LOVE IS ALL I WANT (Episode 3)


LOVE IS ALL I WANT – Episode 3

Swara came near Ragini.Ragini was lost in her own world.
Ragini dint replied.Swara kept her hand in Ragini’s shoulder and made Ragini came out of her thoughts.
Ragini:Haan Swara
Swara:where are u lost
Ragini:Nthng swara.Tell me
Swara:Don’t worry Ragini.Everything will be alright.
Ragini:I hope so.I need to talk to Meera.did u saw her
Swara:See there.
Ragini saw the direction where swara showed.There Laksh and Meera with some other gang members where enjoying.Meera was eating icecream.Ragini went near Laksh.
Ragini:Laksh May I no wats happening here?
Laksh turned towards Ragini.
Laksh:Nthng Ragini.we were just talking.
Ragini:Then wats that.
Ragini showed her hand towards Meera.Meera was busy enjoying her icecream.
Laksh:Wat she is eating icecream.
Ragini:That I no.But I allowed only one icecream to her rite
Laksh:Ya its her first icecream
Meera:Swtheart its my fifth icecream.U forgt ah.(without seeing Ragini)
Ragini:Wat fifth?
Ragini was angrily seeing both.Then only Meera noticed wat she told.
Ragini:Laksh u no about her health condition rite.Then y u r allowing her.
Laksh:sorry Ragini.Only today na.Leave her to enjoy today.I promise this will be her last icecream.Tell baby.
Meera:Yes Mom.Dont scold Laksh.This will be last icecream.
Ragini:Meera how many times I told u.Not to call Laksh with his name.
Meera:Sorry Mamma.
Laksh:Don’t worry Meeru.U can call me Laksh.We both are friends rite.
Ragini:But Laksh
Laksh:Leave it Ragini.She is a child.Also wats wrong in calling me by name.
Ragini:U both will not change.Ok take care of her.This will be her last icecream today.Understand.
Laksh and meera:Sure(loudly)
Many of the persons there were watching them with a smiling face.Many of them were confused.

Laksh were busy talking with his friends.But his hand were continously holding Meera’s hand.Not even a second he left her.
That time there was a announcement in the stage.It was Anamica.One of the classmate.
Anamica:So after finishing the children contest. Now its time for us.Now I ask all of classmate who are all married to come to stage with their partners.There will be a contest for the pairs.
Some people went to stage with their partners.The contest went very well.All enjoyed a lot.After that everybody went for lunch.Laksh,Ragini and swara was eating their lunch while Meera was busy in playing games with her new friends.Ragini and laksh were constantly keeping eye on Meera.Swara noticed this.
Swara:Hey guys Stop watching her like that.She wont go anywhere.
Ragini:Nthng like that swara.
Swara:Ya I m watching wat u guys are doing.Ok.stop noticing her.
Laksh:Ok meri maa.Now eat.

After their lunch they were chitchatting.
Swara:So Ragini.Wat u have decided.
Ragini:About wat swara.
Swara:About ur life.R u going to Move on in ur life.
Ragini:I already moved on swara.
Ragini:Yes swara.I have Meera in my life.I don’t want anyone else in my life.
Swara:But Ragini.U r marriage dint last for even one day.So u r gng to spoil ur life thinking abt that event.
Ragini:I m not thinking abt that mrg swara.I m just concerned abt Meera in my life.Meera is enough for me in my life.No one else.
Swara:But Ragini Meera is not ur biological daughter na.
Laksh(almost shouting):Swara…Don’t u no wat to say.If Meera heard this means how will she react.Just think abt her swara.Its good that she is not here.Else wat would have happen.Just stop it swara.Dont even talk like this hereafter.
Ragini:Leave it Laksh.
Swara:Sorry Ragini.I m not meant to hurt u.I just want to see u happy in ur life.Nthng else.
Saying this she went with tears in her eyes.
Ragini:Laksh u was too harsh.she must be feeling very bad.
Laksh:But Ragini.Watever she talked.
Ragini:Its true na.U go.Go and talk to her.she needs u now.

Laksh went to search swara.Swara was standing in the balcony of the party hall.Laksh went there.Swara turned her face after seeing laksh.
Laksh:R u angry
Laksh:I can understand ur anger
Swara:I said No.
Laksh turned swara towards him.Swara has tears in her eyes.
Laksh:Sorry swara.
Swara dint talked anything.
Laksh:Swara u no na.I cant take anything against Meera.I m very much concerned abt Meera nu.
Swara:So wat.cant u understand my concern abt Ragini.Can she live like this for all her life.cant she need a partner.Tell Laksh.Instead of making her understand u r supporting her in everything.Sorry to say this Laksh.U r right in everything.But this time u r wrong.U have to make her understand that she need to think abt her life.
Laksh:But swara.
Swara:No But..watever u say whatever u do.If u stop me also one day I ll make her to think abt her life.Its my Promise.Swara Laksh Maheshwari’s Promise..
Laksh:Ok Mrs.Laksh Maheshwari.Lets see wat destiny has for her.Now come.Ragini must be waiting for us.
They both went to Ragini.
Ragini:So everything went well between husband wife
Swara:Ya Ya..Husband must be tiger for outside world.But before wife he should be cat only.Am I right Laksh
Laksh(acting to be scared):yes Yes.
Ragini and swara gave hifi to eachother seeing Laksh.

Precap:Flashback…Collegelife…Ragini’s crush….

Credit to: shailu

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  2. Omg dat means swara n laksh r marrieddd ?hahha n i thought dat it would b raglak…?…well superb episode dear…watng for precap eagerlyyyy…

  3. nice waiting for next part
    love rags

  4. omg she is not ragini daughter!!nice part raglak friendship bond is super

  5. Nice

  6. Akshata

    what??? 1st she is not ragini’s daughter, 2nd swalak are married, i thought it was raglak but no so its ragsan. if yes then i am so happy. awesome update

  7. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved Raglak bonding
    Waiting for the next one…..

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