Love vs Trust-epi-28

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sanskar wakes up nd sees ragini was sleeping by hugging him tightly,he admires her angelic face which was near his neck,jst then ragini slightly moves,quickly sanskar closed his eyes,ragini wakes up nd looks at sanskar,who was acted as sleeping, she says when will u forgive me sanskar,im dying to talk to u,she kissed his cheek nd leaves to washroom,sanskar opens his eyes nd touches his cheek nd smiles….after he gt fresh he left for office…

sanskar was checking some files,his pa came with flower bouquet nd handovers to sanskar nd says sir someone sent it for u,sanskar takes it nd he noticed some note in it,he opens,reads,im really sorry my dear hubby written in it,he keeps it to aside……after 5min his pa brings another bouquet,sanskar takes it,it has also a note,plz forgive me my sweet hubby,sanskar keeps it aside and starts his work,after 5min another one came,plz atleast give a smile note in it,sanskar smiles a bit,again one more bouquet came,u r very cute while smiling note in it…after some time his whole cabin was filled with beautiful flower bouquets,sanskar smiles seeing all these……

sanskar came frm office,ragini asks did u liked d flowers,sanskar doesnt respond,he went to washroom,ragini fed up with his behaviour,sanskar came nd went to dining,ragini was in room,sanskar was waiting fr ragini at dining,but ragini doesnt cme,he waited fr osome time but she doesnt….he serves food in plate nd take it to rm,he sits beside her nd he was about to feed her..ragini says i dnt want to eat,sanskar asks y,ragini says i was not feeling hungry,sanskar says but u have to take medicine,eat..ragini says i told u na i dnt,,then she realized sanskar was talking with her,ragini says sanskar u talked with me,she gets hpy nd starts to jumping on sofa,sanskar smiled,ragini stops jumping ,nd starts to beat sanskar,sanskar asks y did u beat me yr,she says u idiot ,it has been nearly 50days,how could u stay without talking with me,do u know how much i hurted,saying she hugs him tightly,sanskar too hugs her even more tightly,their eyes wr fled with tears,they brk d hug,sanskar asks promise me u will never leave me,ragini says never ever….again they share a hug,they completes their din also..

Sanskar sits on bed,nd ragini was sits on his lap,they r talking,sanskar asks btw ragini y dont u have any doubt on me after seeing me nd Kavitha,what if something happened bw me nd kavitha,ragini says i knew about u,u cant do anything like that,i trust u more than myself as i love u so much,sanskar kissed her forehead nd said i love u 2…after a while they dozzed off hugging each other …..

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sanskar comes frm office nd finds ragini was nowhere,he gets a msg frm ragini,im on terrace,sanskar went to terrace nd surprised,it was beautifully decorated with white flowers,candles,heart shaped balloons nd ragini in red short dress looking hot,sanskar lost in her,ragini comes to him nd asks how was it..sanskar says se*y,ragini asks what,sanskar says u r looking se*y …ragini blushes nd says im asking about decoration,sanskar hugs her frm behind,nd says i loved it, i didnt know my wife is so romantic,saying he kissed her neck,nd bites ,ragini turns at him nd hugs him,sanskar brks d hug ,nd leans close to her lips ,he slowly sucking them nd started okissing wildly,while kissing he removed her dress,ragini removes his shirt,they brk kiss,sanskar lifts her make lie on bed,he too lie over her..they get intimate…….

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    Love ragsan.

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  5. amazing

  6. Nice epi….plz include some family scenes also…..waiting next update…

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    Finally d cold war is over..loved it sooo much dr

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved it
    At last Sanky speaked

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  10. Omg can’t wait to see what twist is next
    Loved it

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  12. Finally….they are together…loved it… Superb…
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    fantastic.happy for ragini because sanskaar talk with her yeah.

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