Love is the way! (episode-41)

Really very sorry for the delay in updating guys..It’s because of my studies as I’m in 10th now my special classes have started.So I’m not able to update on a regular basis. I’ll try to continue this ff if all are really liking the progress. So I want everybody to comment today(including silent readers). Please do support me with your comments. Feel free to give suggestions.

The episode starts with Raman calling Ishu on the phone
Ishu: Raman is there a meeting today?
Raman: No yaar..
Ishu: Then why did u call me?
Raman: I have rights to call my wife at any time haven’t I?
Ishu: Yeah..
Toshi: Ishu puttar come on and help me in preparing these dishes..
Ishu: Ji mummy ji…
Raman: What’s it now?
Ishu: Mummy ji is calling me bye…Come home soon
Raman: What kind of a family is this? They never give us some personal time..
Ishu: U are gonna come here only na then what’s your problem? Nobody will interrupt at that time..
Raman: Oh really?
Ishu: Yup!Now bye..
Raman: Madrasan tell I love u to me and then go..
Ishu: But everybody are here.
Raman: That doesn’t matter! Come on fast I have got work..
Ishu: Raman….
Raman: Tell it soon…
Ishu(in a very low voice): I love u!
Toshi &Romi laughs hearing that
Ishu ends the call and gets embarrassed in front of them

@Birla house
Dadi informs everyone about the party
Suhani is in her room
Yuvi: Suhani it’s getting late..U r still not ready
Suhani: I’m scared of Dadi…She would think that I don’t respect her..
Yuvi:Nothing would happened. Now u get ready soon..
Bhavna comes to Suhani’s room
Bhavna: Suhani which dress should I wear? Is it this green one or this red?
Suhani: Red one looks better di..
Bhavna: Ok..
She leaves
Suhani gets ready
She looks so stunning with a black&White designer saree
Suhani: How am I looking?
Yuvi gets mesmerized
Yuvi: Wow! It’s very good…From today let Dadi select dresses for u because, it suits u better..
Suhani: Now u also started teasing me!
Yuvi laughs
Menka&Rags come there
Rags: Suhani u look great yaar!
Suhani: Thank u di! But u are the best..
Rags smiles
Menka: Then what about me?
Anuj: Menka where are u? Come here…
Rags: Your pati dev is calling u Menka..Go and ask that question to him..
Menka goes

@the hall
Menka: What do u want Anuj?
Anuj: Where is my watch?
Menka: How will I know that?
Anuj: You were having my watch before sometime..
Menka: Oh yeah 1 sec I’ll bring it…But before that tell me how do I look?
Anuj: As usual.. Horrible!
Menka: Idiot! Can’t u learn to be romantic from your brother?
Anuj: Menka don’t test my patience just go&bring it!
Menka fumes.She goes and brings the watch
Anuj: Give it to me!
Menka: No i won’t!
Anuj: Menka please!
Menka runs Anuj chases her
She collides with Ramesh
Menka falls
Menka: Ahhh! Ramesh can’t u see?
Ramesh: Sorry bhabhiji…
Anuj: OMG! My watch! It’s broken…
Menka: I didn’t do anything! Ramesh bumped into me..
Anuj: I’m gonna kill u today!
They run around the house
Menka runs to Suhani’s room and hides behind Yuvraj
Rags: Menka have u lost it?
Menka: Di I’m gonna die today!
Rags: What the hell?
Yuvi: Menka relax…Now leave me!
Anuj comes running
Anuj: So u are hiding here…
Menka: Please Anuj leave me…
Sharad,Saurab &Bhavna comes there
Sharad: What’s happening here?
Anuj and Menka run around Yuvi
Yuvi: Stop it u two!
Menka pushes Yuvi while running
Yuvi falls

Suhani&Saurab helps him get up
Bhavna: Bas karo ye Sab…
Pratima comes there
Pratima: Is this a house or a playground?
Menka: For your son it’s a playground.. He always chases me!
Pratima: Anuj!
Anuj: Maine kuch nahi kiya! She broke my watch
All laugh
Rags: Come on guys u aren’t kids anymore!
Dadi comes there
Dadi: Menka,Anuj!
They both stop fighting
Dadi: We will leave now..
All go outside the house
Dadi: Suhani come here…
Yuvi hears that he also goes behind
Suhani gets tensed
Dadi: So u won’t listen to me right?
Suhani: No Dadi it’s not like that…
Yuvi comes there
Yuvi: Dadi if she does not like wearing makeup then why do u insist?
Dadi: No beta..I wanted her to look more pretty that’s why…
Suhani looks on
Yuvi: But she is already pretty.. Dadi it’s a request please don’t insist her to put on all these hereafter.
He leaves along with Suhani
Dadi(thinking): So u are trying to make Yuvraj against me.. U have met with the wrong person Suhani.. Now look what I do to u..

@Bhalla house
Raman reaches the house
Raman goes to his room and sees Ishu talking over the phone
Ishu: I’m sorry yaar..I didn’t know your number that’s why I couldn’t invite u.
Raman(thinking): So she is talking to her friend.She has forgotten her husband on the first day after marriage itself..
Raman grabs the phone from Ishu
Ishu: Raman,Kya kar rahe ho?
Raman: Hello, I’m Ishita’s husband. I’ll ask her to call u later
Ishu tries to take her phone
Raman ends the call
Ishu: What’s your problem?
Raman: You are always talking over the phone.. Give some attention towards me also…
Ishu: It was my childhood friend.. I lost his number and after so many years he called me….How can u do that?
Raman: Don’t argue I have rights so I can do anything! By the way what were u telling ‘he’ called u?
Ishu: Yeah…What’s wrong in it?
Raman: Your friend is a boy?
Ishu: Yes..U thought I only had u,Yuvi &Anuj as boyfriends.. Then u are mistaken Mr.Raman..I know him before I knew Suhani and Menka..
Raman(in an angry tone): What’s his name?
Ishu: Mani..I’m sorry Abhimanyu…
Raman: So he would definitely be an idiot..Because he is your friend..
Ishu: So u mean u are also an idiot because, u were also my friend
Raman: Shut up!
Ishu laughs
Raman fumes
Ishu: Kuch jalne ki smell aa rahi hai…
Raman: I don’t have to be jealous! Here take this phone and talk to your Mani or Abhimanyu whatever…
Raman leaves
Ishu laughs
Ishu(thinking):Great!Ravan Kumar is getting jealous..
Yhm plays

@The party
All reach at dadi’s friend’s house
Sujatha welcomes all of them
Dadi talks to all of her friends
One friend: Chandrakala introduce your bahus to me..
Dadi: Of course!
Dadi calls Rags,Menka &Suhani
Dadi: This is Ragini,Saurab’s wife..
Sujatha: And this baby?
Rags: It’s my daughter Riya..
Sujatha: She resembles u..
Rags smiles
Dadi: This is Menka,Anuj’s wife..
Sujatha greets her
Dadi(hesitantly): And this is Suhani, Yuvraj’s wife.
Suhani greets them
All the three leaves
Sujatha (to Dadi):I don’t believe this! U’v chosen a girl who has darker complexion as your bahu.
Dadi(in a sad tone): I had to do that for my grandson..
A girl takes the mike and addresses all of them
Girl: Hello everybody!
All smile

Dadi: Who is this?
Sujatha: That’s my grand daughter Roshini..
Roshini: This party is becoming boring now.So let’s do something… What about a couple dance?
All in a chorus: Of course!
Roshini: Great! So let’s get started!
All couples dance for the song Kabhi Jo badal barse except Yuvani
Yuvi: Suhani why are u so stubborn?
Suhani: Mein nahi nachungi Matlab nahi …
Yuvi: Par kyun?
Suhani: I want Bachan Saab’s song to be played!
Yuvi: But Suhani this is a very good song..And u know that I’m a die hard fan of Arijit Singh! So come we will dance..
Suhani: But I’m not his fan!
Yuvi: Please!
Suhani: Nahi matlab nahi!
Yuvi: OK as u wish..Let me go&dance with some other girl
Yuvi leaves
Suhani: Yuvraj! Bevkoof!
Roshini sees Yuvi standing alone
Roshini: Hi!
Yuvi: Hi..
Roshini: Why aren’t u dancing? I think u are not married..
Yuvi: No no…I’m married since yesterday.
Roshini: Oh! Then I’m late..
Yuvi: What?!?
Roshini: Just joking yaar..Then u should dance with your wife..
Yuvi: That’s the problem! She dances only to Amitab’s songs
Roshini: Hmm…Then wait I’ll play his songs.By the way I’m Roshini..
Roshini forwards her hand
Yuvi: I’m Yuvraj.
Yuvi shake hands with her
Suhani& Dadi see that
Suhani(Thinking): So this sadu left me and now he is joining hands with this girl..I will definitely not leave him for this..

Suddenly the song(Kabhi Jo)stops.Suhani looks on
Dhoop me nikla na karo roop ki rani plays
Suhani turns and sees Yuvi and smiles
They dance.All clap
Sujatha: OK now it’s time we will have dinner
All sit @the dining table
Menka(to Anuj): See how Yuvraj cares for Suhani and he changed the song for her also..Can’t u learn something from him?
Anuj: Yuvi does that because Suhani is not an idiot like u who does all blunder and argues with her husband all the time..
Menka: Shut up!
Anuj: U shut up!
Saurab: Guys could u just stop that?
Menka: Saurab bhayya at least u advice your brother so that he shows some love towards me..
Anuj: Menka!
Yuvi: It’s OK Menka I’ll teach him!
Menka gets satisfied
Suhani: U are gonna teach him? Menka I’m telling u don’t do such a mistake.. And u what do u think about yourself, that u know all about love? Then u are mistaken…U are a sadu!
Yuvi: Oh really?
Suhani: Yes!
Anuj: Menka what have u done u have created havoc in their lives too!
All laugh
Menka fumes
Menka: I won’t talk to u at all!
Anuj: I’m rescued! Thank u God!
Menka hits Anuj
Pratima: Anuj!
Anuj: Sorry ma.. But to tell u the truth your bahu is a clown..
All laugh again
Menka stares at them angrily

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