love is the way of life (part 5)


Haiii friends….thank u so much for your continuous support…I didn’t think that I will write this ff but after seeing ur sweet comments I posted this ff again. I m extremely sorry guyzzz I was little busy so I m updating this ff and my other ff late…I know some guyzz don’t like my ff that’s ok but I request them not to read my ff or keep any comment as I don’t want to decrease my standard replying to their comments…

Abhi reaches to church. He sees a crowd having prayers and searches for aishu. He looks everywhere. He feels bad as he didn’t find her anywhere but suddenly a girl comes and sits beside him.

He moves his head and stares at her. it’s pragya. He continuously stares at her without talking a single word. At once she looks at him. He comes out of his thoughts.

Abhi: hello!
Pragya: hai!
Abhi: I came here to meet you as you said you’ll come to church na
Pragya gets confused and thinks may be aishu said. She says ok.
Abhi: what happened to u? are you alright?
Pragya: why are you asking like that?
Abhi thinks what happened to this aishu? Why is she talking like this?
Abhi comes out of his thoughts and says nothing! I just felt your health is not good that’s why I asked you like that
Pragya: ok. How is your injury now?
Abhi confirms himself that she only treated him. He says everything is fine now. They both will have some decent talk.
Later pragya asks him to attend evening party. Abhi agrees and leaves from there.

Its evening
Aishu wears a red long frock and pragya wears a long black frock. Priya sees her daughters and hugs them.

Party begins. Abhi wears black suit and comes to party with payal. paridhi sees and comes to him.

Paridhi says hello abhi sir! How are you? He says fine. Paridhi says I m really happy that you attended this party.

Abhi says when someone special invites me then I’ll surely attend. Ok where is aishu?

Paridhi points her finger in one direction. Abhi sees her and mesmerized by her beauty. He goes to her and says hey aishu!

She sees him and says hai abhi! I’m waiting for you only meanwhile you came. He says wow! That’s great. I wanted to tell you something.

She asks him what? He says you are looking beautiful in this dress. She smiles and thanks him.

Abhi asks ok tell me why did you arrange this party? Aishu tells him the purpose of party.

Abhi asks her ok then introduce your sister to me I want to see her. aishu smiles.

He asks her hey aishu! Why are you smiling like that? She says if you see me then no need of seeing my sister.

Abhi gets confused and asks what? Aishu says wait! I’ll introduce my sister then you will understand.

She looks around and sees pragya talking with someone. She calls di! abhi looks in the direction where aishu called prags.

At once prags turns back and sees them. Abhi gets shocked seeing prags. He says you mean both are twins?

She smiles and says ha we both are twins. Abhi gets confused. Prags comes to them. She forwards her hand and says hai abhi!

Abhi in return forwards his hand. He feels the same when she touched him in hospital. He then understands that he loves prags but not aishu.

But to clarify his doubt he asks her how is your friend and her husband? Prags asks him who?

Abhi clearly mentions about them. Prags remembers and says oh! They are absolutely fine. Aishu gets confused and asks di! who are they?

Abhi is now sure that its prags only he loves. He feels happy and stares at her only. Later he greets priya.

All the guests who attend to the party dance with their partners. Aishu forwards her hand to abhi. He distances with her but his concentration is only at pragya so he goes to her and forwards his hand.

She gives her hand both of them share a romantic dance. At once prags is about to slip but abhi holds her waist. They both share an eye lock. Aishu sees them and feels bad.

Its night
Abhi thinks about prags and their romantic dance. But suddenly he seriously thinks what if I don’t attend to this party? I would have done a big mistake whatever god saved me but how to confess her and make her understand my feeling? I will ask payal no no its waste of time she is innocent. Let me handle this on my own. I will go to her hospital tomorrow.

Aishu calls abhi. He attempts her call and says hey aishu! What’s up? She says ha abhi! I m really bored so I want to go outing tomorrow.

Abhi: what about your sister?
Aishu: u know na she is a doctor so she can’t come.
Abhi: actually aishu I have some work tomorrow so let’s go on day after tomorrow.
She says ok and cuts the call.

Its morning
Abhi goes to hospital. He searches for pragya in her cabin but didn’t find her. he goes to patient’s ward and finds her there. He thinks to go near her but stops himself as he doesn’t have any reason so watches her from distance.

Someone places their hand on abhi’s shoulder. Abhi gets tensed and turns back. He turns back and finds it paridhi.
Paridhi: hey rockstar! What are you doing here?
Abhi: nothing.
Paridhi: don’t lie tell me why you came here?
Abhi: i…i…
Paridhi: for prags???
Abhi: no no nothing like that.
Paridhi: ha ha it doesn’t look good if a rockstar lie to her fan.
Abhi: no yar trust me.
Paridhi: you know what I m observing you since first day so don’t try to lie.
Abhi: ok yar I love pragya from the first day I saw her.
Paridhi smiles and says I know this but I wanted to hear it from u. ok don’t worry I’ll help u.
Paridhi smile fades and gets shocked. Abhi observes her and asks what happened? Why are you shocked?
She points her finger. He turns and sees pragya there. He is also shocked. Pragya stares angrily at them.

angel (prav) I know you will always there for me to support in any situation. I even don’t know what to say but I m happy with the love you shower on me. Love you darling…

and my special thanks to my friends suha, sandhya and loli…I m really happy after seeing your comments. So sweet of u…

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