LOVE in the way of REVENGE {Introduction and Chappy 1}

So guys Anushey, Zuha, Rafaya are back with a Fan Fiction based on Twinj aka Twinkle and Kunj from Tashan e Ishq.

So we hope that you enjoy this Fan Fiction of ours as it contributes a lot of effort by each individual!

So let us begin with the Introduction…
Twinkle Taneja: A very sophisticated person and sticks to herself, wants to avenge Sarna’s for what they did to her mother. An emotionless creature with no one to talk to. Is a surgeon and her life’s motive is to avenge the death of her mother.

Kunj Sarna: A happy-go-lucky guy. Only son of Manohar Sarna. Cheif surgeon of the hospital, after the death of Manohar Sarna. The most coolest and dashing guy of the departement, all girs drool over him but he is least bothered about it.

Mahi Khanna: She is working in the same departement as of Kunj and Twinkle. Has a boyfriend named Yuvraaj aka Yuvi.

Yuvraaj Luthra: A care-free guy. Also a surgeon. Best friend to Kunj and loves his girlfriend Mahi to eternity. Sweet boy with a flirty attitude.

Manohar Sarna:Character died…As the story will unfold u will get to know a lot about his character so we are keeping it a mystery 😉

Leela Taneja:Character dies…As the story unfolds u will get to know more 🙂

Chappy – 1

That day is still etched in my mind when I was sitting on the hospital bench, praying for the operation to be successful, when a nurse approached me and the surgeons left the OT with their face puffed up and red. My face turned white as the nurse sadly moved her head left to right and back and then left. I stood up in disbelief, my eyes were full of tears, I then fell back on the bench, I had heard that this was all the head Manohar Sarna’s fault. He did the operation wrong by cutting the wrong artery.


Since then I had planned to get revenge. And now I am standing outside the same hospital, 10 years later as a surgeon. It will be easier to get revenge from Sarna’s this way.
As I entered the hospital, a young lady with, black eyes and chocolate brown hair, wearing a neon pink dress approached me. She looked a real life barbie doll, though she had glasses on!

“Hi! I am Mahi. And you must be Twinkle, right?” she said.

“Yes!” I replied.

“Well I…” she was interrupted as a strong build, tall man came to her and hugged her from behind, resting his head on her shoulder.
“Yuvi, what are you doing?!” she said as she turned apple red.

He looked up to me and said, “Sorry not to introduce myself, I am Yuvraaj Luthra, and my friends call me Yuvi!” he said smilingly as he winked Mahi, who was still blushing like anything, he left from their as he was called for an emergency.

“Really sorry about that. As I was saying, you will be working in ny departement, Yuvi is also a surgeon you know plus my BF!” she said squeling, “The most coolest and handsome here is Kunj Sarna!” she ended, but my eyes popped up hearing SARNA.

“And he will be?” I asked although I knew about him.

“He is the son of Manohar Sarna the previous cheif surgeon, but as he died 4 months ago Kunj took over his place.”

He is the one I will be taking revenge from.

As the elevator/lift was closing a tall man in a white surgeon coat, the one like mine entered in.

“You will be Twinkle .. the newby ..right?” he asked.

Avoiding my eye contact I said”Yes! And you will be…” I was interrupted. As he said Kunj SARNA I shot my eyes at him. No doubt he is handsome … Wait Twinkle, what are u thinking. I just brushed off my thoughts.
How long does this lift will take. As I thought something slipped out of Kunj’s hand, it was his Identity Card, I picked it up. All this while he was busy on his phone, and we were avoiding eye-contact with each other, I was about to give him the card back but just then …. The door of the elevator opened and he left…I just looked at his ID card and glared the wordings, “S/O Manohar Sarna” A drop of tear fell from my eye falling on my hand making me out of my thoughts, I looked at the tear closely and remembered that dreadful incident. I am not weak, I am Twinkle Taneja, I have to be strong to avenge those who made my life a horrible nightmare. I just wiped my tears with a determined face, I stepped out of the elevator. As I reached outside towards the reception, I found Yuvraaj and Mahi romancing at a corner, I smiled looking at them. Moving towards the receptionist I asked, “Dr.Sarna’s cabin?”

The reply I got was, “1st floor, 5th cabin, room no. ‘1060’ left side.” I passed a faint smile to the receptionist and walked towards the stairs. I walked wondering, dazed in my thoughts, thinking of the destroyal of the Sarna’s, I reached my destination, room no. “1060”, I slowly opened the door making a squeling noise, I peeped in wondering is anyone there but there was no one. I gradually walked inside, I was looking here and there in search of his glimpse, but as I turned I was shocked to find a big frame, hanging on the wall, thay picture pearced my heart, making me feel as to burst into tears. Looking at the picture I murmered, “Manohar Sarna‼” my eyes were filled with vengenance and my blood was boiling in anger, I looked at the picture revengefully, when I noticed a reflection on the frame … Yes it was Kunj‼

“Excuse me!” I heard him saying. I turned and his gaze fell upon me, “What are you doing here?” he asked.

I sternly looked at him in anger and in temper shouted, “Aap se matlab‼”

He looked at me confused, when I realized that reality is something else. I just excused myself and continued saying sorry, “Sorry .. just that I was wondering about you and reached here!”

He looked upon and said, “Ugghmmmm…Okay! By the way, why are u here?”

“Voh..nothing! Your Id card…” I said waving the ID card in front of him, he looked at it with a faint smile, taking it from me saying, “Thanks!”

I thought with a smirk, “Thank, how much you want to, you will be destroyed in a few days!!”

So how was it? We hope you all enjoyed and were not bored. Do comment!

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  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous interesting……eagerly waiting for next part….

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