Love is the way! (intro& episode-1)

Hi guys this is Neethu! This is my first ff hope u guys like it…
Yuvraj Birla: second year student
Suhani first year student
Raman second year student and yuvraj’s
Anuj:Yuvraj’s bro
Bavna:Suhani’s elder sis
Ishita: first year student suhani’s Bestie
Menka:suhani’s cousin ( first year)

The episode starts with suhani,ishita and menka entering into the college
Suhani:Ishu I feel nervous to get inside the college
Ishita:no need to worry when ishu is here to the rescue!
Menka:Ishu then it’s time to prove your braveness…look at those second year boys waiting to rag us…
Under a tree there was yuvraj,Raman and Anuj sitting on their bikes looking at the girls approaching towards them
Suhani:Oh no! They are looking at us I’m too frightened
Raman:Look at those girls, they are trapped now!
Yuvraj:Yes they are gone for sure..
They come face to face

Raman:hello ladies first day in college ah?
Ishita:So what?
Raman: Nothing much..u girls just sing a song and then leave
Suhani:Ishu do something..
Raman:Oh so u are Ishu the savior of these girls right?
Ishita gets angry
Ishu:Don’t call me ishu I am Ishita
Raman:No I think the apt name for u is Jhansi ki Rani
They argue and fight

Raman:Yuvraj say something
Yuvraj just stares at Suhani
Suhani:Why are u staring at me?
Menka:Why are u staring at her when beautiful girls like me are around?
Suhani hits Menka
Menka:I told the truth
Yuvraj:Menka I guess suhani is beautiful that u
Suhani:Shut up now! U want me to sing a song right then hear
Ishu&Raman stops fighting an are shocked
Suhani sings hasi ban gaye..
Everyone listens to her
Yuvraj is taken aback and feels something for her
She ends the song

Everyone claps even Raman, Yuvraj and Anuj
Raman: Ishu maybe u r a JKR but your friend is intelligent than u
Yuvraj: u r right Raman she is..yuvraj stretches his hand forward for a hand shake
Suhani hesitantly gives her hand and they have an eye lock
Anuj:Excuse me yuvi
Suhani and yuvi came back to senses
Everyone laugh
Ishu:Come on girls we have already wasted our time on these idiots
Raman:What did u say ?
Ishu: I told that go and have a checkup with the ENT
Raman fumes
The girls leave
But Yuvi still staring at Suhani

Hope u like it guys..I will introduce other characters when the story moves on please do comment and give your suggestions.

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    Its Awesome yaar………I like the both serials sooo much……..plz continue it…..

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