Love is the way! (episode-64)


Hi my dear friends! I’m soo happy to get a huge response from all of u for my ff. Thank you to all those who complimented! Now we’ll continue the ff..

The episode starts with Ishra leaving from BH
Pratima: But u two can go tomorrow morning right?
Raman(looking at Dadi with anger): We can’t stay here even for a single minute now, after knowing how Dadi blackmailed our friend..
Dadi continues to cry
Ishu: Aunty ji we’ve to leave now..We’ll come on some other day..
She hugs Bhavna, Rags& Menka and leaves
Pratima(to Dadi): Today because of u my son left this house.. Are u happy after doing this?
Dadi leaves to her room without answering. Pratima cries. Saurab &Anuj console her and takes her to her room.

Next morning @ farmhouse
Suh is seen sleeping until the sun rays touches her face. She slightly opens her eyes and looks at the clock and says
Suh: Hey bhagwan! It’s 9am how long I’ve been sleeping and I should prepare the breakfast too..And ma would be waiting for her cup of tea..
She springs out of the bed,looks around and gets thinking where she is..Suddenly Yuvi comes in
Yuvi: Good morning Suhani!!
Suh remembers that she’s in the farmhouse and frowns. He kisses on her cheeks and gives juice to her. She drinks it.
Suh: Sorry, I slept for a long time..U wait for 15minutes I’ll make breakfast.
She was about to get up when Yuvi holds her wrist
Yuvi: There’s no need for making..
Suh: Have u kept some fast?
Yuvi: No yaar..Firs u go&have a shower
He takes her to the washroom. After some time she comes out
Suhani: What is he up to?
Yuvi: Please come..
He takes her to the dining table and makes her sit comfortably in a chair
Yuvi: So mam, your favorite dishes are ready..
Suh: Uh? Mam? (Suh says smilingly)
Yuvi: Yes..Please have these.
He keeps a plate before her and she looks at it and gets overwhelmed
Suh: Wow parathas!!(she keeps her hand on Yuvi’s neck and checks if he has a temperature)
Yuvi: What are in doing?
Suh: I was checking whether u are alright..Because u always ask me to eat salads and now u are giving me parathas..
Yuvi: Come on yaar.. I made it with so much love for u and u are teasing me..
Suh bursts out in laughter
Suh(suppressing her laughter): U made it??
He nods
Suh: Then I should definitely taste it..(she eats it) Wow this is very tasty!! U never told me that u would cook..
Yuvi: Thank u so much mam!
Suh hugs him and they smile
Yuvi: Mam, u shouldn’t hug strangers like this..
Suh(jokingly): But I’ll do that.. And I’ll kiss strangers too..(she kisses him)
Yuvi: Suhani don’t u dare do that with strangers!
Suh laughs and she feeds him too.
Suh: Yuvraj we should call ma and inform about where we are..
Yuvi: Yeah..I’ll call her
[email protected] BH
The door bell rings and Bhavna goes and opens the door. She gets shocked seeing them at the door. It was Pankaj and Lata.
They hug Bhavna
Lata: Beta, where is Suhani, Rags& Menka.. I’ve bought some gifts for them
Bhavna: I..I’ll bring them..
All come at the living room except Dadi
They give gifts to the girls
Pankaj: Where is Suhani?
All gets confused about what answer to give
Rags: She actually…
Sharad: Uncle ji Yuvi & Suhani has left this house
Both get shocked to hear
Lata: What do u mean by’ they left’?
Sharad tells them the whole whole matter
Lata: Maa ji wanted to send Suhani away??
She cries Rags consoles her
Pankaj: But where is she now?
Menka: We should call them and ask..

@ Bhalla house
Raman: Ishita..Ishu.. Ma where did she go?
Toshi: Puttar she was too tensed today and she went to the office..
Raman: Office? But why didn’t she wait for me? Did she go driving the car?
Toshi: Yeah..
Raman: Now how will I go?
Romi: I’ll drop u on my bike Bhai..
Raman(hesitantly): Fine..But I won’t leave that madrasan..
Toshi: And Raman, she told me that Suhani had called and told her that they are staying at the farmhouse..
Raman: OK ma..Bye
He leaves and reaches the office. He peeps into ishu’s cabin and sees her scolding all the staffs
Ishu(angrily): I told u to get these papers ready yesterday and still u aren’t done with this??
A staff: I’m sorry mam..I thought it wasn’t that important so..
Ishu: I’ll decide whether it’s important or not! Just get out of here..
He goes out and sees Raman helplessly
Raman: What’s the matter with her? Better I’d ask for the reason..
Raman steps into her cabin and and she assumes him as a staff and says.
Ishu: Please don’t give me lame excuses for not(she looks at Raman)
She controls her anger
Raman: What happened to u? Ma told that you were too tensed..Is everything fine?
Ishu: I don’t know what’s happening..
Raman: Why do u scold people then? U know that wasn’t urgent..Tell me what’s troubling u. Is Suhani fine ?
Ishu(nods): Yeah they are okay..I’m not tensed for them but i’m feeling unwell.. And how did u come here? I mean I brought the car
Raman: I came with Romi.. And u could’ve waited for me! And didn’t u have medicines?
Ishu: I had it today morning.. But still(she holds her head)
Raman: Should we go to a doctor?
Ishu: No but..Ahh it’s very painful (holding her head)
He comes to her and massages her head
Raman: Feeling better?
Ishu nods
Raman: And what’s this? U are running a high temperature.. I’ll drop u home.
Ishu: No no that’s fine.. And we have a meeting also today.. It will begin in an hour( she shivers)
Raman caresses her head
Raman: Then I think we should go to a doc before the situation worsen

@ farmhouse
Suh is talking with Pratima and both their phones are kept in speaker
Pratima: Are u fine there beta??
Suh: Yes ma..But still I don’t feel good without u people around.
Bhavna: We will come there to meet u..
Rags: And Suh don’t lie I know that u are having a great time with Yuvi
They laugh. Suh blushes
Suh: Di Yuvraj is here too..
Yuvi: That is true di..
They laugh again this time Suh blushing harder
Suh(audible to Yuvi): How shameless can u be?
He winks at her and hugs her from the back
Menka: Suhani I’ll come there today as I’m missing u
Anuj: Oh Menka please don’t go..
Menka: Aww Anuj I know you’ll miss me..
Anuj: No idiot I told u not to go as you’d trouble them too..Let them stay peacefully
All laugh
Suh: Anuj u dare not tease my sister!
Menka: Only u love me Suhani!
Suh: Anuj, only I have the right to tease her..
Menka frowns
Menka: Everybody betrayed me..
Pratima: Bas Bas..Now everyone stop taunting each other. Suh beta your parents had come earlier this morning..
Suh: What?? Did u tell them everything
Bhavna: Yes Suh..We told them.
Suh: how’s Dadi?
Yuvi stares at Suh for taking her name
Pratima: She has not eaten a thing since u guys left..
Saurab: But she troubled u guys a lot so don’t worry about her..
Suh: But still she is old and we should support her..
Yuvi (angrily): Support her for what?? For trying to send u away from me? If u love her so much then go& stay with her..

He leaves out in distress
Pratima: Beta first u calm down Yuvraj.. Give him sometime everything will be fine
They end the call
Suh goes to Yuvi who was standing at the garden facing the other side
Suh: I’m really sorry for what I told..
Yuvi does not answer
Suh: Are u still angry with me?
He does not utter a word. Suh starts acting holding her stomach
Suh(acting like she is in pain): Ahh!! Yuvraj I can’t take this anymore
Yuvi (with concern): Suhani are u okay? What happened all of a sudden?
He holds her and cares for her. Suh laughs
Yuvi: Why are u laughing now?
She continues to laugh
Yuvi: So u were acting right?
Suh nods
Suh: I’m sorry(holds her ears)
Yuvi: I can’t help myself stay angry with u for a long time..
Suh: I love u!
Yuvi hugs her and whispers in ears: Love u too!
Suh: Ouch!
Yuvi: Now don’t act!
Suh: I’m not acting sadu..But your child is kicking me! Aahh! Bas karo na..
Yuvi smiles at her antics and keeps his hand on her stomach and he too feels the kick
Yuvi(to the baby): Tum to kaafi strong ho!
Suh hits him playfully on the shoulder
Suh: It hurts Yuvraj!
Yuvi: OK fine I’ll explain..( again keeps his palms on her belly and caresses it) I know you’re strong but your mumma isn’t..So don’t trouble her..Be a good child.
Suh(with amusement): She stopped kicking!!
Yuvi: She loves her papa a lot!!
Suh(keeps a pout face): Then what about me?
Yuvi: I don’t know..
She chases him& he stops her from running
Yuvi: Don’t run in this state!! I’ve forgiven u now come in..
Suh: Thank you!

The screen shifts to the hospital where Ishra had come
Doc: I must take certain tests.. And what is this Mr .Bhalla? Aren’t u careful with her diet..I had told u about u earlier
Raman: Yes doc in fact she takes food regularly nowadays..And she haves medicines too..
Doc: Fine let me check..I need to take a few tests u may wait outside
Ishu looks at Raman and then he goes out. Raman gets restless thinking about Ishita. Just then the doc comes
Raman: Doc how is she? Is everything fine with her?
Doc: Relax Mr. Raman..She is alright!
Raman: Thank god! Is she just having a viral fever? Shall I get the medicines?
Doc: No but you should admit her for a day since she does need some dosage of glucose in her body as she is not alone now..
Raman: Not alone? I didn’t get u doc..
Doc: U should understand simple things, shouldn’t u? Fine i’m not maintaining the suspense Ishita is pregnant..
Raman couldn’t believe his ears
Raman(happily): Is that true??
Doc: Yes! And the best part is that she’s carrying twins..
Raman gets overjoyed and jumps up and down, he hugs the doc.
Raman(excited like a child): Shall I meet her??
Doc: Sure!
Raman goes inside with a big smile
Ishu was asleep as she was tired. Raman hugs her
and that awakens her.
Ishu: Raman?? Kya hua?
Raman(with happy tears): I love u yaar..
Ishu(confused): Uh??
She breaks the hug
Ishu: Why are u crying now? I’m okay..
Raman: I know that.. U are double okay!(he smiles)
Ishu: Tell me clearly na…
Raman: Arre pagal u are pregnant that too with twins!!
Ishu(gets overjoyed): Sachh?(he nods) They again hug. Ishu touches her belly and sees.
Ishu(happily): I’m gonna become a mother!! I’m so happy( she kisses him on the cheek)
Doc comes there and coughs. Ishra get back to their senses
Doc(smilingly): Sorry to disturb u two..But Raman now I think u may take her along..I’ll call u for further tests if needed
Raman: Thank you doctor!
They leave

Hope you all liked it. Now the couples will have some romantic moments. And sorry guys I don’t wanna drag it further so I’ll end it by the last week of August most probably. Because I think that I should concentrate more on studies. I know you all would be sad and I won’t be writing another ff also until I complete my 10th standard. But till then keep reading & supporting!

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