Love is the way! (episode-3)

The episode starts with the boys looking for Ishu,Suhani and Menka.
Raman:I don’t think that they are here
Anuj:Me too Raman..Yuvi come on it’s 7o clock already we should go
Yuvi is about to leave when he suddenly spots something moving behind the trees.He rushes there to find out
Raman:Yuvi where are u going now?
Yuvi keeps moving and finds a boy(Karthik Yuvi’s Bach mate) holding Suhani’s hand tightly..Yuvraj gets furious on this
Yuvi goes there and pushes Karthik down.The other boys Guru and Roshan who were holding Ishu and Menka gets tensed
Yuvi hits the boys Raman and Anuj also does the same
Meanwhile Yuvi sees Suhani crying and goes near her and gives her dupatta
Yuvi:Suhani are u alright?
Suhani hugs Yuvi and cries

Raman and Anuj drags those boys out of the campus
Ishu,Menka and Suhani hug each other and cry
Ishu:Thank you so much for saving us!
Menka:Yeah we don’t know how to thank u
Suhani:If u guys weren’t there then anything would have happened…
Raman:That’s OK
Anuj:Yes and don’t be too centi
Yuvi:By the way do u know those boys already?
Suhani,Ishu and Menka look at each other and get teary eyed
Yuvi:It’s ok if u don’t wanna tell but don’t open your water tank
Raman:Yes already we are having scarcity of water
The girls smile
Raman goes near Ishu and tells,
Raman:I thought u r Jhansi Rani but tum to darpok nikle
Ishu:Excuse me I am still brave..u want me to prove it
Raman:Go on prove it..
They both start fighting
Anuj:Raman& Ishu just stop it guys
Yuvi:OK now we wil be friends right?
Menka:Yes of course!
All agree
From that day they are besties

After some weeks they meet at Yuvi’s house
Anuj:It’s too boring
Raman:Oh Anuj just wait till the drama queens arrive
Yuvi:Oh no!
Anuj:What’s the matter Yuvi?
Yuvi:I forgot to tell Maa to make samosas
Raman:Yuvi now even God cannot save u from Suhani
Anuj:What if I buy samosas and come?
Yuvi:Pagal! She can make out the difference by the smell itself
Pratima(Yuvi’s mom): Don’t worry Yuvraj I have already made samosas
Yuvi:How did u know that they are coming ma?
Pratima:Ishu had called me yesterday and informed
The door bell rings
Raman:It must be them come on let’s hide and scare them
Anuj:Great! Let’s hide at the back of the door
Yuvi:Don’t make noise come fast…

Precap: Masti and Yuvani moments

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