love is the way of life (part 3)


Haiii friends…I m sorry guyzz for late update as u know that I have to manage my other ffs and first of all thank you so much for your comments and support…

Guyzzz in this story pragya is a Christian…so coming to the story…

Abhi tries to see pragya’s face but it’s covered with mask. Meanwhile pragya gets a call so she goes aside.

Pragya lifts the call. Pragya says hello mumma! How are you? I will pack tonight and leave Milan tomorrow.

Priya says no prags! Don’t come from there. Pragya asks what mumma? What are you saying? But why?

Priya says because we are coming to Milan tomorrow. Pragya says what? Are you coming really? Priya says yes!! pragya says wow!! I’m so happy mumma. Ok but aishu? Priya says yes she is also coming.

Pragya says really!! I’m so happy maa. I will be waiting for you both. She cuts the call and thinks it’s a long time mumma I have seen u and aishu. Today I have to celebrate for ur arrival. First of all I have to share this with paridhi.

Paridhi comes to abhi and says sorry sir! My bf came so I went. Abhi says that’s ok. She asks him how is ur hand now?

Abhi says he is fine. She asks him where is my friend? He says she got a call so she went to attempt it. Meanwhile pragya comes and hugs paridhi. She asks the reason for her happiness.

She shares about the arrival of her family. Paridhi too gets excited. Abhi gets curious to see her face as he enjoys the beauty of her eyes.

Paridhi asks abhi for selfie. He thinks it’s the best time to see her face. Paridhi removes her mask then abhi asks pragya also to join with him.

Pragya says me? abhi says yes u only. Paridhi too asks her to join. She is about to join but nurse calls her as one patient is waiting so she leaves from there.

Abhi thinks oh shit! I lost a chance to see her face but still I shouldn’t take that easy so he takes paridhi number and saves it. He leaves from there.

Abhi and payal comes out of hospital. Payal asks him sir! Where are we going now? Abhi says immediately we should leave to this address and gather her details.

They both leave to that address but see the door locked. He asks the neighbors about them. They say that they are on vacation. Abhi gets disappointed and thinks this is the last hope but I lost that also. He feels bad and walks away.

Payal too feels bad and tries to console him but in vain. She immediately gets an idea. She picks her mobile and calls ratan (abhi’s father)

She says hello uncle ji! He says ha payal beti! How are you? She says I m fine uncle ji. I have to talk to you something important.

He says tell me. What do you want to talk? She shares everything with him. Ratan gets shocked and thinks oh no! I can’t see my son in pain. You don’t worry I’ll call him and thank you for sharing this info with me.

She says no uncle ji it’s my duty as sir is like my brother so I have shared it with u. he says ok and cuts the call.

Ratan calls abhi. He lifts the call. Ratan asks how are you abhi? He says fine dad. Ratan asks what happened abhi? It seems like you are in mood off. Abhi says no dad! Nothing like that I m fine.

Ratan says ok! I made a call to tell you something important. Abhi says what? He says you stay in Milan only I m coming there. Abhi says you? But why? Ratan says I have work there so I m coming. He says ok dad but what will you tell to mum? He says don’t worry I will talk to her and cuts the call.

Abhi thinks thank you so much dad so now I can search her as I have time. He feels happy. Other side ratan thinks I know abhi you will feel happy as there is time to search her.

Its night, paridhi calls abhi. He lifts her call. She says that they are going to duomo tomorrow so she asks him to join them. He agrees and cuts the call.

He thinks I don’t whether is it you or not but when u touched me I felt like I m searching for u only whatever until I see ur face I won’t leave u.

Its morning
Pragya goes to airport in the early morning. She waits for her mumma. Flight lands. Priya comes. Pragya sees and runs to her.

She hugs her tightly and says how are you mumma? It’s been 8 yrs that I saw u. I m waiting for this day since 8 yrs. Today I’m really so happy.

Priya didn’t speak a single word and left in thoughts. Pragya asks her what happened mumma? Why are you like that?
Priya comes out of thoughts and says nothing prags…how are you my dear? I missed u these many years. I m sorry prags but now no more you have to stay alone. We will stay with u.

Pragya says mumma!! She says yes and kisses on her forehead. Pragya asks where is aishu? Priya says u know about her na she can’t stay at any place for hours. So she went for outing. Pragya says ok and both of them leave.

Later abhi goes to duomo and waits for paridhi and pragya. he walks around that place and looks for them but suddenly he hears a girl argues with some guys then he turns back and sees a girl with pink frock. He is surprised to see pragya.

He goes to her and asks what happened? She says see these guys captured my pics and now telling lies that they didn’t so I asked them for mobile but they are not giving. Abhi argues with them and grabs the cam from their hand. He deletes and gives it to them.

They leave from there. Pragya holds his hands and thanks him. He is lost in her but feels strange. She gets a call. So she goes aside.

She says hello di!

other side pragya says where are you aishu? I’ m waiting for u.

she says ha di! I m at duomo and now I will start. Pragya says ok ok. Come soon.

Other side, abhi thinks why I am feeling like this. When I touch her for the first time I didn’t feel like she is for me. she is now near to me but why I am feeling like still there is distance left.

Aishu comes there and says thank you. Abhi comes out of thoughts. They both introduce themselves and exchange numbers.

(guyzz in this ff pragya and aishwarya are twin sisters)

Epi ends her…I hope you understood guys…I wish you don’t feel any kind of drag or bore…hope you like this epi…thnqqq so much each and everyone for ur sweets comments and silent readers…I m really happy while reading these lovely comments so plzz do comment like this and share your opinions especially silent readers I want to know your opinion on this ff…I wish you guyzz support me..byee guyzz…

Credit to: DA

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