Love is the way! (episode-4)

The episode starts with the door bell ringing and the boys hiding behind the door Ramesh(their servant) coming to open the door Anuj signs Ramesh to open. He opens the door
As the door opens the boys shout and the girls get scared
Suhani: Offo! What’s all this?

Anuj,Yuvi and Raman gives a hi-fi
The girls look at them angrily
Raman:Arre now just come in name
They enter the house
Ishu:Yuvi your house looks wonderful Yuvi

Yuvi smiles
Menka:Oh ishu u r coming here for the first time right?
Ishu:Yes last week u guys came here without informing me
Raman:But they remained here only for some hours
Menka:Yuvi I want to see your room
Anuj:Wait yaar first we will have something
Raman:Yes I am dying of hunger
Pratima:No need to die here have these samosas
Suhani:Hi ma! Thank u for the samosas
Ishu and Menka greet Pratima
Suhani:Mmm..It’s very tasty
Yuvi:Have it slowly Suhani
Raman:U r becoming fat day by day Suhani
Suhani:How dare u say that to me?
She hits him

He runs way she chases him.Suhani slips and is about to fall when Yuvi holds her
He gets closer and they have an eye lock
Yuvi:Suhani..Raman was right u r becoming fat
Yuvi:My hands are paining
Suhani gets up Immediately..Everyone laugh
Suhani smiles at Yuvraj.He winks at her
Ishu:Come on Yuvi show us your room
Yuvi:OK come on
They enter Yuvi’s room
Suhani:Chee! I didn’t like this colour..what a bad taste
Yuvi:Excuse me it’s my room not yours
Ishu:It’s looking good only Suhani
Menka just falls on the bed

Menka: I’m your friend and I also have equal rights
Raman:Oh whatever
Ishu spots a picture of a guy on his table and asks
Ishu: Do u know him Yuvi?
Yuvi sees the pic and gets teary eyed
Suhani and Menka also sees the pic and get’s shocked
Suhani:Raman at least u tell me
Anuj:He is our elder brother Suhani
Raman:He is right it is Yuvi’s bro Saurab..but do u guys know him already?
Menka:Of course we do
Suhani:But why is Yuvi worried?
Yuvi:Because he has left this house and went the way how come u know him?
Menka tells the flashback

Flash back starts
Ragini(Menka’s sis) coming home with a guy
Mahesh(Ragini’s father):Who is this Rags?
Rags: Papa I am in love with him and I want to get married to him
Suhani,Menka,Bhavna(Suhani’s sis),Lata(suhani’s mom) and Pankaj (Suhani’s papa) gets tensed
Mahesh: How dare u tell such a thing to me?
Rags: Why papa what’s your problem?
Mahesh: I want u to get married only to a person whom I choose
The guy: Uncle my name is Saurab Birla..please uncle I will take care of your daughter till my end
Mahesh is about to slap Saurab and Pankaj holds his hand
Mahesh:Leave my hand Pankaj

Pankaj:Let’s discuss and Sir out this problem..
Mahesh:Nothing is left to discuss now
He takes Ragini and drags her into a room and throws Saurab out of the house
After 2 days..
In the morning
Bhavna comes to wake up Rags but she is not in the room but she finds a letter in which it was written;
Dear Mummy papa and Menka,
I am so sorry for not listening to your words and and now I am leaving this house.But I will remain happy with Saurab.Please don’t worry about me.I will be safe.

With love,
Flashback ends

Yuvi:Suhani do u know where r they now?
Suhani:No Yuvi I have not heard any news about them since that day
Ishu:Didn’t Saurab inform about Ragini in this house?
Yuvi,Anuj and Raman look at each other

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