love is the way of life (part 2)

Haiiii guyzzz…thnqqqq so much for ur comments and support…I will surely continue this story…ok lets go to the story…

Abhi feels bad as he misses pragya. payal comes there and asks what happened sir? Why you left suddenly?

Abhi says payal I have seen her just now. I followed her but she missed again. Only 1 day left. I should find her however.

Payal says ok sir. Let’s think some other way to find her but today let’s go to room as its late. He agrees they both leave to room.

Its night, abhi thinks about her who are you? Where are you? Why are you stealing my sleep like this? is it right for you to play hide and seek with me like this? I know you are testing whether my feeling are true or not but I m not going to leave you. He slips into deep sleep.

Pragya comes in white long frock with white rose bouquet in one hand. She says yes I m testing your love whether you can reach me or not. If you love me truly then u’ll come to me and make me yours.

He at once wakes up from sleep and looks around for pragya but he didn’t find her anywhere. He thinks you are making my nights sleepless and u r sleeping happily. This is not fair dear. Please come to me soon. I’m badly waiting for u but one thing when I saw u in that white dress with that bouquet I’ll marry u there itself.

Other side, pragya wakes up from sleep and thinks what happened to me? Why I m feeling sleepless as if for some one. I never felt like this. She again sleeps.

Its morning, abhi wakes up immediately and gets ready to search pragya. He calls payal but she is in sleep. He goes to her room and knocks the door. She wakes up from sleep and opens the door.

He says what payal? Till now u didn’t wake up. I said na only l day left today however we have to find her but u r still in sleep.

Payal says sorry sir! Just give me 15 min I will get ready and come. He says ok make it fast. She says ok and gets ready.

They both come out of the hotel. Payal says sir! Where will we go now? Abhi says church!!

Payal says church!!! But why sir? Abhi says for our marriage. Payal says sir!!!! Abhi says what payal don’t u ever use ur brain? I said na I saw her in church. If I go there then I’ll find her.

Payal says but sir today is not Sunday na then why will she come to church? Abhi says how u born like this payal? I don’t understand whether ur innocent or over smart. I said na she came to church to attend marriage function. If we go there and collect details of that bride groom then it will be easy to catch her.

Payal says sorry sir! He says god should save u. she makes a pout face. They reach the church.

Abhi and payal enters inside the church. He remembers pragya’s entry in that church. He thinks I felt that day something good will happen now I understood that good thing is u.

Abhi greets pastor and he asks the details of that bride groom. At first he refuses but abhi requests him.

Pastor asks him the purpose of their details. At first abhi hesitates later he says he is searching for his girl for this he needs his help. Pastor smiles and agrees to give their details.

Abhi thanks him for giving. He prays Jesus and leaves from there happily. He thinks I am coming to u. get ready to shower in my love!!

Payal and abhi walks. Payal says so at last u r near to her and going to meet her. I’m really happy for u sir. Abhi too feels happy. abhi moves forward.

Suddenly payal screams at once. Abhi turns back and gets shocked. A thief places knife near payal’s neck and asks him for money.

He tries to come forward but thief threatens him with knife. He steps backward. He gives his wallet then thief frees her but then abhi remembers about the details of bride groom which he kept in his wallet. He fights with him and grabs his wallet but in between he gets injured to palm.

Payal asks him to come for hospital but he refuses as time is less. She forcedly takes him to hospital.

They reach hospital. Abhi thinks what’s happening to me? Why I am feeling like I m very close to her? Why will she be here? No no where ever I m going I m feeling her presence. Why its happening like this? She completely changed me.

Payal takes to the ward. Paridhi comes there with mask and sees abhi. She comes near him and says hey! Ur rock star abhi right? He says yes! She says sir! I’m a big fan of u. I love your music. Can I have one selfie with u? abhi says ya sure.

But payal says plz mam! Treat sir first later u can take selfie. Abhi says what is this payal? its not good to say like that.

Payal is about to say something but paridhi stops her and says yes sir! She is right. Let me treat you first then let’s take selfie.

Paridhi is about to touch abhi’s hand but pragya comes there with mask. She says paridhi! Ur boy friend came to meet u. paridhi says oh shit! Now only he should come. She says sir! I will be back in few min. please wait for me sir.

Abhi agrees. Pragya sees injury to abhi’s hand. She picks his hand. Both abhi and pragya feels like as they both are waiting for that moment since long.

Pragya starts cleaning his hand with cotton. Abhi thinks why I am feeling like I need this hand to hold my hand. Who is she? What’s happening to me?

Pragya too thinks who is he? What will he be to me? No I shouldn’t divert. She makes first aid to his hand.

Abhi thinks is she the girl I m searching for? No no she can’t be but why can’t be she? i will clear seeing her face meanwhile he observes her wearing a crucifix to neck. He thinks I have to see her face however.

He tries to see her face but cant as its half covered. She too stares at him. Both share an eye lock. She gets a call meanwhile. Both come to senses. She goes aside.

Epi ends here…I wish you guys like this episode…don’t feel it dragging guyzz they both are meant for each other so they will meet for sure be patient and guyzzz I don’t know whether I can update regularly but I will update when I m free as I have to manage my other ff. hope u understand. Thnqqq so much each and everyone…I really enjoyed seeing your sweet comments so I m posting this episode in advance…plzz do comment ur opinions on this ff…and guyzz I m planning to continue this story in Milan only as it gives fresh feeling…what do you say about that?..keep supporting with ur comments..byee u

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  1. Awesome yaar and its ur wish to continue in milan or india watevr it is we ll love it☺

  2. Epi was Awesome pragya looking stunning in ur ff pic

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  8. Amazingly written Yaar!!!Hope u unite them soon ……I hav a doubt is Abhi a christian in your story????Waiting for the next update!!!

    1. No riya abi is not a christian he just used to go their obeying his father’s wrds

      1. Thanq Pavi Di !

    2. Riya abhi is not a christian but pragya is a christian

  9. Superb enjoyed it keep going

  10. please make abhi pragya meet each other

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  16. fantablous epi dr loved it to the core seriously its damn good n haha abi is so crazy abt pragya n haan to say abt location whtever u think do it dr i am sure to say tht it will be good

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  18. Thnq so much each and everyone for ur sweet comments…i m really so happy to see this lovely comments from u guyzz…i will try my best to give u the best epi..keep supporting..

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