’s not fair kunj…I told u to say this in front of the world n u…
K : u r m world. ( was the word he said…leaving twinkle amazed)
K : n yes…pack up ur bag…we r leaving for Amritsar tomorrow morning
T : (hell excited) wow kunj…thank u so much…its been Years since we have met our families… But I have a condition…
K : Anything for u Baby Doll…
T : we won’t go by air….instead we will go Amritsar by train
Kunj made a weird face as he was not expecting such condition n that too from twinkle
K : but twinkle…
T : (interrupting) dekh liya maine tumahara pyar kunj…(kunj I got to know ur love)…( she says emotionally blackmailing him n wiping her tears…I mean crocodile tears)

K : okay…okay…don’t start ur drama… Drama Queen
Twinkle made her face like this => ?
They both burst out Laughing…
K : may I know the reason behind ur condition
T : its so simple…have u watched Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani
K : yeah…but where did u watched…u were boring na
T : I think u don’t know me…Maine aasa bahut much kiya hai…vo bhi tumse chupake…(I have done many things n that too hiding it from u)…like I used to watch Tashan e ishq…hehe
Kunj lifted his eye brows up..
T : so in that bunny n naina met in train only na…so…
K : (shocked) u have ur bunny the what is the need of other bunny
Twinkle started laughing n pulled his cheeks…to which kunj made a puppy face
He was staring her when she was laughing…her dimple…n glowing face…her twinkling eyes…everything was just perfect. (Haa hasi ban gaye…Haa nami ban gaye…tum mere aasman…mere zameen ban gaye…plays in the BG)
Twinkle snapped her fingers in front of his face

T : kaha kho gaye (where r u lost)….I know in me

Kunj I warned u earlier only that never try to understand a girl…she will either drive u insane or make u fall in love with her. (She says innocently)

Kunj smiled on her cute talks

T : OK challo bye…n be ready…I will be waiting

Kunj nodded in yes

Next Morning
Twinkle is in her room wearing a red net top n a cream jeans…
She was applying lipstick when suddenly someone kissed her cheeks from behind
She was stunned but then turned
T : Kunj…u know I got scared…n u…what r u doing here??
Kunj was smiling
K : I thought kisi se milte time Hi…Good Morning…aasa bolts hai…but u know I queen is a bit different…that’s why I love her the most (I thought when we meet someone we sya hi…good morning…) ( he says sarcastically)
T : (narrowing her gaze) u didn’t answered my question
Kunj started moving towards her… But she was glued on her place
He tuck her hairs behind her ears
T : Ohh God kunj…plzzz not again…this is a very old style of romance…do something new
Kunj was surprised looking her boldness
K : like what. (Raising his eye brows)
T : Like…ummm…yeah…
She pulled him from his t shirt…n gave a peck on his lips
Twinkle smiled looking towards the shocked kunj
Within no time kunj pulled her for another yet passionate liplock…
They both were moving in sink…
They broke the kiss n smiled
T : now let’s go…or else we will be late…
Kunj nodded n they left for station

• • • •
Next Update : Love Express…

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Hellooo lovely ppl

Did u liked the episode???
N the romance…am I able to bring it up to the mark???
Today I want to tell u all a secret…
U know I always run from keeping romantic scenes….ya its true
I always think that how can one describe romance…but after reading many ffs… I m like…what the hell…his can they describe them so beautifully.
I m giving a try to put up romance in it….u all know na that I m good at expressing painful feeling…but this romance…urgh!!!…it is hell irritating
I was just praying that u all should not choose the third option…but…leave it…I will try my best
Plzzz do share ur views n suggestions… So that I can improve it
N vaishali…thanks a lot for ur filmy idea…I will surely use it in my Amritsar tour….
I hope that the length is okay…n my silver jubilee is coming… So I will give a longer episode??
N thanks a lot for ur beautiful comments…

Love u all?????????


  1. |Registered Member

    Di….eagerly waiting for ur silver jubilee. Gr8 epi di….loved it….kal kuch zyada hi bak bak kr diya tha…aaj nhi?

  2. Rashiverma2199


    |Registered Member

    Shatakshi dear the episode was fab…..loved it in every possible way….. Thanks for this train journey….. It’s gonna be a lot if fun….

  3. Vaishali

    Aaye haaye…what a cute epi…i was literally blushing while reading this…??
    Kunj is soo cute..??
    Thanks for liking my idea…
    Keep going girl..??

  4. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    Wooowwww…..Sattu ….what a romance ….soooo cute…
    Nd u lacking in romance scenes..hhhaaaaa…..kehna bhi mat as ur romantic scenes r much more than good …infact the best…
    Can’t wait for next one….love express…jaldi se post kro plzzz…I can’t wait …

  5. Saby


    |Registered Member

    shatakshi…. cute episode
    so cute… damn shocked with twinkle’s boldness…. wannna ride love express…. to adore twinj

  6. Ria


    |Registered Member

    Shatakshi, the romance was amazing. I think you’re having a misunderstanding that you can’t describe romance but, it’s not true. It was so romantic. The episode was amazing.. loved it to the core. Waiting for the next update.?

  7. Fan


    |Registered Member

    Shatakshi ur an awesome writer..u describe all emotions very beautifully including romance..todays epi was very beautifully written….keep up the good work…

  8. mansi

    hiii shatakshi, the epi was awsm . i read ur ffs daily and the romantic scenes were really awsm .
    eagerly waiting for your next update .

  9. Apoorwa


    |Registered Member

    it was wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow!!!!
    all episodes from 18 i mean 19 to 22 were awesome
    sorry for inconvinence in commenting

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.