I Love The Way U Lie…(22 Episode)



Twinkle composed herself n entered the mansion but to her surprise kunj was gathered by media all around…
Kunj saw her n said
“See here she comes…my fiancé… MISS TWINKLE TANEJA….correction…to be MRS. TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA” he said with is cheezy smile
Twinkle was glued on her place on hearing this..
She didn’t knew how to react in that situation but one thing she knew that its kunjs another trick to trap her worsen her life.
She put up an elastic smile on her lips becoz she didn’t want kunjs words to be proven wrong in front of the world…she stood beside kunj
“As u all know years ago we dated each other… But Miss Taneja is a practical girl….PRACTICALITY matters more than love in a relationship…right Twinkle” says Kunj stressing the word…there was anger in his voice
Twinkle all the time just faked smiles…n the media left to made up a big headline in tomorrow’s news
Twinkle was hell angry on kunj
“What was that??” she questioned crossing her arms
“What??” kunj replied innocently
“Kunj don’t try to be innocent… Just give me the answer” she says a bit louder
“I don’t find it necessary to answer u blo*dy questions “ he said rolling his eyes…sounding uninterested
“LIFE??…Ohh ya…ur life…but now u won’t be having any of it…becoz now u r just a puppet…I will play with u like u did with me years ago” kunj said pressing his teeth
“Its just a start Miss Twinkle… Ohh sorry sorry Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna…” he left the place after saying this
Twinkle was shattered listening his harsh words
But suddenly she thought something…whipped her tears n stormed towards kunjs room

Twinkle thinks , “kunj…now its enough…I have to tell u the truth…becoz this time our lives r at stake…the hatred within u is killing u each n every day”
She stormed towards kunjs room…n entered banging the door
“What the hell do u think of urself huh???…listen to me…no no today u have to listen the reason behi…” twinkwle was yelling all the time but stopped seeing kunj
The tears in his eyes…kunj immediately wiped those tears n composed himself…
Blood was gushing out from his right palm
“Kunj” twinkle whispered n ran towards him
“What is all this ??” she continued holding his palm
Within no time she brought the first aid box n started treating his hands…kunj all the time was staring her with teary eyes
His eyes were red but not due to anger…instead becoz of the pain which twinkle have him he years ago…his eyes were questioning twinkle for the deeds she did…
Twinkle bandaged his hand n saw him staring her
She immediately cupped his face
“Kunj please listen to me once…the reason behind my harsh words…its becoz at that time ur success was more important that our relationship… I wanted u to be a successful person…but u..we just engaged in me n my problems…I didn’t wanted this to happen so…” she says breaking down into tears…still cupping his face
Both looking at each other…
(Agar tum saath ho…plays
Tere nazro me hai tere saapne
Tere saapno me hai naarazi
Mujhe lagta hai ki baate dil ki
Hoti lafzo ki dhokebaaze
Tum saath ho…ya na ho…kya fark hai…
Bedard thi zindagi…
Bedard hai…Agar tum saath ho….). (Guys…I just love this part of the song…n that too of Arijit Singh??)
“N what is all this …ur hand” she says indicating towards his hand
“Tujhe dard dene ki saaza” says Kunj smiling…having teary eyes. ( The punishment to hurt u)
Listening this twinkle hugged him very tightly…n was crying hard… It was the tears of happiness….)
“Easy girl…don’t be excited..still we have time for marriage “ kunj says naughtily…rubbing her back n consoling
She broke the hug
“hmmm” says kunj
“I m so sorry…I know that I m a stupid girl…but please don’t even think of hurting itself n that too becoz of me…I know I have given u lots of pain but ple…” twinkle was saying innocently looking down but was interrupted
Kunj brought his lips with hers…but this time it was not due to anger
Twinkle reciprocated it with full passion…

(Ed Sheerens: Thinking out loud…plays
When my hands don’t work like they used to before
N I can’t sleep up of ur feet
Will ur mouth still remember the taste of my love
Will ur eyes still smiles from ur cheeks

And darling I will be loving u till 70
N baby my heart could still fall was hard at 23
And I m thing about how…people fall on love in mysterious way
Maybe just a touch of a hand….). (Guys do read this n feel… U may feel the same how I m feeling right now,)

They broke the kiss…n smiled looking towards each other

• • • •

Hellooo lovely ppl
So did u liked the episode???
N the patch up??
U know…first I thought to extend this track but as many of u told to bring twinj together so…
N yes did u liked the song???
Hey Sidmin… I really don’t know how to put up the dp without registering… Can anyone please help
N guys now I font have any idea about further episodes… Plzzz help
So here I m giving the options
• Again a trip…
•Twinj marriage
•Or small.non jhok n romance…
Now u all have to decide…all yours now…
N plzzz do comment n give ur suggestions fast so that tomorrow I can be on time with a new track…
N thanks a lot for ur wonderful comments…
Love u all????

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  1. Awsome fabulous Epi shatakshi??

  2. Kruti

    Hey shatakshi …lovely epi
    and I would like to see twinj mi nok-jhok and romance …it’s the cutest part of their relationship

  3. Sameera

    So cutee epi sattu ????

  4. Shats di….aap samajhte kya ho khud ko? Kya samajhte ho? Batao!
    Aap khud ko kya samajhte ho kya nahi wo mujhe nhi pata pr di main aapko ek true writer manti hu!?? Darane ke liye sorry….? Di….m blessed to have a sissie like u….kya episode hai!!! Just amazing….breathtakingly amazing! My fav songs….each of them is my fav….and di….this epi had anger, passion, pain, love….it was a blend of everything that’s a must in life….and for the opinion…..I guess I’ll go for the third one….nok jhok and romance….thoda humour bhi ho jaye….and di….patchup was jus brilliant….beautifully dunn. U showed that even on being away from our loved ones, we care for them….that we can’t live widout them….awesome! Loved each and every part of the episode. Eagerly waiting for the next epi di….love u loads….

  5. Awesome,superb……. loved it…..

  6. Wooow….Finally they are one again…..I like to suggest their small nok-jhok n Romance

  7. Ria

    Hey Shatakshi! The patch up was such a cute one. It was really unique. Coming to your question I’ll prefer twinj romance and nok jhoks..really missing it on screen.

  8. Awsme part small nok jhoks n romance

  9. Twinijnok-jhok n romance

  10. Finally patch up omgg
    LOVED it so much…..
    Do cont asap……

  11. SidMin

    Finally misunderstanding clear
    Waiting for the next episode
    Even i would prefer Twinj romance and nok johns thats what worth watching in tei which we miss badly

  12. Hve u written any other ff besides SO A LION FELL IN LOVE WITH A LAMB

    1. Shatakshi

      Hey zaku…I have written one ff…that was my first one
      Opposite attracts… Perfect two
      But stopped it as I was short of ideas…
      N I have written an os
      My share of ice cream…
      N thanks for reading

    2. I have read ur that. Os that was excellent and yeah
      plz post ASAP Nxt epi

  13. Sayeeda

    What a cute patch up…..soooo cute just like u Sattu…..
    Amazing ……..too good….
    I would go for their cute nok jhok nd romance ….
    Can’t wait for next …..nd that songs choice were awesome…. u know na I’m such a huge of Arijit Singh…. love him nd hannn u also ….love u

  14. Fan

    Yay finally twinj patch up…awesome epi dear…

    1. Fan

      Btw i suggest u to write nok-jhok n romance

  15. That was a surprise.. Twinj unite.. Was really a blasting episode.. Waiting for next episode eagerly

  16. Dreamer...arundhati

    Satakashi di muah.. Lovely
    I was waiting 4 the patch up from when.
    Just like u 4 such a cute, emotional patch up
    Di i would like 3rd option but again up 2 u
    Ctd soon di
    Luv u di

  17. Mitali

    Awesome yaar. Well for some days I didn’t read your ff because of busy schedule but I’m sure that I’m going to read all your episode. Di it was so superb outstanding fabulous fantastic. I’m speechless. I was tremendous

    1. Mitali

      It was tremendous

  18. Meeta

    These both songs are among my favourites.
    I love the epi.
    Continue writing.

  19. Sidmin(twinj)

    Hey shatz ty fr helping me… Patch up was very good… Twinj nok jhok and romance…

  20. Hey shatakshi…
    What an epi….such a cute patch up..and the kiss plus the song….very well done….well i have a suggestion ..well its typical bollywood types …u could write abt twi j going on a trip…where twinkle’s bussiness rivals follows her and try to harm her…or some psycho lover of twinkle trying to get ger…and our hero kunj saving her…( it may sound funny..but as i told its a typical bollywood style ?)

    Whatever u will write,m sure we all will love it and u will not disappoint the readers…

    God bless…

  21. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….Shatakshi all misunderstanding cleared ….#twinj reunite….loved the episode….

  22. wow shatakshi finally osm yr osm

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