Love is the way! (Episode-62)


The episode starts with all completing their dinner and going to bed
Bhavna, Rags& Menka go to Suh’s room
Bhavna(sits besides Suh): Are u hiding something from us?
Suh gets shocked to hear that question
Suh(stammering): W..Why dd .do u ask that?
Rags: We felt that u are hiding something.. We know your pain but is there something besides that which is worrying u..
Suh: No di..that’s my only worry and I’ve nothing to hide from u all. But I feel so helpless..
Menka puts her arms around Suh’s shoulder and consoles her
Yuvi enters the room

Bhavna: OK Suh sleep peacefully.. Don’t worry.
The trio leave. Yuvi just looks at her and and goes to the washroom to change his clothes
Suh lies down facing the ceiling. Dadi’s words echoes in her mind. A tear drop seeps down from her eyes. She hears the washroom door opening so she wipes her tears and acts to be asleep.
Yuvi comes to the bed and looks at her sleeping.
Yuvi: I’m sorry Suhani. I’m not a good husband to u as I’ve failed from saving our child.. (He caresses Suh’ s baby bump and says) I’m so sorry my child but I cannot save u(he cries but suddenly he feels the baby kicking from inside)
Suh hears all this and gets very emotional and she feels the baby’s kick too. Yuvi kisses Suh’ s stomach and falls asleep beside her.
Next morning

Saurab informs Yuvi and others that they have to make Suhani agree as tomorrow is the operation.
Sharad: We’ll talk to her and give her some confidence. She’ll understand..
Yuvi: I hope so..
Dadi looks at this from a distance and smiles
Ishra reach BH and they hears it all. All of them greet the duo.
Ishu(sadly): So everything is final?
Anuj: What??
Ishu: About Suhani..
Yuvi: Sorry guys we couldn’t inform
Raman: It’s OK Shagun told us about it..
Pratima: Yes beta we don’t have another option left..
Ishu: Where’s Suh?
Bhavna: In her room…
Ishu goes to Suh’s room Dadi follows her and hides behind the door
Ishu: Suhani?
Suh recognises the voice and turns and sees Ishu. She gets happy and they share a hug.
Suh: How are u? Is Raman with u too? When is Romi’ wedding? How’s aunty?
Ishu: Wait relax…How many questions are u gonna ask me altogether?
Suh smiles
Ishu: Yeah Raman came also came along. And all are fine at BH(Bhalla house). Romi’s wedding date isn’t fixed yet.. Now happy?
Suh nods

Ishu: I know you aren’t happy and I got to know that tomorrow is..
Suh: Please don’t say that. Nothing’s wrong with me, I won’t harm my child.
Dadi looks on
Suh: I’ve got to tell u something important Ishu.. I think at least u would..
Suddenly Dadi interrupts
Dadi: Oh Ishu beta! How r u?
Ishu: I’m good Dadi..
Dadi: Both of u come we shall have breakfast together.
Ishu nods. Dadi stares at Suh,she turns her face away.
Dadi: Ishita beta u go, I’ll have to talk to Suhani
Ishu: Sure..

She goes. Dadi closes the door
Dadi: What do u think of yourself? How dare u even think of telling everything to Ishita?
Suhani: So what’s the big deal in that? She’s my friend and I’ll tell her anything..
Dadi: I think u don’t have the seriousness of this matter. U have become too selfish, I must say. I mean u don’t even care for your di’s child (Golu)?
If u don’t have any problem then..
Suh: OK I won’t tell her anything.. Please don’t do anything to Golu
Dadi(angrily): U should have thought of this earlier!
And don’t try to act over smart.. And I suppose u’re ready for tomorrow
Suh(reluctantly): No!! I won’t do anything of that sort..
Dadi: So u’ve chosen the other option ,that is to leave BH right?
Suh looks away
Dadi: I think you’re still confused.. It’s OK take your own time and let me know it at night. Now come..
They come out of the room. Yuvi looks Dadi & Suh coming out . Raman sees Suh and hugs her. He makes her sit on the chair.
Bhv&Rags serve food
Ishra: It’s very yummy di!
They smile

Bhavna: It’s been so many years since I’ve cooked for u two.
Ishra fight for pooris
Ishu: U already had many now give it to me!
Raman: U are a fatso! Don’t eat more..
Ishu: Shut up! First let me finish eating then I’ll handle u..
Bhavna: Why do u guys fight? I’ll make more..
All laugh at their antics except Suh, who was still thinking of Dadi’s words.
Yuvi: U guys are still the same! Now I think Menka& Anuj are better..
Anuj gives Menka a hi-fi

Pratima smiles. Yuvi suddenly notices Suh tensed. He holds her hand and she comes back to her senses.
Yuvi: Are u okay?
Suh nods. All finish eating food.
Ishu,Bhv,Rags, Menka& Suh are sitting together and talking. Suh remains silent while the others are happily chatting.
Menka signs the other three to cheer up Suh.
Ishu: Waise Rags di I thought of going to the chat corner today evening for eating gol gappe& Samosa..
Suh doesn’t even pay attention to their talks. All feel bad. Ishu gets a call from office and she goes to attend it. She talks about signing some papers and ends the call.
Ishu looks at Suh and thinks, Something else is definitely there which is troubling her..How do I find out?
The afternoon & dinner time passes with all of them enjoying with Ishra. And they decide to stay at BH that night, but Suh is still unhappy and is confused thinking of what decision to take. She feels nervous as it gets dark(night) and she has still not decided what to do. She walks here and there in her room. There is a knock at the door. Suh thinks it’s Dadi and opens the door with a frightened look. She gets relieved seeing Yuvi.
Yuvi: Suhani why do u lock the door? U don’t want me to come to this room or what?
Suh: There’s nothing like that..
Saying that she hugs Yuvi. He gets confused by her sudden hug and hugs her back. She feels safe inside his arms so she wouldn’t let go of him.
Yuvi: Relax Suh.. I know you’re stressed. Everything will be fine as I’m with u.
She nods. Both go to the bed to sleep. Suh ensures that Yuvi has slept and goes to Dadi’s room.

Precap: Suh: I’ve decided to…..(her voice is muted)
Dadi(smiling wickedly): That’s a good
decision indeed…

Sorry for the short update guys. Next episode would be an interesting and long one.
What do u think would be Suhani’ s decision?
Can anyone save her from this situation?
Drop in your guesses and comments on the episode below.

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  1. Nithu

    Dr i wish dat yuvani shd nt separate dr….yuvi shd get no all the truth…whn su tells evrything to.ishu….n at dat tym ishu shd call yuvi….n make him to hear the whole problem…..n yuvi shd believe in her

  2. its very heart touching episode.dont seperate yuvani please.

  3. Shilpa-Saraj

    Ohhh goddd.. Now im stressed….. But ur stiry is rocking neetgu sis.

  4. Awesomeeeeeeeeee plz post the next part asap

  5. nice one

  6. Nice epi neethu, loved yuvani’s emotional moment

  7. Aqsxxh

    this is amazing 😀 x

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