LOVE IS ALL I WANT (Episode 1)



Hotel Plaza:
Morning 10.30
A group was people are seen enjoying the function.It was a college reunion among a particular batch student.People started to coming to the function.
A guy was seen going here and there looking the party arrangement.
Guy:Hey bro wat are u doing.all of the invited people came already.U dint serve the welcome ddrink yet.Go and serve all of them.
Waiter:Ya now I m going there only sir.
Guy:Go soon
Suddenly his phone started to ring.He attended the call.
Caller:Hey man.Come down.I m nearing the hotel
Guy:Ya coming swthrt.

The guy to frnd:Hey take care of the arrangement yar.My swthrt is calling me down.I ll come in sometime.
Frnd:Ok yar.
The guy went to downstair through lift.He reached the entrance.
A black BMW came fastly and stopped near the entrance.The guy went near the BMW.A girl in 25+ cameout of the car.She came near the guy and hugged him.
Guy:Swthrt u r late.
Girl:Ya I know I m sorry.U know my schedule na.It was tight yar.So only.
Guy:Hmmm its ok.Come soon.
Girl:Hey take her with u.I ll park the car and come soon.
Guy:Ok swthrt.
They guy opened the door next to driver seat.There a little girl age of 5 sitting in the seat.
Guy:Hi baby

LGirl:I wont talk to u.
Guy:Y my baby is angry on me ah
Guy:So my baby don’t want icecream.Ok I ll give it to other kids
LGirl:Hey No.i m angry on u..I m just joking
LGirl:Ya sure.How can I get angry on my darling
Guy:Oh k k come wit me.Mama will park the car and come.Till now we will play with others.
LGirl:Ok mama.I ll go.But come soon ok..
Girl:Ok but no disturbances.Ok
Guy:She wont do anything.U come
The guy and little girl started to go towards the hotel entrance.Suddenly the girl called him
Girl:Lucky(yes the guy is laksh)
Laksh turned towards the girl.
Girl:Only one icecream to her
Laksh:Ragini.I ll take care ok
Yes tats our Ragini
Ragini smiled and entered into her car and started driving towards parking.
Laksh:Baby.Dont worry.We ll eat lot of icecreams.Come
They both laughed and headed towards the party hall.
Ragini came after some time after parking her car.She was going towards the party hall.Suddenly she got a call.
While talking to the caller she bumped into a person.
She was shocked to see the person.


Ragini: A girl aged 25.Who was innocent and shy type in her collegedays.But now she is very much bold and strict.A divorcee.Owner and Founder of RM Fashions.
Meera:Daughter of Ragini.5 yrs.
Swara:A girl who is the best friend of Ragini.Will be always with Ragini.
Sanskar:An arrogant Businessman.Wont believe in women or love.Money is everything for him.
Laksh:A boy who is the best friend of Ragini.Will do anything for Ragini.

All are studied in the same college.They all are meeting after 5 yrs.

Precap:Party Time.

Hi guys dis is ur Shailu.This is my 3rd FF.And one more thing.I m temporarily stopping my FF fate – Ragini+ swara.I ll continue it after some days.
Pls support me for dis FF.

And about the pairs.U ll know it soon.


Credit to: Shailu

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