Chapter 1
The window of the white house with red border breaks into several pieces.
“What happened?” A high-pitched fearful tone comes from inside the house. A middle-aged woman wearing red sari comes down the staircase when she hears the noise. She then tries to trace from where the crashing noise came. Gasping audibly, she goes to the kitchen and finds that the glass window broken into several pieces.
She starts weeping, slapping her hand on her forehead repeatedly, “Arey… hai …Ram look at what happened to my precious glass window…”
Hearing the cry, a young girl wearing a black skirt and a white top comes down the staircase and goes towards the kitchen. She puts her hand on the crying woman’s shoulder and asks, “What happened, mom? Why are you crying?”
The woman grimaces, “Arey Solanki, look how the window has shattered into pieces,”
Solanki, our ever-fighting hot-headed heroine, moves towards the window. She asks her mom, blind with anger, “Who did this? Tell me mom.”
Her mother, Mrs. Surili ‘crying’ Arora, tells Solanki, sobbing loudly, “I don’t know who did this. I heard the crashing sound of the glass and found my window broken.”
Solanki becomes confused and muses loudly, “Who did this? No one can intentionally do such a work. I think some kind of mistake it is.” She goes towards the broken window and finds a red ball lying on the floor. She picks it up and shows it to her mom, her eyebrows puckered.
Mrs. Surili seeing the red ball asks her, “From where did you get this ball?”
Solanki tells her mom, “I found it lying on the floor and picked it up, but who threw it?”
Mrs. Surili’s eyes widen. “Now I understand who did this.”
Solanki asks, “Who did this? Tell me the name.”
“Those duffers. The Srivastavs.”
Solanki hearing the word ‘Srivastav’ becomes very angry and tells her mom, “What did you say? SRIVASTAV! Then today I will not leave them.” She fumes and literally jumps around the kitchen.
Surili tells her, “What will you do today Solanki?”
Solanki answers with a cruel smirk on her pink full lips “Just wait and watch what I do today. Come outside.” Solanki holding the red ball on her hand goes outside and shouts on top of her voice, “SRIVASTAV! Come outside and see what you duffers did today. Without any cause see what you fool did today.”
Suddenly a handsome young man with chocolate brown eyes and spiked hair appears in front of his white with the blue-bordered house opposite to that of Solanki’s. He agitatedly mocks, “What happened Madam Solanki, why are you barking like a dog early in the morning? We already have so many dogs here, we don’t want another addition.”
Solanki with an angry face scoffs, rolling her chocolate brown eyes, “Ufff…now comes the loser Aditya. So Mr. Srivastav, where were you hiding for so long? Afraid that your sweet little mischief will be caught?”
Aditya, our ever-smirking hero with a temper, tells Solanki, feigning confusion, “What did I do today? You guys always start fighting on petty issues.”
Solanki’s almond shaped eyes widen, “What did you say? PETTY ISSUES! Okay come with me I will show you the petty issue.”
She points at the broken window and asks Aditya, “So Mr. Aditya, will you still say petty issues? And look at this ball. Don’t you people have shame? You’re throwing a ball at other’s houses.”
Aditya now becomes angry and shouts from his doorway, “Miss Solanki Arora, I didn’t throw this ball and I am not that big a fool to break your stupid window.”
Solanki yells, “Shut up! You liar! You people so shrewd that you all utter puny lies without even batting an eyelid.”
A thin woman clad in a green sari appears from behind Aditya. Seeing her, Surili become very angry and comments, “So now comes the great queen Victoria. So Queen Victoria, where were you hiding for so long? See what your brat of a son did today.”
The woman ignores the comment and asks Aditya, “What happened beta? Why are you shouting and what these duffers are doing here?”
Aditya explains her mom the whole situation. Mrs. Sujata Srivastav tells Aditya, “Why are you panicking so much? Let them bark. You don’t need to care. You know they have that much of money to replace the glass. So don’t listen to those people’s barking.”
Surili hearing the comment from Sujata boils with anger and yells, “SUJATA mind your language and think before you say, fools!”
Amidst this hullaballoo, a tall, heavily built-up middle-aged man comes outside of his house and asks his wife, “Arey what happened Surili why are you quarreling with these people again?”
Surili explains the whole situation and shows him the broken window. On the other hand, another tall, fair, and lean man comes outside and asks the same question to Sujata. She also explains and shows him the broken window. Then Amitabh Arora, Solanki’s grandfather arrives from the market and hears the whole situation.
On the other hand, Nilkant Srivastav, Aditya’s grandfather arrives from his morning walk and hears the matter. Next, comes Pratibha Arora, Solanki’s grandmother, and gets to know the whole drama and tells everyone busy in quarreling, “STOP! What are you doing here? Is this a fish market? Sooraj Srivastav! Since your brats broke our kitchen’s window, so it’s your duty to replace the window in our kitchen. You people have always disturbed us but this time we won’t bear with it. So whatever I say just do it.”
Solanki, hearing those words from her grandmother smiles brightly, “Thank you, grandma. So Srivastav, you’ve heard what my grandma told.”
“Arey, Sujata where have you gone? What is going on outside please tell me.” Suddenly Jaya Srivastav, Aditya’s grandmother comes outside.
Pratibha angrily comments, “Now comes Queen Elizabeth. So Mrs. Maharani where were you hiding for so long? And see what your brat of a grandson did today.
Sujata goes towards Jaya and tells her the whole situation. She then tells her that the Aroras were threatening them to buy a new window for them. Jaya becomes shocked and tells, “What are you telling Sujata, we will buy a new window for those Aroras? Have you gone mad Sujata? Listen Mrs. Pratibha we won’t buy any window for you.”
Pratibha with a high-pitched tone shouts, “JAYA SRIVASTAV! If you don’t buy a new window then I will call the police.”
Jaya mocks, “Oh…go and complain we don’t care.”
In this way, a huge commotion arises between the Srivastavs and the Aroras. Amidst this, a childish voice comes, “I broke the window of Solanki didi’s house.” They all turn towards the boy standing on the verandah of the Aroras and become shocked. Solanki, seeing the boy calls his name, surprise lacing her voice, “Golu! You?”
Here I posted the chapter one of my story very soon I will post the second part. Please read it and comment.

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