Love vs Trust-epi-3

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Episode 2

epi starts with sanrag,swara sitting in hall and talking…

after sometime sanskar left for office..swarag finishes kitchen work and some talk…swara noticed ragini hides something..

Swara: bhabi what everything fine?
ragini : ha swara
swara: No something is wrong..plz tell me
ragini : Nothing swara im perfectly fine
swara : I can see the pain ur eyes..dnt lie im ur frnd na..plz tell me..
seeing swara concern ragini tells everything to her and cries..
ragini : He hates me swara..
swara : No bhabi he loves u so much..he jst angry on u..he will understand strong..ur love is with u..fight for ur love
ragini hugs swara ..ragini felt little relief..
swara calls sanskar
swara : Bhai.
Sanskar : Ha swara bolo
swara : Vo.. bhabi..she stammered
sanskar : What happend…what happened to ragini (with trembling voice )

swara : Bhabi ws no where in house..
sanskar : What!! K..I will come ..saying this he left..
He drives very fastly….he reaches home…

Sanskar : She didnt inform u
swara : I was slept..after i woke up i didnt find her
sanskar was very tensed….he roaming here nd there…he calls her was not reachable..tears rolldown from his eyes..

Kya hua..’A voice came frm behind..
Swara : ragini
sanskar runs to her and hugs her tightly….ragini was shocked but she also reciprocates….

sanskar brks hug and asks ragini where were u know how much i tensed about u..y u didn’t tell anyone ..if anything happend to i….he stops…

ragini felt happy to see his concern..she Was staring at him and says : I went to clean store rm..suddenly it was locked frm outside ..i tried to unlock but fail..i came out frm window…

Next time be careful saying this he leaves frm there…

swara : I told u na he loves u so much…
ragini : Ha swara very happy

swara smiles and said my plan worked (in low tone)..
[it was swara plan to unit them..even ragini doesn’t know this]

after sometime they had dinner ….Swaragini chatting in ragsan room..sanskar works in hall.. After a while swara went to sleep…ragini was waiting for sanskar sometime… after she too sleeps……sanskar came to room and sees ragini sleeping..he stares at her lovingly ..then he noticed some scratch on her hand(when she comes frm window she gt a scratch but she ignored it)..he brings first aid box..without disturbing her…he applies ointment and bandaid ..he was going to kiss her on forehead but some flashes hits his mind..he gets up frm there and sleeps on sofa with teary eyed….

Epi ends

sorry for grammar,typing mistakes….

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  1. Sindhura

    What she did yar
    That he was angry on her that much

  2. dont drag suspense so long plz tell what ragini did wrong

  3. Plzz make a long episode.. Nice

  4. Sparkle

    Please open the suspense. Can’t handle it anymore.

  5. nice why sanskar behaving like this

  6. Priya15

    i want to know the fb soon…but ha love this ff…ragsan ka pyar toh kuch kamal hai..

  7. Lila


  8. Sonya

    now day by dayh i want to know wt happened
    that sanskaar is angry with ragini, knew swara would unite them soon
    sanskaar’s care for ragini is superb

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  10. Ragz_teju


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