I Love The Way U Lie…(19 Episode)



A vast room or rather say a huge hall…with cameras flashing all around
The entire hall is decorated very sophisticatedly…no bright shades…just white n lavender curtains with orchards all around
Though it was simple…but the vibes throughout the room was intense…
Seems like a press conference is going on…
At the centre of the stage…a man with a masculine built…fair tone , brown eyes, well set hairs with a curve at the front, a blazer with a perfect fit…seems like its made for him…a Daniel wellington watch on his wrist… N yes a one sided grin on his lips…A perfect gentleman

“Mr Kunj Sarna… As we all know that its ur first nomination in best CEO of the year..so how does it feel??” a question thrown by a reporter
“Well…u won’t understand.. So there is no need to answer” says Kunj with a sarcasm in his voice
This made the reporter furious, “How can u say that Mr Sarna??”
“Becoz I don’t have any feelings…as I m going to grab the award tonight” Kunj replied with confidence
“We should take ur words as ur confidence or over confidence” said another reporter immediately
“Its ur wish” Kunj says with a grin
“We have got many eligible candidates for this award…like Miss Twinkle Taneja…u can’t underestimate her…she has been taking off this award since past 4 consecutive years “
“I just wish her luck…but today she will have a tough time” says Kunj standing up n leaving the room along with his bodyguards
“Sir its time to leave for the venue” his secretary said who was sitting on the front seat of his sedan…
Kunj just gave a nod…but his mind was totally engrossed in some thoughts which brought a cunning smile on his face

Soon they reached Renaissance Hotel…the venue for the award function
After leaving all the crowd, media n questions behind…kunj made his seat
His eyes were stuck at one direction only…
As soon as his gaze met with her a one sided cunning smile was left out by him…today he had a different aura around him but it got brighten up at her sight…
She was preventing to look at him…but some or the other time…their gaze meet
It was all awkward or something more than that…
But still he was looking her with same crooked smile sipping his vine..
“Ladies n Gentlemen , may I have ur attention please…now finally its time to announce the most awaiting award of the year…so without wasting any time I feel honoured to announce The Best CEO of the Year…n it goes to MR KUNJ SARNA..a big round of applause” said the host
The entire room was filled with the clapping voices…except one corner…the same corner in which kunj was looking earlier
Kunj stood up from his seat n motioned towards the stage along with the clappings all around
He climbed the stage
“So Mr Sarna… Finally it belongs to u…but I must say within 4years u have reached great heights n that too with ur self hardwork…u had the chance to excel in ur fathers company but no…u choose to be individual…n the company suspense…please reveal it…we have been asking u many time but..” the host said but was interrupted by kunj
“Mr Singhania…please breath.” He says sarcastically making everyone laughter including Mr Singhania
“U will never change Mr Sarna “ says Mr Singhania giving a pat on kunjs shoulder playfully
“So as Mr Singhania was asking about my company’s suspense…so let me reveal it…so the suspense is the title of my firm- K&T Company…there were many rumours that it is my girlfriend n what not…but she is the only one behind my success…” saying this kunj got down from the stage…n moved towards the same girl..she started looking here n there awkwardly..
He bolded her hand n started moving towards the stage again…followed by her
“Mr Sarna why did u bring Miss Taneja with u” questioned the host
“She is behind my success…n the title states Kunj & Twinkle Company” he said looking at her…there was compete silence around the room
Suddenly kunj said, “Just kidding guys…take it easy”
His words bought a sudden sign of relief all around
But she was still looking towards the floor…becoz she knew the truth
“N the reason behind bring Miss Taneja on stage is that…finally I m going to take this award which earlier belong to her…so why not she give me this award…right Twi..Miss Taneja” says Kunj
Twinkle fakes a smile n presents the award to him
“Thank you” he says in a whisper leaning towards her…to which she gave a disguised look
“So now.its time to enjoy the party…so carry on” announced the host
Twinkle was feeling suffocated so she stood at the corner of the room..away from everyone..especially from him
She had tears in her eyes
Twinkle thinks, “I m sorry kunj…I m the only one responsible for ur such behavior… But I have to do…as years back our love became a barrier in ur success “
Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder…she whipped her tears n composed herself n turn to see the person
“Hey Bab..sorry sorry my Ex Baby Doll” says Kunj pulling her cheeks
All of a sudden twinkles face turned pale…but she managed to remain confident
On hearing his words…she rolled her eyes n gave an uninterested look
“U know twinkle…I LOVE…” say kunj holding her shoulder but paused
“I LOVE TO HATE YOU”he continued with a cunning smile on his face. (Tashan e ishq plays in the BG)
Twinkle was shattered on hearing this…but didn’t react as she was responsible for his such condition

• • •

Hellooo lovely ppl
So did u liked the episode???
I know u all r eager to know the suspense… But have to wait…
N yes there is a leap of 4 years…
N Tariqa…I hope it is not ur real name… Just kidding…but anyways thanks for the opinion…n sharing ur views… See I didn’t added ant POV in my episode as it is annoying u…thanks again
N yes guys from this episode there will not be any twinkle or kunjs POV in my ff as one of the reader is not liking it…
N so sorry for the worst episode….my previous one…
I got 10 comments on it…but nevermind…I won’t quit rather I will try to bring my episodes up to ur mark…
N thanks to all the 10 readers n all the silent readers for ur views
N hey guys next will be my 20th episode… Wow??…I will try my best to make it interesting
N yes if possible do hear Rihannas I LOVE THE WAY U LIE… part 2…I know many of u might be knowing it…as from next episode it will be my title track…
N risa the dp is for u…thanks for it??
Love u all..????

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  1. Omg. Shatakshi was there a twist in your fanfiction that I’m unaware of? I mean, this new side of kunj is very much s*xy with the grins and cunning smiles but what to do, he hate twinkle now? They broke up? Y? Maybe I should read bk the previous epi incase I missed something?

    1. Shatakshi

      Hey Ahira
      Don’t be worried as u didn’t missed any plot
      This is just a sudden twist…
      But by next episode everything will be cleared
      N sorry as I skipped the number 18th episode by mistakenly… Sorry

  2. Kruti

    Amazing ……the suspense is too much thrilling to handle…. Next one asap pls pls pls

  3. Meeta

    Hey Shatakshi
    I dint read d 18 episode.
    Please send me d link

    1. Shatakshi

      Hey meets
      I m so so sorry as it by mistakenly I skipped my 18th episode…I m sorry for the inconvenience

      1. Shatakshi

        But don’t worry…u haven’t missed any story…
        In next episode everything will be cleared

  4. Meeta

    Hey Shatakshi
    I dint read d 18 episode.
    Please send me d link
    If u can.

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    hey shatakshi ur ff is just fab and the last part was funny i love to hate u hahah 😛

  6. Awesome epi

  7. Joonakanksha

    Awesome dear
    But i love the way you write ?

  8. Hey Satakshi dear…howz u..
    Well we all love ur story..bt i have a request. Please try ti give longer updates if possible..
    And yes we love kunj’s and twinkle’s povs..dont remove them…its a request..

  9. Di….I wanna weep…milwa do dono ko jldi se….jhatpat….and for rihanna’s Love The Way You Lie part II….well….That’s my fav song….actually I’ve been through a breakup wid my frnd 3 months back….just FRND…..and I’ve been listening to that song since these 3 months…..so it just calms me down….and that’s the only reason why I started reading this ff….sorry for bak-baking so much di….and superb epi….

  10. Eagerly waiting for the suspense of hate to b revealed.. Episode was full too twist for me.. Just didn’t thought something like this to be happening here.. Simply awesome

  11. Amazing…..what a twist….
    The way u described kunj appearance was flawless..too good ….can’t wait for next one…

  12. Mind blowing episode…n Congratulations for the up coming 20 episodes…if u don’t mind can u plz clear my confusion regarding ur episode actually i m not getting today’s episode…will u plz help me

    1. Shatakshi

      Hey lama
      In today’s episode the ff took a leap of 4 years
      N previously we saw that kunj received his degree n is well qualified… To join the business
      N now suddenly something happened in this 4 years that everything changed
      That will be revealed soon
      I hope all ur doubts r clear

  13. Rashiverma2199

    Shatakshi dear this episode was just fab….mind blowing….. Really excited to read further….

  14. Crazy

    Kya u turn hai story mein

  15. Its nice.. But where is epi 18 ??

    1. Shatakshi

      Hey Amii
      Its just the mistake of numbering the episode…
      Sorry for the inconvenience

  16. Risa

    Thanks for using my suggestion as dp….. love u! 🙂

  17. Aha wht a u turn diii osmmmness ki height loved it
    Do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz
    Luv u…….

  18. Ria

    Feeling said because of their separation.. was eager to watch them together. But, it’s alright. At get end, twinj will unite.

  19. Fan

    Super epi..cant wait to know the suspense….congo in advance dear for completing 20 epi..


    un explainable

  21. omg shatakshi yeh kya ho gya bt yah u r nyc at rriting luvd it

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