I Love The Way U Lie…(21 Episode)


Before doctor could complete his words twinkle ran inside the room…
As soon twinkle entered the room she saw kunj sleeping…a sudden curve appeared on her lips
“U r a true rebel… I m liking it…no no In fact I m loving it…i told the doctor that u should not show ur filthy face to me but…” says Kunj still closing his eyes..
This made twinkle amazed…as she thought that he is sleeping
Now his harsh words doesn’t affect her… She is used to it
She didn’t utter any word…n started moving towards him
“Why did u save my life” she asked coldly n expressionlessly
To which he gave a faint laugh
“I told u that I won’t let u die soon…n I won’t leave this world without completing my revenge” Kunj says with in anger
“U r just a blo*dy jerk” twinkle says rolling her eyes
“If its for u…then of course I m a jerk or rather even worse than that”
Twinkle left the room with frustration…
She thinks, “ Everything is changed kunj…u our friendship n even our relationship
But twinkle u wanted this only na…so what’s wrong in it…
But I will miss all the moments we.shared together
The tantrums we throw
The arguments we share
The fun we celebrate
And the bond we bear….
Everything is missed a lot…
I love u kunj..till the last breath
But we r not destined to be one…. “ twinkle breakdown into tears n dig her head into her pillow laying on the bed…
All of a sudden her cell gave a beep…she got a message n within no time she composed herself n drove somewhere


Why is kunj calling me at Sarna Mansion???
But never mind…again some other plan, other way to hurt me…torture me
Whenever I remember that day…it seems like a nightmare


Kunj came running n entered twinkles cabin…he was breathing heavily
“Twinkle…twinkle listen to me…” kunj says in one breath
“What happened kunj???” twinkle asked completely blogged
“I left my job” says Kunj leaning his head down
This made twinkles eyes widen in amazement
“WHAT???Is everything okay” asked twinkle holding his shoulder
“That Mr Kapoor wanted me to gather ur secret notes n presentations which u have prepared for tomorrow’s event…I know that the event is very important for u n ur career so…” says kunj
Twinkle was shocked….she was not understanding how to react
Whether be happy for kunjs love n honestly…or be sad that he left his job n she is the reason behind his decision
Kunj was expecting so answer from her side but she didn’t utter a word n walked off the cabin

• • •
Kunj…how can I become a barrier in ur success???
U left ur fathers company n started ur work as a menial employ in other firm
I respected ur decision…n somewhere I was happy that u r struggling to make ur own identity
I always wanted u to be know by ur name…rather the son of Manohar Sarna or the boyfriend of Twinkle Taneja…
Media flashes our relationship all over… So u we getting much attention by other firm owners
It was not becoz of ur work but instead they found u a medium through which they can collect my company’s information…they used u as a weapon against…
So I have to take the decision…

° ° °
Tears rolling down from twinkles eyes
Now she reached the Mansion but didn’t have guts to enter
Still standing on the gate she thinks

That was really depressing to know that his work is been disturbed becoz of her
She directly went her house after leaving the office followed by kunj
Thousands if thoughts were moving in her mind
They reached home…
“Twinkle…wait…r u miffed with me??” asked kunj innocently holding her wrist
“Look I know that I m at fault…but what to do twinkle…he told me to cheat u…n that I can’t even imagine in my widest dream” kunj says
But twinkle said in a low tone, “leave my hand”
Kunj made a weird face
“I SAID LEAVE MY HAND DAMMIT” twinkle yelled pushing him away
Kunj was shocked with her words
“Just get lost…from my house n even my life…” she continued
Kunj stood there numb
“U can never achieve anything…u r just an impractical, immature, emotional fool… N yeah u r not even of my standard…I thought u can do something…but I was wrong” she said

“Kunj I hate u…u know what…I never loved u…just thought to dump the chocolate boy Mr Kunj Sarna… N see now I m successful in my plan…today I broke ur ego…u r a useless blo*dy aimless jerk” says twinkle harshly
“Twinkle look I know that its a joke…but please don’t do this to me…I love u to the core..please twinkle “ kunj says begging
“Listen…I don’t want this drama n all okay…I never loved u…n let me tell u that I have a better choice…atleast better than u” says twinkle pointing him from top to bottom
N she left the place leaving a shattered kunj behind
• • •

Twinkle composed herself n entered the mansion but to her surprise kunj was gathered by media all around…
Kunj saw her n said
“See here she comes…my fiancé… MISS TWINKLE TANEJA….correction…to be MRS. TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA” he said with is cheezy smile
Twinkle was glued on her place on hearing this..

• • • • •

Hellooo lovely ppl
So did u liked the episode???
N the truth, was it interesting???
I know the ending might be somewhat shocking…

So sorry laddoo…that the song made u cry n reminded ur past?
N sayeeda of course u can call me that….u know I have got 2 names on tu…first its sattu n other one is shafts…cool na??
N thanks a lot for ur lovely comments…
Love u all????

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  1. Luvd it to d core ? waiting for d nxt epi plzz do post it as soon as u can ❤

  2. Aawwwsome di…u r just so impressive… I LOVE THE WAY YOU WRITE..??????

  3. Rashiverma2199

    Shatakshi loved it…..awesome…..

  4. Ria

    It was superb.. loved it so much Shatakshi!?

  5. Nyc epi ……. eagerly wtng fr d nxt one ……

  6. Sayeeda

    Sattu….yr u made me cry ….the way u expressed Twinkle’s emotion nd her pain ; I could really sense through what phase she is going with …
    Feeling bad for her ….she sacrificed her love for Kunj’s success nd still she is bearing torture ….That’s what the power of true love …
    U made this power uplifted in ur ff…..amazing….loved it..
    Can’t wait for next one …excited to see Kunj’s new plan..

  7. Kruti

    Awesome shatakshi…and d way twinkle sacrificed her lI’ve for kunj’s future is just Tremendous

  8. Hi
    I m new here actually I m a silent reader . I read every epi of urs. its just awesome . But I have a request pls unite TWINJ again. Pls pls n never stop writing

  9. Waiting for next epi.

  10. Wooooow yaar…Amazing…Awesome…Fabulous episode…i m really enjoying sudden twist n turns

  11. That was just too good.. Episode..

  12. Sameera

    Ya sattu ita amazing fab cool??

  13. Srija

    it’s amazing
    how do u manage to write soo well every time
    well please unite twinj soon

  14. Amazing fab osmmmmmmmm
    Loved it so much…
    N even it ws sad too…..
    Bt neva mind osmm
    Do cont soon ………

  15. Sidmin(twinj)

    Superrrrrrrrrr se uparrrrrrr shatz… I hope u don’t mind me calling u shatz coz it’s very difficult to typ shatakshi a big name… Shatz I want a favor from u… Plz tell me how u use emojis in ur comments n how to keep dp…

    1. Shatakshi

      Hey Sidmin
      Of course u can call me shatz
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  17. Fan

    Finally the suspense is revealed…iam eagerly waiting for the next epi…plz post it soon…

  18. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome. ..what to say yaar…its just mindblowing…waiting for next episode. ..n the truth I loved it….it was really emotional. ..

  19. TBH it was really painful but the way u expressed them I felt the emotions and pain ur the best…hats off to u…love u…

  20. Sidmin(twinj)

    Hey shatz I got it tysm…love u???

  21. Sidmin(twinj)

    Shatz I don’t want to register…without registering is it possible to keep dp?

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    Shatakshi di a bigwala soorryy
    I didn’t commented on last 2 epi
    I was hell busy
    But anyway all the three epi were superb
    Loved it

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