Love is the way! (episode-65) Last episode


I’m really very very very very very sorry for not updating the episode. I thought to end it after 5 episodes but unfortunately I don’t have much time as my exams are approaching.. So I’m ending it with this episode. Hope you guys aren’t angry with me.. Thanks for all your love and support throughout this ff. Please do pray for my 10th public exams to go well. I’ll try and come back with another ff. Till then take care guys and love u all so much!!!

Recap: Dadi blackmailed Suh to leave BH as she was carrying a girl child and while Suh was leaving, Yuvi came to know all the truth and later he decided to leave BH and stay at Farmhouse for the sake Suh’s safety. Ishu gets to know that she’s carrying twins and the Bhallas&Iyers are rejoicing over it.
Guys I’m not writing anything in detail.. Sorry for rushing up.
After 3 weeks..
Dadi realizes her mistake and after lots of apologies she convinces YuvAni to return to BH.
After 2 months
Suhani gets tremendous pain and she is rushed to the hospital and she gives birth to a girl child later named as Yuvani.
Ishu also gives birth to twins, a girl and a boy who were later named as Aditya& Ruhanika( Adi& Ruhi)
After one year
It’s Yuvani’s b’day and Ishra are also invited at BH
Pratima: Ramesh! Where are u?
Ramesh: Ji mausiji..
Pratima: It’s 4pm already and the guests are gonna arrive..U haven’t done any preparations yet..
Ramesh: I was just about to do..
Pratima: Tujhse tho ek kaam bhi teek se nahi hota..
Dadi: Pratima don’t take much tension.. Everything will be ready on time and I’ve already ordered the cake..
She nods. Meanwhile Rags comes with Yuvani in her hand followed by Menka
Menka: Di please let me play with her
Rags: Menka please she cries whenever u hold her..
Menka: But I should also start practicing how to handle children as i’m also gonna become a mother. And u go play with Riya..
Rags: Meenu don’t irritate me.. U just sit peacefully and listen to songs
Menka: I hate u di!
Rags: Me too!
Bhavna: Kya chal raha hai yaha?
Rags stare at Menka
Riya: Mamma, aap chachi se sorry bolo..
Rags: Kya?
Menka laughs
Menka: Riya u are my favorite! Nobody loves me except u..
Rags: Riya zid mat karo tum..
Riya: Sorry boliye..
Bhavna control her laughter. Rags looks on helplessly
@Yuvani’s room
Suhani is seen getting ready in a purple designer anarkali. She was about to wear her earrings when suddenly Yuvi hugs her from behind( He was wearing a light purple blazer)
Suh: Yuvi kya kar rahe ho tum? I’ve to get ready
Yuvi: I’m not leaving you.. Waise u look so hot!
Suh: Chup kar besharam..
Yuvi smiles naughtily. He takes the earrings from her and makes her wear it. Suh feels very shy. He moves back. She turns towards him and plants a kiss on his lips and runs away. Yuvi stands there astonished by her act.
Suh comes to the hall
Bhavna: Arre wah Suhani! U look stunning..
Rags: I agree with Bhavna. By the way where is your lover?
Suh blushes. All laugh
Suh: Di!

Just then Yuvi comes
Yuvi: Did anybody mention my name?
Rags: Oh yes! How is Yuvani looking?
Suh: She is looking pretty di..I know u dressed her up
Just then the door bell rings
Suh: It must be Ishu!
Suh runs to the door and opens it with a big smile
Bhallas, Iyers& Suh’s mummy papa stood there
Suh: Ishu!!!
Suh & Ishu share a big hug.
Suh suddenly notices Raman carrying two children at a time and laughs
Yuvi: Raman?
Raman: Suhani tumhari Ishu saare kaam mujhse karwati hai
Ishu: Accha??
Dadi: Enough of talking.. All of u please do come in
All greet each other and goes inside
Toshi: Oye Raman! Give Ruhi to me..
Raman: Its ok ma..
Toshi: Paagal dekh usne sussu kardiya hai..
Raman looks at this and gives Ruhi to her.All laugh
Ishu takes Adi from him
Menka: Ishu, Ruhi looks exactly like u!
Raman: Menka both of them looks like me!
Ishu stares at him

Madhu: Wo correct hai kanna, Ruhi tho ishu par hi gayi hai..
Raman:Amma aap bhi!
Toshi: Oye! Ye kya keh rahi ho tum? Aisa kaise ho sakta hai?
Ishu hits her head
Pratima: Aap dono shaanth ho jayiye..
Lata: Haan..Aap pehle baithiye please..
They still argue
Anuj: It ‘s all because of u Menka!
Rags: Exactly!
Riya& Golu: Shut up all of u!
Bhavna: Golu!
Golu: No more fights!
Riya: Dadi(Toshi) u shake hands with her and be friends
All smile at the kid’s antics. They shake hands.
Yuvi: Sab log chalo hum cake cut karte hai..
A big cake is brought by Saurab
Suh: Wow ye kitni acha hai!
Yuvi: Shall we cut it?
Dadi: Yeah sure.. Here u take Yuvani
Suh holds Yuvani. Suhani, Yuvraj and Yuvani together cut the cake
All sing the B’day song
Suh makes Yuvani taste a small piece and then she feeds Yuvi, he too feeds Suh. All have the cake.
Later, YuvAni, Ishra, Menka& Anuj come to the terrace and they have a talk about their college days
Raman: Do u remember in college Ishu tried to woo me?
All laugh
Yuvi: Yes I still remember..
Ishu: What to do? I didn’t know that I was falling into such a big trap..
Suh: But I never thought I would love somebody in my life after Karthik..
Yuvi: Don’t ever mention his name..
Suh: Sorry..
Anuj: But guys look at my fate who knew that I would love this idiotic Menka?
Menka: U are an idiot! Not me..
Raman: But now, we all are in the happiest moments of our life. We have Adi& Ruhi they are our world
Suh: Our world is Yuvani…
Anuj: And ours,( he keeps his hand on Menka’s stomach) will be arriving soon..
Yuvraj: The way to these happiness was only love!
All in chorus: Because love is the way!!
All hug their partners and stand gazing at the moon



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  1. Aqsxxh

    CONGRATS NEETHU! SUCH A BEAUTIFUL STORY! IT WAS PERFECT! I love how the ending ended with the title, I love how everything ended sweetly.. Neethu thank you for blessing us with such a beautiful story it couldn’t have been any better… All the ups, the downs all the twists, the romance, the fights the sadness and the happiness… It was all done and executed perfectly 😀 x I love how you made this story your own, it was unique and I thoroughly enjoyed this x
    Good luck for your upcoming exams, I know you will ace them! Your writing skills are amazing portraying your intelligence x
    I loved this FF, I will always love it, it has made such a huge mark on this website! Please do write again soon x
    Keep doing amazing Neethu! <3
    Love Aqsaah x 🙂
    Thank you again for such a flawless, amazing, beautiful, fantastic, lovely, tremendous, amazing, exquisite, marvelous FF…
    (I could list many more words, but no words in the dictionary could explain how happy this FF made me feel, even through times when I gave up hope :D, I can't thank you enough) 😀 x

    1. Neethu

      THANK YOU SOO MUCH AQSAAH! Thank you for supporting me throughout with your words of appreciation. And also thank you for showing me that I’ve done justice to you all with my story. I was very scared to post the first episode of this ff as I was new in writing such stories but with your encouragement, you made this ff end successfully! Will definitely miss your splendid comments! Love u!

      1. Aqsxxh

        Love you too Neethu! Please come back with another writing piece when you are free 😀 x

  2. Nithu

    neethu missed ua ff soo much loved it to the heights….all the best my sissy…u no what my wishes will work gud for every one..i know that u ll pass in flying colurs… dear ill be eagerly waiting for ua next ff…ua the only one ff writer in ssel who reached mile stone of 65…congrats dear

    1. Neethu

      Thank you very much Nithu sissy! And wish u a very Happy Onam!

      1. Nithu

        Thank you wish u da same..are u a malayali dear

  3. Nice episode I much missed is ff

    1. Neethu

      Thank you Nisa!

  4. Ruksy

    wow this was amazing

    1. Neethu

      Thank u so much Ruksy! Your comment means a lot me..

  5. Reshma_Pradeep

    SUCH a Beautiful story!!!!I loved it a lotttttttttttttttttttttttttt……….All the very best for your studies too Dearrrrr…….I will miss u for sure………

  6. I love it. Nice story Neetu

  7. Shilpa-Saraj

    Aww.. Im really sad that ur ending this ff.. Ill really miss ur ff dude.. Thanks a lot for entertaining us with ur wonderful writing s skills.. Ly…

  8. awww … its really a lovely epi with sweet ending … i will miss ur ff so much,i have been waiting for u ff since so many days. u gave equal importance to all characters and u have showed happyness,care ,love etc…each and every emotions in ur ff . ur a amazing writer.plz do continue like this in ur coming ffs also.finally i will really miss ur so much.
    ………………ALL THE BEST FOR UR EXAMS……………read well and write well.

  9. Kumud

    really nice neethu but sad u are ending it here so soon wish u all the best in ur exam

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