Love is the way! Special episode (episode-63)

Hi guys it’s me Neethu! Today’s episode is a long one and filled with lots of drama. I think u all will like it. And please don’t forget to comment..

The episode starts with Suh going into Dadi’s room
Dadi is seen standing facing the other side
Dadi: Close the door..
Suh does the same
Dadi: So.. What have u decided?
Suh thinks and says
Suh: Please Dadi don’t do this to me…
Dadi(in a harsh tone): I just want to hear your decision!
Suh: But before that u should promise that u won’t harm Golu or Riya..
Dadi faces Suh and says
Dadi: I promise u..
Suh takes a deep breath. She tells her decision with tears rolling down her cheek and in a stammering tone
Suh: I…have..decided leave this house forever
Saying that she cries bitterly
Dadi smiles

Dadi: That’s a very good decision! And I must say that you’re child is very lucky to have a mother like u who is even ready to leave her family for saving her..
Suh looks at Dadi with a helpless look
Suh(angrily): U are not doing right Dadi! And one day definitely u will realise your mistake..
Dadi: I don’t care..U can scold me today to your heart’s content as you’re leaving
Suh(still crying): But when should I go? And tomorrow is the operation..
Dadi: Don’t worry about that..You’re not going tomorrow
Suh gets a bit relieved hearing that she can spend another day with the family
Dadi: Don’t get too happy. Let me finish…. But instead you’re going to leave from here this very minute.
Suh gets shocked as she never thought Dadi would say that
Suh: But Yuvi..
Dadi: Let him think that his wife has left him..
Suh cries.
Dadi: OK now leave there’s no time for crying.. I’ll give u money and one more thing don’t stay in India..I’ll arrange flight ticket for u to go to Europe. One day u can stay at the farm house. Here take these keys,.
Suh takes it hesitantly. Suddenly they hear something falling down outside the room. Suh & Dadi rushes out to see no one there but a showpiece was broken
Dadi: Who was here?
They see a rat there
Dadi: It’s good that nobody saw us…Now hurry up
Suh goes to her room and looks at Yuvi sleeping and gets emotional.
Suh(thinking): I’m so sorry Yuvraj.. But I can’t stay here(she cries& and kisses his hands) I’m doing this only for our daughter. If fate allows we’ll meet someday…
She opens the cupboard and packs her things with tears rolling down her cheeks and takes an album with all the pics of Yuvi and her beautiful moments right from college along with Ishra. She touches the pics and goes back to those happy days.

Meanwhile at Ishra’s room( Both are at Birla house)
Ishu is not able to sleep thinking that Suh is hiding something from her
Raman: Ishita please turn off the lights I’m not able to sleep!
Ishu: OK..Raman..
Raman: What??
Ishu: Shall I go to Suhani’s room once and come?
Raman: Are u out of your mind? It’s 1am in the morning and you’re gonna disturb her now..
Ishu: If my instincts are correct then Suh is in some trouble..
Raman: Whatever.. I’m sleepy and u dare not go to her room now!
Ishu breathes out heavily
Ishu(thinking): I should go and check once if she’s asleep..
Ishu was about to go when Raman holds her
Raman: Why don’t u understand madrasan?
@YuvAni’s room
Suhani looks at Yuvi for the last time and leaves out of the room with a sorrowful face
She opens the main door slowly without making any squeaking sound. She turns back and looks into the house and cries

@ Ishra’s room
Ishu: Please Raman leave me! Or else u too come along..
Raman: U won’t let anybody sleep also!!
Ishu: Come na..
She drags him
Suh wipes her tears and thinks Thank you for all the love you all have given me.. But I should leave from here if not Golu would be..
Saying that she lifts her bag and is about to step out of the house ,crying but she suddenly feels somebody grabbing her arms tightly
Her breath stops for a second. She starts getting nervous and slowly turns to see who was holding her hands..And she gets shell shocked to see that it was none other than Yuvraj! Yuvi had anger, sympathy and all mixed feelings on his face.
Suh didn’t have the courage even to speak a word and also she couldn’t even look into his eyes because she felt very guilty for what she was about to do. Yuvi suddenly asked in an angry tone
Yuvi: What the hell were u doing??
Suh was blown out by that question and didn’t know what to answer
Yuvi(angrily&in a loud voice): First look at me!
Suh looks at him, breathing in a faster pace. Ishra comes downstairs and turns on the light of the living room. They too get shocked at the sight.
Ishu: Suhani where were u going packing your stuff?!
Suh bursts into tears
Yuvi(still angry): Stop crying! I know everything

Suh looks up at him
Suh(stammering tone): What…do u mean?
Yuvi: U don’t talk anything to me! I want to get the answer from the right person!
Hearing Yuvi’s loud voice all the others come rushing and they too get shocked on looking at the scene
Bhavna: Suhani kaha ja rahi ho tum?
Dadi also comes there and gets much shocked to see that. Suhani stares at her.
Yuvi also looks at Dadi angrily and goes to her
Rags, Bhavna, Menka,Ishu & Pratima asks Suh to explain what has happened
Suh: It’s all because of only one person! (She says pointing towards Dadi)
Rags: Dadi??
Menka: What did she do?

Meanwhile Yuvi comes face to face with Dadi .He gives a deadly stare at her. All the others are confused not knowing what had happened.
Yuvi(fiercely): What was the need of doing this??
Dadi gulps down her saliva not knowing how to handle the crucial situation
Yuvi: Speak up!!
Dadi: I…I didn’t do anything.. (Gains some confidence to speak) Your wife is lying and what would I do?
Yuvi(in disgust): (he starts clapping and says) Wow Dadi excellent!! U played the game wonderfully
Dadi: What are u talking about?
Yuvi: U r such a great actor too! I mean u blackmailed Suhani and forced her to abort the child and since she wouldn’t agree to this u made her leave this house just because she is carrying a girl child!!
All gets astonished to hear about Dadi’s true colours
Pratima: What are u saying Yuvraj? Why would Maa ji do this?
Suh: He is right ma..This woman didn’t want to bend before the society because of a girl child..
Yuvi: Exactly! But unfortunately u lost the game..(loudly) It’s all over Dadi!
Dadi: But beta listen to me ….I did this for your good
Yuvi: Oh just stop bluffing! U were so cruel to send away Suh alone out of India in this state..How could u?

Suh gets shocked to know that Yuvi knows the entire truth
Saurab: What? Out of India?
Yuvi: Yes, because this woman thought that I shouldn’t get a chance to see my child ever in my life..
Pratima cries and comes near Dadi
Pratima: Is everything what he said was true?
Dadi nods in embarrassment
Pratima: Even after being a woman u didn’t respect a mother’s feelings ..And what did that small unborn child do to u?? U are very shameless..
Dadi(angrily): Pratima!
Pratima: U have lost the rights to raise your voice..
Dadi gets shocked at this reply
Raman: Ishu told me that something wasn’t right with Suh.. But she took me here and we saw Suh going..
Ishu: But did Suh tell u Yuvi?
Yuvi once looks at Suh and tells
Yuvi: She tried to tell this to me several times but I couldn’t hear anything against Chandra Kala Birla so she took advantage of the fact that nobody would believe in Suh and planned the whole thing!!
Suh: How did u know that I was going today?
Yuvi tells her how he had a doubt that something was wrong when he saw her often with Dadi and her weird behavior.
Yuvi: And so I decided to keep a watch on u and before sometime u were going to her room assuming that I was asleep but I wasn’t! I saw u going! And heard every bit of your conversation!!

Suh& Dadi gets shocked
Saurab: And Dadi we too have a girl child what about her??
Dadi: U came here after many years so I didn’t want to worsen the situation..
Rags: How can u be so heartless Dadi? Saurab now i too feel unsafe here..
All look on
Yuvi comes to Suh
Yuvi: U could have called me at least when u go..
Suh: I didn’t have the courage to tell u since she also told me if I tell u anything then Golu would be kidnapped(saying that she looks at her di)
Bhavna&Sharad gets astounded to hear that
Bhavna: So u didn’t like anybody in this house..
Yuvi: Whatever.. But I’ve decided something (he turns towards Suh) U have decided to go leaving BH right? Then please carry on..
All get shocked to hear Yuvi’s words

Suh: But..I was forced to go..
Yuvi heads to his room and locks the door without listening to anybody
Bhavna: Yuvi please..You’ve to support Suh in this state but u are..(she cries hugging Suh)
Suh: Now maybe he too thinks that I should leave..(she cries harder)
All the boys bang on Yuvi’s door and tries to make him understand but he does not respond to anything
After some time the door opens. All get relieved to see Yuvi but everybody suddenly notices him holding a bag
Anuj: Now where are u going?
Without responding to anyone he approaches Suh and holds her and starts leaving from there
Suh: What are u doing? Leave me!
Yuvi: I won’t ! We are leaving this house..
All get shocked at this

Raman: Yuvraj don’t take the wrong decisions in anger..
Ishu: Yes Yuvi please..
Pratima: Beta don’t go leaving your mom..
Yuvi cups Pratima’s face
Yuvi: U can meet us anytime.. But now I’ve to leave for my wife’s security..
Anuj: Yuvi if someone should leave then it isn’t u it’s Dadi!!
Dadi starts crying
Yuvi: Don’t stop me! This is my final decision
Suh: Now u got to know the truth right? Then what’s the need for this…
Yuvi: Wow Suhani! U forgave her so soon? Then let me make something very clear to u..I’m not a mahaan like u..So just come along
Sharad: Yuvraj is right. Who knows if Dadi will again try and harm Suhani
Dadi: Please Yuvraj beta forgive me..I won’t do anything after this..
Yuvi doesn’t pay heed to Dadi instead he drags Suh along with him and takes her out of BH
Pratima: I feel very bad..But I can’t take any risk regarding my grand daughter& Bahu..U both may go(she cries)
Raman: But where will u go at this time?
Yuvi: I’ve thought of a place and will inform it to u all later..
Suh hugs Pratima, Bhavna, Rags,Ishu&Menka and leaves from there with Yuvi in his vintage car
Suh sits besides Yuvi and does not talk to him
Yuvi: I’m really very sorry for not believing u..
Suh: It’s OK Yuvraj.. But why were u so arrogant in leaving the house? We could’ve sort out the problem
Yuvi: Oh please I won’t forgive that woman so easily.. After all she wanted to harm my child..
They argue over the matter
Suh: U are so stubborn! I won’t talk to u..But tell me were are we going
Yuvi: You’ll see..

Later there was total silence between them.
Suh looks at the moon which she felt was following her all the way and then falls asleep
Yuvi brings the car to a halt(the place isn’t shown)
Yuvi: Suhani wake up..We’ve reached.
Suh gently opens her eyes and she looks around and recognises the place
Suh: This place??
Yuvi: Yes..I know u got the farm house keys. (FB shows Dadi giving Suh the keys and asking her to stay there for one night)
Suh: So u saw it all?
Yuvi: Yes..
Suh: But I’m still angry with u for leaving the house..
Yuvi: I don’t care..
He gets up from his seat and opens the door at Suh’s side. Yuvi holds her hand and waist and helps her get up. She stares at Yuvi once.Suh gives the keys to Yuvi and he opens the door. It is pitch darkness inside. Yuvi manages to turn on the lights but the house was quiet untidy &dusty. Yuvi sneezes as he is allergic to dust.
Yuvi: Suhani we will sleep in that room as that is a bit clean..Haachn! U wait here I’ll go to the washroom and come. Suh takes a broom and starts cleaning the room with difficulty as Yuvi has problem with dust. He comes out and gets angry on seeing Suh sweeping.
Yuvi (goes near Suh): Why are u doing this?
Suh: U will not be able to sleep with all this dust..
Yuvi: It’s OK I’ll manage but u don’t do this..
Suh(still sweeping): Whatever was your decision..U are always my husband and it’s my duty to take care if u..
Yuvi gets relieved to hear those words from her as he thought she had forgiven him for leaving BH. He hugs her from behind.
Yuvi: I’m very sorry for everything Suhani! I can’t leave your life in danger by staying there.. Everything happened in front of my eyes even then I couldn’t see anything..(he cries)
Suh stops her work and turns towards him
Suh cups his face and says, It’s fine Yuvraj.. Don’t feel guilty for this. I’m lucky to have u in my life as u stood by my side in every tough situations and even today u did the same..But leaving the house was not right. The whole family supported me except Dadi..What about them? U didn’t think of ma even once..
Yuvi cries and says, I didn’t know what else to do but leaving u there wasn’t right.. And please don’t force me to go back..
Suh looks on

No precap

How was this episode guys? Hope u all liked it. I request everybody to comment today. Keep reading this ff!

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  1. Nice continue

    1. Neethu

      Thank u Nisa!!


    This was such a dramatic and superb episode! I loved every second of it!!! You are brilliant Neethu ☺

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      Thank u very much AYUSHI!!

  4. Neethu…u nailed today’s epi… It’s just fantastic, the best of it was yuvi supporting suhani. Really really really liked how everyone got against dadi after knowing her truth especially yuvi… I really was hoping to see something similar to today’s epi in your ff in the serial. But sadly the Cvs doesn’t have any ideas on how to grab audience’s attention that’s why they showed suhani and sambhav’s marriage. I really wish they’d read your ff… hopefully then they would get some ideas. Anyways please update the next episode asap???????

    1. Neethu

      Thank u sooooo much for your words of appreciation Sanaa!
      I’ll update the next one soon..

  5. Aqsxxh

    Amazing Neethu! Ur ff is very special as it was one of the first for SSEL, I am soo proud that u have past the 50 mark and Dadi’s true colours have got exposed! I love it! neethu, you kept this FF going strong, and all of us enjoy this FF throughly Ty for such a beautiful FF

    1. Neethu

      THANK U Aqsxxh! I also hate Dadi’s character on the serial so much that’s why I showed her getting exposed here..

  6. Ruksy

    wow amazing just so superb this episode was so amazing even words cant describe it

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      I’m so happy as u liked it Ruksy! I’ll try and maintain this throughout the ff..

  7. Nithu

    You nailed it neethu it’s awsm dr lovely …perfection to the heights lived ir

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  8. A fantastic one.. Really amazing.. It’s good to see yuvraj supporting suhani.. Too good episode.. ???????????????????????????????????????????????

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      I’m honoured to get such compliments from u Farhat! Stay tuned to this ff..

  9. nice episode with emotional lines i like it… waiting for next update.

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  10. Nice one

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      Thank u so much Lekha! Keep reading..

  11. its reallt nice and emotions today.. every woman wants a caring husband lik yuvi…love him lot today!!

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  12. woww nice episode…

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      Thank you Chery! I think u are commenting for the first time in my ff..Keep supporting

  13. Shilpa-Saraj

    Oh my god neethu sis.. U are the best.. The part where dadi tells suhani to leave tge house immediately.. I felt like killing dat lady… .. And then the scene in yuvani bedroom.. Where she kisses yuvis hand… I was having tears rollimg down my cheeks… The moment she was leaving the house.. I was crying harder.. And at last when yuvi comes as ahero.. Aww… Loved it.. We never got such a scene in the real show.. And yuvi supporting suhani and not forgiving dadi…. Just nailed it.. And finalyy they got some private space.. Hope they have some xtra romantic time here… Anyways.. Sis.. Who have nailed it.. I should discover some new words to describe it.. Keep going.. Luv u.. Umwaahh…

    1. Neethu

      Thank u soooooooo much Shilpa dear!! Your comment means a lot! I’m too happy as u liked the episode throughout. I’ll try and give more such episodes..

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