Love is the way! (episode-2)

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Here is the second episode
The episode starts with the girls entering their classroom
Ishita:Menka are u mad?
Menka:Maine kya kiya?
Suhani:Wait I’ll tell u..U r flirting with those boys
Menka:What’s wrong in that?
Ishita:What’s wrong? Wait I’ll show u
Ishita tickles Menka

Menka laughs out aloud
Everybody notices them
Ishita closes menka’s mouth and sits
Meanwhile in the second year’s classroom
Yuvraj recollects the hand shake and Suhani’s song
Raman:Yuvi we should not leave those girls especially that JKR when they come in our sight right?
Anuj:With whom are u talking with Raman he’s already lost in her thoughts
Yuvraj:Whose thoughts? Nothing like that.Raman is right we should not leave them and I have a plan
Raman:What plan?
Yuvi whispers something to Anuj and Raman and they give a HiFi
In the evening the girls where coming out when suddenly somebody held ishu’s hand
Ishu:Badtameez!What’s’ all this? Leave me at once.Suhani!Menka! Help me
But they were also caught In the same manner and were surrounded by some naughty boys
It was late in the evening and most of them had left the campus
Suhani:There is nobody around what shall we do now?
Meanwhile yuvraj and the boys had a toy lizard In their hands
Anuj:I’m sure that they would get scared at this
Raman:Yes now u r gone my dear ishu

They laugh
All the three boys came to the place where those girls were being tortured
Yuvraj hears some sound
Suhani:Help! Help!
Yuvraj(thinking) this is Suhani’s voice
A dupatta comes flying and falls on Yuvi
Anuj:Whose is this?
Raman:Why should we care come on na..
Yuvi:Wait guys this is Suhani’s dupatta
Raman:Are u sure?
Yuvi explains them about the voice he herd which resembled Suhani’s
Anuj:Maybe those girls are in trouble
They search for them

Precap:Yuvraj notices a boy holding Suhani’s hand tight and gets furious

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