love is the way of life (part 6)


Heyyyy friendsss…I m so sorry for giving u late updates…I know you will be waiting for this ff but as I was little bit busy so unable to post it…ok coming to the story…

Abhi turns back and gets shocked seeing pragya. she stares at him with at most anger. He don’t understand how to cover. She comes near him.
Abhi: pragya…i…i… Pragya: not pragya!!! aishwarya!!!

Paridhi and abhi get confused and look at each other. Then abhi observes aishu and understands that its aishwarya.

Abhi: oh sorry!!! Aishu. Aishu: what sorry? Don’t talk with me. You are a big liar.

Abhi: what I did yar? Why are you calling me liar? Aishu: just recall once what you said? U said you are so busy but what are you doing here?

Abhi remembers about the last night call and bits his tongue as if she comes to know that he lied. Abhi: actually…aishu…I was busy only but…

Aishu: don’t try to cover up ur lies abhi. I know you intentionally lied to me. I thought you are treating me as ur friend but I m wrong.

Abhi: aishu first listen to me yar actually I was busy today but my work got canceled so I thought to call u now but you came here meanwhile.

Aishu says really? Abhi says trust me yar and without knowing ur using big words. What is this yar? Paridhi smiles at abhi’s action.

Aishu says I m sorry abhi. Plz forgive me. Come let’s go now. Abhi says now?? She says yes and holds his hand. She grabs him from there.

Paridhi thinks abhi is over now but how to help for abhi’s love. Pragya is very calm going girl how will she take it if she comes to know about abhi’s love whatever I should unite them.

Other side, aishu takes him to restaurant and orders all her favorite dishes. Abhi makes his eyes wide and looks at all dishes. She serves him.

Abhi says what are all these dishes aishu? I think i need another 5 persons help to complete my plate.

Aishu says what? Can’t u eat this much also? Abhi says what yar? U almost ordered all the dishes in this restaurant and again u are asking me like this.

Aishu says very funny don’t waste anything just finish all the dishes and be strong like me. abhi laughs at once and says are you strong?

Aishu says what? Abhi says look at yourself in mirror once. He again smiles. She says abhi! Stop it don’t comment my size. Abhi is about to say further in between she feeds food in his mouth.

Abhi after eating that says what yar aishu! After seeing this plate even I m not feeling hungry so leave me. aishu says u know what abhi these dishes are very special for me because all are my sis favorite dishes.

Abhi says what? Aishu says yes she loves all of them. Abhi starts eating all of them and completes. Aishu is surprised to see him. She says u said u need 5 persons then how did u complete all of them?

Abhi says u brought me here and served me everything with affection na so I completed everything. Aishu says acha! Ok then now I will order my favorite dishes eat them too.

He says no!!!!! Not anymore and runs from there. She smiles at his actions.

Its night,
Abhi roams in his room and thinks what kind of a girl is this aishu? She took pragya’s name and made me eat all the dishes. Now my stomach is heavy and even I can’t walk.

Paridhi calls him. He attempts her call and says ha paridhi! Tell me. paridhi says what happened abhi? Why are you like that?

Abhi says aishu is there na to do something. Leave about that tell me why did you call? Paridhi says tomorrow there is blood donation camp in hospital. You attend and donate blood.

Abhi says what yar u called to tell this? I thought you will tell about pragya. she says even I called for that only. Listen to me completely if u donates your blood pragya will see that and gets impressed then she will love u.

Abhi says yes that a very good idea! I will come there tomorrow and cuts the call. He thinks now see miss.Pragya how I’m going to impress u.

Its morning
Abhi gets ready and leaves to hospital. He reaches hospital and searches for pragya. paridhi comes to him and says hey abhi! Pragya is there. He stares at her and smiles.

He goes to her and says hai pragya!! She turns back and says hey abhi the rock star. What are you doing here? He says I came here to donate blood.

Pragya asks what u?? abhi nods. Pragya says but ur a star so what’s the need? Abhi says before star I m a human being so I think it’s enough to give blood. She gets impressed by his words but stays normal.

She makes him rest on blood and inserts needle. She sits near him. He stares at her lovingly. After that he gets down. she says ok thank u so much abhi.

He says ok and about to coffee but turns back and says pragya? she turns back and asks what abhi? He says coffee!!! She smiles and says ok sure. They both leave to coffee.

In coffee shop
Abhi: so tell me about you pragya?
Pragya: actually I don’t talk much abhi. I came here 8yrs before from then I used to stay alone here. Later I met paridhi and we both had good time here so i will share everything and she only knows about me very well.
Abhi: ok pragya. Actually I called you here to tell something.
Pragya: what is that abhi?
Abhi: I don’t know how to express and even don’t have idea that how u will receive.
Pragya: no worries abhi. I’m always cool so you can say anything without worrying.

Abhi stands up. Pragya too stands in confusion. He takes rose from the vase and kneels down. He says when I saw you for the first time my heart said u are the one I m waiting for all these days. When you touched me for the first time I felt like I need your hand to hold my hand lifelong. And after dancing with you I understood that we are made for each other. So I wanted you to be always beside me as my wife. I love u pragya!!!

Pragya gets shocked at his words. He says if you also love me come to the same church in white dress tomorrow morning. I’ll be waiting for you there. She leaves.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…I wish u guyzz don’t feel any kind of bore or drag…a big big thank u to each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…I m really happy at ur response so always support me like this..plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers…just leave a comment if u feel worth even it’s a single word it means a lot for me…byeee guyzzz…

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