I Love The Way U Lie…(20 Episode)


Hellooo lovely ppl
I m so so soooo sorry for the inconvenience…. This is a sudden twist….the ff has take a leap of 4years.n everything has changed…
My mistake was that the previous episode was my 18th epi but I wrote it as my 19th one…so don’t worry as u all have not missed any track
After kunjs result…this leap has been taken

Twinj accepted each other whole heartedly…everything was going smoothly but suddenly there arise a question of the difference between their standard as twinkle was a business woman n kunj was still unemployed… so Kunj decided to complete his studies…he studied day n night n as a result he passed his exams acquiring his degree…but in his achievement twinkle played an important role..
N from there my previous chapter I HATE YOU started with a leap of 4 years…everything is changed…what happened in these years that changed their love will be revealed shortly….
I hope all ur doubts r cleared
So let’s start my next chapter


The hall was entirely filled with various entrepreneurs n owners of different firms…the atmosphere of the room was rejuvenating…the party was in full swing…happiness surrounding each n every corner except one
He is still holding her arms giving her immense pain…tears gushing out but she is helpless…as somewhere she know that its becoz of her…the drastic change in him…everything she is the one responsible
She tried to shrug his hands many times but he gave a double faced look…the outer side showed the cunningness, cruelty, thirst to take the revenge…n what not
But deep within the feeling of pain , betrayal, breakdown of trust was all over surrounded him
She could sense those feelings but can’t help it…as this was the only thing she wanted…n yeah its happening
Suddenly he pulled her behind the pillar…hiding from the world
• • •
(Song plays in the BG… Guys do read it n feel:-
On the first page of our story
The future seemed so bright
Then this thing turned out so evil
I don’t know why I m still surprised
Even angels have their wicked schemes
N u take that to new extremes
But u will always be my hero
Even though u have lost ur mind
• • •
“KUNJ JUST LEAVE ME…I SAID JUST LEAVE ME DAMMIT” twinkle yells moaning in pain
All of a sudden he forced his lips on her…the bites were very painful but was unreacted by her
It was not a passionate one as they uses to be earlier…rather it was a way to expel all the pain within
Due to his intense action…the corner of her lips spilled a blood droplet…
One can imagine the intensity n the hatred filled in his heart towards her
All the time she just closed her eyes…
• • •
Just gonna stand there n watch me burn
But thats alright becoz I like the way it hurts
Just gonna stand there n hear me cry
But thats all right becoz
• • •
He broke the kiss….a furious twinkle was left
“Who the hell r u to hurt me huh…u cant hurt me physically” twinkle says pushing him hard
“Ohh really…wow twinkle so now I get it…u can hurt me mentally…not once…many times…” says kunj
“You know what???…I regret each n every second to love to…the biggest mistake of my life” he continued
All the time she was sobbing
“Twinkle I won’t make ur life hell…rather even worse than that…today I have taken away ur award now slowly n steadily I will grab all ur happiness…u just wait n watch my Ex Baby Doll” kunj says pressing his teeth…
He left the area n merged with the crowd
Her vision was completely blur due to her glassy eyes but she cleared it without coming in anyone’s notice…
The place was suffocating her so she decided to leave the venue…
Twinkle is found walking like a lifeless body.
A car is motioning towards her from front
But she was not in her senses n neither the driver honked
Now its high time n the car is about to reach when twinkle raised her head
No sooner did she see the car or rather say the driver her heart skipped a beat..
She didn’t closed her eyes in fear…a sense of belief all over her face
All of a sudden the car made a turn with a sudden jerk…right before when it was going to reach near twinkle
The car stopped but twinkle was smiling standing glued at her place
The driver got out of his car with amazement…
Now they both were at the middle of the road
“Kunj…see it was my trust that u will not do it but…” twinkle says with a different grace but is interrupted by kunj
“I won’t let u die so early twinkle” he says cunningly but suddenly he saw a something which made his eyes widen…within no time he pushed twinkle from the middle of the road
Twinkle fell on the ground…she was confused with his behaviour n looked back towards him…
She stood there numb…


Twinkle is sitting outside the OT n is in her deep thoughts
“Kunj I hate u…u know what…I never loved u…just thought to dump the chocolate boy Mr Kunj Sarna… N see now I m successful in my plan…” says twinkle harshly
“Twinkle look I know that its a joke…but please don’t do this to me…I love u to the core..please twinkle “ kunj says begging
“Listen…I don’t want this drama n all okay…I never loved u…n let me tell u that I have a better choice…atleast better than u” says twinkle pointing him from top to bottom
N she left the place leaving a shattered kunj behind
• • •
Her chain of thoughts came to an end as the doctor arrived
“Miss Taneja…Mr Sarna is out of danger now but…” says twinkle with a pause
• • • • •

Hellooo lovely ppl
So I hope everyone is clear with the track
I know it is my fault…SO SORRYYY
N thanks a lot for the support
Hey Ahira…I think u r not confused

Hey Vaishali thanks a lot dear for ur words…n sorry for the short update…but I promise next one will be longer as it would finally be my 20th episode..

N Ria don’t be sad…becoz twinj will unite…they have to…

Hey laddoo…omg we share same interest… Potterhead, directioner, swiftie, twinj n deepika lover n now he same song…wow…really I feel we r twins…hehe

N guys I will be keeping the same sequence number…n continue

Please answer a question… honestly:-
• Should I write POV or not
As some r liking n some r not…so I want ur opinion
Love u all

• ° • ° • ° • ° •

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  1. Di….I just wanted to say thankuu….I’ve wept after so many days….NO NO….m NOT blaming u…..actually when I weep, I feel much better and I wasn’t able to weep for so many days. After reading that song, I remembered the betrayal that i had faced….thanku di….just patch them up soon….superb epi….

  2. Rashiverma2199

    Awesome my dear Shatakshi…..loved it…..POV likh….its interesting to read…..I really like to read a little hatke stories and urs is one of them….. Really proud of u…..superb….

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    Sattu dear ( hope u don’t feel bad calling me with u like this) …..whole episode was full of curiosity to know what will happen next …..
    Amazing ….Kunj’s angry look is always killing in ur ff….loved it…
    Nd the song lyrics along with the situation was mind blowing..
    Yah dear plzzz write POV as it express the hidden feelings of one…

  8. Sidmin(twinj)

    Fab epi… Plz unite twinj soon…

  9. SidMin

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  13. Krystal_Krysiee

    hey sattu i know its wrong to ask uh bt plsss forgive me if i hurt uh actually i ridhi rosh crazy tara we all have a page on fb in which we write our ffs jst want to take permission from uh uh know i love ur writing plssss may i copy ur ff plsss see as uh r the owner so m asking this i will copy ur ff so a lion fell in love wid the lamb n of course i love the way uh lie plssss satakshi plssss

    1. Shatakshi

      U know I m damn hurt..??
      Just kidding babes…chill maar
      Shukra mana that I m not on fb…so u can take it…
      But Haa 1 condition… Saare compliments akele akele mat Lena…??
      N mere ff pe roz comment karna…he he
      Chalk Haa lele…
      N thanks for reading

      1. Krystal_Krysiee

        See m nt going to take the compliment coz saare ff writer admin h bt i will post it with ur name i mean uh will get the credit n thnxxx a lot

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    Hey Shatakshi! I loved the episode.. every love story goes through some struggles but, it’s alright. By the way, I dont have with POVs. I’m alright with it.

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    Awesome epi yaar…btw i dont have any problem pov..

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