love is the way of life (part 4)


Haiiii friendsss…thanqqq so much for ur comments but still I m feeling like some of u are not interested in this ff…just share your opinions openly guyzz…ok coming to the story…

Aishu goes to her house. Prags sees her and feels so happy. She hugs her and says I love u so much aishu but missed u a lot.

Aishu says oh di! Even I missed u. I used to feel very bad in ur absence so before coming to Milan I bought to small gift. Pragya asks what?

Aishu gifts her imported watch. Prags sees it and says uffooo. Aishu asks her what happened di? don’t you like it?

Prags says no aishu its so cute and precious too but I also bought you imported watch. She gives her gift. Aishu sees it and feels so happy. She says thank u so much di. We are twins na so we have same thoughts and same tastes.

Priya sees her daughters’ cute chit chat and feels happy. prags comes to her mumma and gifts her a designer saree. She hugs her and kisses.

Aishu says di! We stayed away for these many years so for our reunion we have to throw a party. Pragya agrees.

Other side, abhi goes to guest house. He sees ratan and gets surprised. abhi says dad!!!! When did you arrive?

Ratan says today morning. I came here without intimating to surprise u. abhi says oh dad!! If u said before I would have come to airport and received u.

Ratan says that’s ok abhi don’t worry. Abhi says ok dad! Where is mum?

Ratan says u know very well about your mum na she is always very busy. Abhi smiles and says yes of course!!

Ratan gets a call meanwhile so he leaves to office there. Abhi goes to his room and thinks today I saw her and talked with her but why I am feeling like she is not the one.

She is close to me but still I m feeling like there is distance between us. Even my heart is asking to search for her. What’s happening I don’t understand?

Payal comes there and says sir!!! He comes out of his thoughts and asks what? She says I m feeling bore so let’s go to shopping.

Abhi says shopping? I m not interested. Payal says plz sir lets go to shopping. He agrees.

Prags, aishu and priya come to shopping to purchase dresses for party. Paridhi too comes there. She greets priya and hugs aishu.

Abhi enters inside the mall. He again starts feeling for pragya. He thinks again what’s happening? Is she near to me? Why my heart beat has increased?

He goes to the floor where pragya is shopping. Aishu sees him and asks priya that she will come within 5 min. priya agrees.

Pragya comes from trial room and asks about aishu to priya. Priya informs about aishu. She says this aishu can’t stay anywhere even for few min.

Abhi is in thoughts and looks around for pragya. Aishu comes from his back and keeps hand on his shoulders.

Abhi turns back and sees aishu. He is surprised to see her and thinks she is here that’s why I m feeling like this.

He says hey aishu!!! How is u? She says ya I m fine how about u? He says fine. He asks her what are you doing here.

She says I came here for shopping. I saw u from there so I came to talk to u. ok come I’ll introduce you to mom and di.

He is about to say something but she holds his hand and takes him from there. He sees her holding his hand and gets surprised but still feels strange.

She takes him to priya and introduces to her. He greets her she too greets him and talks to her. He sees paridhi and gets shocked.

Paridhi sees him and says hey rock star abhi! I’m really lucky to see u again. Abhi says hey! What are you doing here?

Paridhi says my friend’s family. On that she treated u na. abhi thinks this means that day aishu treated me but I m such a idiot still thinking she is not the one.

Meanwhile paridhi gets a call and leaves from there. Aishu asks priya mom where is di? I want to introduce my friend to her.

Priya says she went to trial room. Abhi says ok aishu I will some work will text u later. She says ok. He leaves from there.

Pragya comes out from trial room. Aishu says di! My friend came here. I thought to introduce him to u but you were not here.

Prags asks her who is he? She says abhi. Prags says abhi!!! Paridhi comes there and reminds her. pragya asks him how do you know him?

She shares the incident which happened on that day. Pragya says ok and thinks very nice person.

Its night, abhi thinks about aishu and wonders what’s happening to him. Even he is in confusion he decides to win aishu’s heart.

He calls aishu and talks for some time. He asks so aishu what are you plans for tomorrow? She says tomorrow is Sunday so we will go to church.

Hey! I forgot to tell u tomorrow evening we have arranged a grand party so u should attend. He says ok sure.

Its morning, abhi gets ready and thinks I know aishu you like me as friend but I wanted to be more for u. For this I should become close to u and make you love me.

He comes out of thoughts and leaves to the same church where he saw pragya for the first time.

Other side, aishu and priya gets ready they ask pragya to join them but she says she will go to other church then she joins them.

Pragya leaves to the church where abhi saw her.

Guys I know you are eagerly waiting for abhi pragya’s meet. In next episode, abhi and pragya comes face to face

Episode ends here…
I wish you like this episode but I think you don’t like this ff. so guyzz plz comment ur opinions whether I have to continue this ff or not. if you are interested then I will continue or else I’ll stop this ff here. And my special thanks to friends who have commented this ff but I m expecting silent reader’s to share their opinions. I’ll share my name in next epi guyzz if I post next epi…don’t mind guyzz…So guyzz plz comment and suggestions are accepted…byee guyzz…

Credit to: DA

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  1. interest yaaaaaaaaa pls con

  2. It’s really necessary CE n interesting episode n ff too plzzzz don’t stop ur ff yaar continue ur ff I’m eagerly waiting for next part plzzzz don’t thk it’s boring it’s really interesting

  3. Please quit. Everything has been said before. Apologies if you consider this abrupt. If you are practising English go for it.

    1. My sincere thanks for commenting but it would be very nice if u think before commenting because if u dont like it u can simply ask me to quit it. So its better first u practise how to comment

    2. Be polite with others before commeting…. if you feel such a bore… just stop reading the ff… no need of saying like this… if you feel any bore or drag comment it so that writer would show something interesting scenes for next epi

  4. Please!!Please!! Please!! Continue the story line!
    I had already told that your writings r never boring! And each and everyone would enjoy it soo much!
    I like this FF very very much! And the way u present is outstanding!!
    Waiting for the next part! AbhiGya meeting face to face! All your writings r very interesting! So pls do continue!!
    As usual today’s part was very good!

  5. don’t stop your ff please unite them

  6. So nice yaar. …upsate soon…

  7. Pls continue it is very interesting pls don’t stop it

  8. Thnqq so much guyzzz i know some of u may feel the story line little bit similar but i thought to present u in my way thats why i tried this kind of story whatever if everything goes well i will present it again sorry to say this..but i’ll never forget the support which u gave me…love u so much friends…

  9. I am sorry but I don’t want more than 2 couples and it’s very complicated and confusing
    Sorry if you got hurt but I don’t like your fff but continue for them who loved it

    1. Thnx for your suggestions…. if you confuse for this only how can you manage for your lively things lol…. anyways thnx for your comment….

  10. Super di and please dont stop it. Those who dont like this story its their problem but we love your ffs and the way you present it so please continue it for rest of them.

  11. Awesome yaar dnt stop it waiting eagerly fr nxt part☺☺

  12. ohh itz amazing … bt pls abhi n prag unite…

  13. Dont feel like that dear its very nice…continue this ff…i will read it

  14. Amazing! its really interesting! di pls continue.those who don’t like ur ff na don’t take it what they r saying but we like ur ff di.pls don’t stop for us who love ur ff


  16. Superb….plz continue ur ff…don’t stop it

  17. Reshma Pradeep

    Superbbbbbbbbb…… Plzzzzz Continue…….

  18. really interesting…

  19. Tried really different…. looks like the same person… but the heart says its not the right one…. really wonderful concept…. seems like the writer had same experience… love you DA

  20. Don’t stop…. It’s interesting…

  21. Oh pls continnue…

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