love is the way of life (part 1)


Haiii guyzzz…this is DA…hope u recognize me…I m writing a new story which is not os and a full length ff but a short story…I m not sure of how many parts it will go but will complete it in few parts…ok let’s go to the story…

In Milan, Italy
It’s morning 8.30. A guy wakes up hearing the beep sound of his mobile. He is our abhi. On call abhi says ha payal! Why did you call this early morning?

Payal says sir its already 8.30. u have concert at 11 but before that u planned to go to church so I called u.

abhi says oh shit! I forgot that. he immediately wakes up and gets ready. he leaves in taxi.

Inside taxi, abhi thinks we are not Christians but papa asks me to go to that church whenever I visit Milan.

I don’t why he has special attachment with that church. Even I feel the same when I go there I feel like something best is going to approach but I don’t know what is that.

Whatever I should go there as on dad’s wish. Meanwhile he reaches taxi. He gets down.

He enters inside church and sees a huge crowd. He thinks why there is so much crowd today.

Just then groom enters into the church. He understands that marriage is going to happen. He sits aside and watches that.

Bride too comes. They start rituals. Even rituals begin bride looks outside as if she is waiting for someone. Abhi thinks for whom she is waiting when groom is in front of her.

She asks them to stop for some time. They all get shocked. Even abhi is surprised at her behavior.

She picks her mobile and calls someone. She continuously stares outside.

They all get tired and irritated too. they starts scolding her.

abhi thinks may be she has love problem. Let me go and talk to them. He steps forward but then they all stares towards the door.

A beautiful girl wearing 3/4th frock and a scarf which covers her hair enter inside carrying a rose bouquet in one hand and mobile on other hand enters inside.

Abhi turns towards her but her face is not so clear as her hair falls on her face. She goes near bride and apologizes for arriving late. Later she wishes her and handovers bouquet.

Marriage rituals begin. Abhi gets impressed and he gets excited to see her face so he moves forward but he was not able to see her face clearly because of crowd.

He thinks to go groom’s side so that he can see her clearly. He goes to groom side and steps forward. At once he is mesmerized seeing her. She is our pragya. He continuously stares at her.

Finally they both exchange rings. Abhi thinks to introduce himself but he gets a call from payal as it’s getting late for concert.

He says ok and looks for her but she disappears. He gets disappointed and leaves to concert.

Show begins. Abhi reaches the stage and remembers her. He is lost in her thoughts. He starts singing songs remembering her. at once she appears in front of him.

He is surprised to see her. she forwards her hand. He makes her come to stage. She moves around him.

At once all claps him louder. He notices that it’s his imagination. He smiles. Show ends.

He leaves to room along with payal. payal says sir we have to go back to india within 3 days. So lets go out and have good time.

He remembers about pragya and gets sad. He says no payal I have some other work. Payal asks him about that work.

He says I have seen a girl in church. From the moment when I saw her I m feeling like I can’t live without her so I have to find her and confess my feelings.

Payal says ok sir. I will help u. he thanks her. They both leave.

Other side, pragya talks on call. She says ha mumma! I will come india in 3 days. Ok I will talk to u later I have seminar. She cuts the call.

Pragya’s friend asks what did your mumma say? Pragya says as usual she is asking me to take care. Eat food in time.

pragya’s friend paridhi says what is this prags? U r a doctor but still ur mumma is treating you like a small kid.

Pragya says even I have grown up I am always a small kid for her. ok comes lets go back to work. They leave to children’s ward.

The next day, abhi and payal go to malls, restaurants, parlors and search for pragya but they didn’t find anywhere. Payal feels hungry. She takes him from there.

They both sit there and starts eating meanwhile he again sees pragya coming blue long frock. He stands in excitement and lost in her beauty.

He sees her leaving and tries to follow her. But meanwhile she takes a cab and leaves from there.

Precap: abhigya’s meet.

Epi ends here…guyzzz I don’t know whether you like this ff or not. I just tried to give a love story as in my other ff I can’t give full length love scenes for abhigya so I planned this short story. If ur interested in this story I will continue it. Plzz do comment whether I have to continue this or not and suggestions accepted. I will try to end this story within few episodes…byee guyzz…

Credit to: DA

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