Love is the way! (episode-5)

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The episode starts with Ishu asking Raman,Anuj and Yuvi about Saurab and Ragini
Yuvi:Actually Saurab bhayya informed everyone about Ragini and all agreed to it also but…
Menka: If everybody agreed then what was the need for them to leave the house
Anuj:Everything happened just because of a small misunderstanding…
The flashback starts Saurab and Rags entering Birla House…
Rags:Do u think that they would agree to this marriage?
Saurab:We shall hope for the best..
Pratima:Saurab is this your friend I have never seen her before
Yuvi,Anuj,Dadi also come there
Saurab:Maa,Dadi she is Ragini and I’m truly in love with her
All get shocked

Dadi:But Saurab u r telling such a serious thing.We can’t take any decisions right away
Pratima:Yes Saurab she’s right..and have u informed in her house about this?
Saurab:No maa first I want your permission for this
Rags:Aunty I don’t think my father would allow for this easily do of you agree to this then u can convince him.. And things would get easier
Dadi:What about your mom?
Rags:Dadi she passed away in an accident when I was small
Saurab:Dadi, maa please agree this name
Dadi:OK then whatever you wish
Saurab hugs Dadi and Pratima
The next day
Dadi: Pratima we should go to Ragini’s house tomorrow evening
Pratima:Ji Maaji

It’s evening dadi gets a phone call
Dadi:What? Is everything OK
Saurab notices dadi worriedly talking on phone
Dadi:Now I can’t let this marriage happen…i will stop it at any cost
Saurab gets shocked on hearing this he goes from there
Dadi:Ok please take care of her i will reach there by tomorrow
Yuvi:What’s the matter dadi?
Dadi:Yuvraj my sister has some respiratory problems and is admitted in the ICU
Yuvi:Oh no!
Dadi:Yuvi now we have to postpone Saurab’s marriage
Yuvi:Yeah dadi but he will understand

Next day Anuj finds a letter in which it was written that he is leaving the house as Dadi gas not agreed for the marriage
The flashback ends
Suhani: Bcoz of a small misunderstanding all this happened
Ishu:How will we find out where they are?

Everyone thinks
Menka:I’m so worried for Rags do
Anuj:As long as Saurab bhayya is with her she will be safe
Raman:We will see it in the morning now come on yaar let’s sleep
Ishu:U r stone hearted we r thinking about a serious matter and u wanna sleep Raven Kumar
Raman:What did u call me now?
Ishu:Raavan Kumar
Raman:Oh Jhansi ki rani
Anuj:Shut up yaar u two
Suhani yawns

Yuvi:Suhani u go and sleep
Menka:Excuse me Mr.Yuvraj we are sleepy too
Raman:What to do Menka he showers his love only for Suhani
Yuvi:What rubbish?
Suhani:Raman u too shower your love to your Jhansi Rani did we ask u something?
Yuvi gives Suhani a HiFi
Ishu hits suhani
Suhani:I told the truth
Raman:Even I told the truth
Suhani pulls Raman’s hair and they have a group hug
Yuvi smiles seeing Suhani happy
Ishu,Rama, Menka and Anuj notice this

Precap:Raman:Yuvi tell me yaar do u love suhani
Yuvi gets shocked

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