#love warning ~ “part-2”

Hey guys sorry for being late as I m havi g vacations n relatives r at hote so I was not getting time but from now I will try my best to get regular
So let’s start but before that lets have a quick recap

Recap / bad boys entry n twinkle throwing paper roll on kunj

Love warning # part 2

Episode starts with twinkle throwing paper on kunj n kunj looking back
Kunj looked back n started to laugh n went away putting his hands in his pocket
Here twinkle fumed seeing him laughing

Twinkle pov

I went to attend my class but I was just lost in my own world I thought everyone bullied me since my secondary school times just because of I m a nerd n because of my height of being looking like a 15 years old child (note twinkle is of 17 years n kunj is of 20)

Suddenly I came back to my senses when the profesor asked me if I was alright I said I was ok n concentrated in my lectures

After my lectures I went to my hostel n saw that many girls were looking at me as I was an alien n were passing nasty comments but did I give them any heed afcorse not as I was used to it so n I m not like them drooling over that brat kunj just because of his looks
I simply gave them a smile n went away

Next day at the college

I was going to the college wearing my headphones n listening to the songs n was checking my fb account I was walking down the street when I saw kunj coming from other side with his gang he looked at me n I glared at him a saw him in rage in return he just laughed seeing me n went away suddenly I saw a post by on my fb account in which kunj was pasting that bl**dy sticker on my head I was shocked n became angry n then u was that on some walls my posters were pasted in which my nose was full red because of anger n I had an angry pout n down it was written kunj warning I fumed in anger n tore all of them

I was in a very bad mood as after that scene my attention in lecture was not good n the profesor scolded me I was in a bad mood I was walking in the college campus lost in my own world when some one girl putted her leg beside mine n I was about to fall but I landed on someone’s chest I opened my eyes n saw it was that kunj I was so angry at him that i pushed him n he was soo shocked I left from there

Next scene

Classes got over n I thought to go back when I saw that my cycles one tire is not there n one sticker is pasted there on which it is written kunj warning I was soo soo soo angry soo I modules that sticker n made a rollbof it n put it inside my pocket n took my cycle

Next scene

Kunj is shown sitting this his gang laughing n his one hand is on a tire
Twinkle came there n got angry seeing kunj with that tire she throwed that bicycle just near his foot he looked upwards very calmly n saw twinkle with that angry face she took that paper roll from her pocket n throwed it on kunjs head he blinked his eyes n twinkle ran from there just then the members of kunj gang started to chase her but kunj stopped them n laughed n said that paper won’t kill me ( ??) ………


So here I complete with this part n will surely try to post soon n guys any query or any thing that u want me to improve plzz tell me
Love u all

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  1. Awesome story kanchi I’m loving it pls post the next asap

    1. Kanchi

      Thanks sushmita n I will try to post soon ?✌

  2. Sameera

    Awesome kanchi loved it yaar …
    Well try to post soon if possible…
    Loved it to the core …
    Hahaah kunj bechari twinkle …

    1. Kanchi

      Thanks di n I will try to post soon ??

  3. Awesome kanchi loved it

    1. Kanchi

      Thanks ridhi ?

  4. Roshini125

    Hey kanchI. ..I think it’s one of the album song I hv watched this….it’s really happy to see in twinj. ..do continue soon

    1. Kanchi

      Thanks di n I will try to post soon ??n it is that thai song only but the track will be little bit different

  5. Chiku

    Awesome…????????i loved it. ????kunj ne kya laughing gad inhale ki haai ?????babes it was damn funny
    Pos nex soon

    1. Kanchi

      Thanks di n sach mai kunj ne laughing gas inhale kr li hai lekin abhi tak uska effect ni gaya ??? n will post next soon ??

  6. SidVee_Yashvee

    Awesomeee.. loved it.. poor twinkle.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

    1. Kanchi

      Thanks di n will post soon ??

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous

    1. Kanchi

      Thanks di ??

  8. Awwww kanchi.. My chotuu sa baby itni acchi kese likhti ho ap… m impressed..
    Pehchana mujhko yah sochte hi reh jaoge ki kon hu may..he he..
    Well by god kunj itna hasta hai yarr kahi haste haste uski raste ne kat jaye.. hahahaaaaa… And twinki ka anger oh god phat jayegi akdin..hehe.. I m laughing so hard while reading this.. And last line its too funny.. Love it..
    Well post next update soon..
    Love you baccha.. Muaah..

  9. Presha

    Hey kanchi ita awesome

    1. Kanchi

      Thanks di ??

  10. Kanchi u forgot the eyelock which they share wen the girl falls on the boy. Which actually started the boy’s feelings for her.
    Anyways it was awsm!!!
    Waiting for the next part!!
    Post soon…pls!
    Luv u??

    1. Kanchi

      Actually tanya my story track is a little bit different I will make them fall in love afterwards n thanks for commenting dear n will post soon ???

  11. SidMin23


    1. Kanchi

      Thanks di ?

  12. Ramya

    Kanchi it’s so interesting superb awesome amazing
    Post soon
    Loads of love keep smiling

    1. Kanchi

      Thanks di n will try to post asap ?

  13. nice epi kanchi loved it…

  14. Hey kanchi it was amazing loved it plz post the next part soon ☺ hey r u going to continue it as a os or ff

  15. Wow a bindasss epii???

  16. Aanya_pandey

    Aaww.. awesome part yrr..
    Hope twinkle takes aome hard step against kunj n gang.. would love to see that happening..

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