LOVE IS ALL I WANT (Episode 2)

Hi frnds,

Dis is my second episode.I already posted 3 episode long back.So many of u wont know my stories.So posting it from the starting.


Ragini was shocked to see the person whom she bumped.It’s none other than swara.
Swara:Hey Rags.Thought u wont come to reunion.
Ragini:Y u thought like that.
Swara:Nthng ur a famous person in fashion world and u wont find time for these things.So I thought like that.Ok where is Meera.
Ragini:She is with Laksh.
Swara:Ok come lets go.
They both went inside the party hall where function is going on.Swara went to a group of her friends to talk.Ragini was searching for laksh.Laksh was with his friends busy talking something.Ragini went near him.
Laksh turned towards her.Also the gang with whom laksh was talking also turned towards her.
Gang as a whole:Hey Ragini.
Ragini:Hi guys.
Anand(one of the friend):How r u Ragini.Long time No see.U forgot all of us na.
Ragini:Nthng like that Anand.Just busy with works.
Pradeep:Ya we know.Owner of RM fashions.How can u get time for ur friends.U ll get time for only Laksh na.

Ragini:Yar y r u talking like this.
Anand:Ok Ok leave it.
Ragini:Laksh where is Meera.
Laksh:Here she is.
Laksh turned to a side.But Meera was not there.
Laksh:Hey here only she was sitting and eating chocolates.
Ragini:Laksh how can u be careless.U no na she wont know anyone here except us.
Laksh:Don’t worry Ragu.she will be here only playing wit childrens.Wait I ll search.
They both parted ways and started searching Meera.But she was nowhere to be found.
Ragini was asking everyone but none is clueless.
Voice:Whose child is dis.
Laksh and Ragini turned towards the dirction from where voice came.It was Sanskar who was holding Meera.
Ragini ran towards Meera and hugged her immediately.
Ragini:Meera where u went.I told u to be with Laksh na.Then y u left him.
Laksh:Thanks Sanskar.Thank u very much.By the way where u found Meera.
Sanskar:She was sitting near the play area.I asked about her parents.She told that her mom Is here.But she doesn’t know how to come here.So I took her.
Ragini:Thank u sanskar
Sanskar:Is this ur child Ragini.

Ragini:Ya mine.
Saying dis she went away from Sanskar.Sanskar was busy watching Ragini.
Laksh:Sanskar u r late
Sanskar:yup I know.I had some only.Now also within half an hour I have to leave.
Laksh:that’s not fair sanskar.
Sanskar:wat to do laksh.U no my situation rite.I have an imp meeting today evening I have to go for that.
Laksh and sanskar went towards their gang.
Ragini was continously holding Meera’s hand.
Laksh went towards the stage.
Laksh:Hi frnds.I know we met after 5 yrs.I hope all are settled with their life and someone was trying to settle.Lets forget all our worries and try to enjoy this day as much as possible.I request all our friends to keep their mobile in silent or swichoff and enjoy ur day without disturbance.
Just as Laksh finished this sentence someone’s mobile started to ring.All saw that direction.It was Ragini’s.

Laksh:Ragu(with fake anger)
Ragini(in action):Sorry
She went to talk in her mobile.She told Swara to keep Meera sometime.
After sometime while she came inside a game was conducted for the children.Meera was also presented in the Ragini went near Laksh and stood beside him.
Ragini:Laksh.wats going on.
Laksh:swara is conducting a game for the childrens.

Ragini:Wat game.
Laksh:They have to take a chi from the bowl and have to talk about the topic presented in the chit.
Swara who was standing at the stage gave a chit to all the children presented there.
First child:Hi I m Raghav.
Swara:who is ur parents.
Raghav:My father is Anand and my mom is Kalpana.
Swara:So kalpana dis is ur son.
Kalpana nodded in a yes.
Raghav:My topic is food.I love all type of food.My fav is italian.My mom used to cook food for me.But my father always cook in our house.

All laughed loud hearing Raghav’s speech.
Like dis all children talked about their topic.Now its Meera’s turn.Meera came to centrestage and opened her chit.She was shocked to see the topic.She couldn’t even open her mouth.Ragini who was standing down was asking Meera to talk something.But meera was standing with her heads down.Tears where flowing in her eyes.Laksh who was standing next to Ragini immediately went to the stage and holded Meera’s hand and opened the chit.
Ragini(in action):What is it.
Ragini was dumbstruck.She don’t know what to say.She could understand the situation Meera was facing.Here all started talking about Ragini.In that gang no one knew Ragini was a divorcee.Only Laksh and swara knows about it.Eventhough Ragini was famous in Fashion industry she always kept her personal life secret.
Ragini asked Meera to come down.All the children standing in the stage was laughing seeing Meera’s condition.Meera was continously crying.
Voice:Eventhough it was about Dad I like to talk about my Mom who is dad to me as well as.My mom is the best Mom in the world.Though all mom’s are best My mom is the best as per Me.My Mom is a famous person in the fashion industry.Although she wont get time for herself she used to spend time for me daily.She wont take care of herself.But she used to take care of mine.If she comes to home late also she will come to my room and see me if I m sleeping also.She used to kiss my forehead daily before going to sleep.I used to wakeup only on her face daily.For that reason she wont keep any of the meeting in the time while I was waking.I don’t need a Dad as I m having my Mom who is taking care of me as a dad.
Ragini was crying while hearing this.It was none other than Laksh who was talking by holding Meera’s hand.

Laksh(to meera):Am I rite princess?
Meera(with tears):Yes sweatheart.
Laksh wiped Meera’s tears and took Meera in his arms.He came down and stand next to Ragini.
Ragini:Thanks Laksh
Laksh:See Princess.Ur Mom is saying thanks to me.I already said to my swtheart that there should be no thanks and no sorry in friendship rite.
Ragini:Ok baba.I m sorry.
Ragini:Ok Ok.Hereaft I wont say
Laksh and Meera:That’s like a gud girl.
Whole persons presented there was smiled seeing the bond of those three.Only one person doesn’t liked that.That is None other than Sanskar.

Precap: Masti time in Reunion


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